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Geocoding Geotagging Photos with GPS Coordinates


The process of geocoding or geotagging photos is becoming increasingly popular. The terms can be used interchangeably, and is the process of coding or tagging digital photos with information about the location where the photos were taken. Typically that information is in the form of GPS coordinates.

There are a variety of ways that geocoding or geotagging “meta” information can be added to your digital photos. Some software will take a tracklog from your GPS device and match up your coordinates with a particular photo based on the date and time recorded by both devices. So if a photo was shot yesterday at 11:45 am the software will then read through your GPS tracklog and determine your coordinates at that time, and add the information to the meta data stored with the photograph.

2 Responses

  1. Which are the other ways some software might work? Is it posible to place coordinates on digital pictures taken previously if you know locations?

    daniel - September 15th, 2008
    • Yes, it is quite possible. If you look at any GPX file as exported from a GPS unit it is simple to REPLACE the LAT and LONG and time info with what you know for that photo and then use the file to geocode the photo. Look below and the location and time data is clearly seen. GPX files always are supposed to use Zulu time, so you need to adjust your camera’s time to that at Greenwich, England, which is 0 time zone and therefore Zulu time. I have left out the end of the file, but look in your own using WordPad or NotePad and it is obvious how the file continues and ends. For any photo as long as the time matches the time in the record in the file, that lat and long data will be geocoded into the photo. I use GPicSync, but there are other programs that will also do the job.


      Bob - September 12th, 2010

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