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Geofencing Added to FleetOne


Rob Groot, managing director of Teydo Americas, announced today that two new features have been integrated into Teydo’s economical FleetOnline GPS tracking solution Geofencing and notification.

“Since Teydo introduced FleetOnline service, we have claimed that it can track anything that moves. Now with Geofencing and notification capabilities, our FleetOnline customers can use the product for even more applications,” said Groot.

Now, Teydo’s FleetOnline allows users to set up alerts that are delivered to their mobile phones, so in case of emergencies the owners will always be informed of any events, such as unauthorized motion, Geofence violations, theft alerts or low battery levels.

“For example, airplane owners who rent their equipment can use FleetOnline to ensure that pilots do not stray from their stated flight plans,” said Groot. “The law enforcement community can also utilize the mobile phone alert features of FleetOnline.”

A Geo-fence is a virtual boundary on a geographic area. When that boundary is entered or exited it can be recognized as an event and the user can be notified of that event. The notification will tell the user which device has entered/left the area and where it is at that point and time. This information can be sent to a mobile telephone as well as to an email account, allowing management by exception.

“Initial feedback from our customers to the introduction of the Geofence and notification features has been overwhelmingly positive,” Groot concluded.

One Response

  1. For a study, we are seeking references of actual geo-fence users to confirm such a solution really exists. In 4 years of looking we have not found a real geo-fence operational. Please email gmstewart@orbiterllc.com To date we have only found ‘turning the truck inition on’ and users “think” this is a geo-fence. We would like to find an actual geo-fence solution. Thank you. Greg Stewart

    Greg Stewart - February 7th, 2010

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