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Getting Paid to Geocache


Want to get paid to geocache? Yea, that would be nice. A company is now offering just that… sort of. See there is a company called SkySite that operates a large fleet of balloons. The balloons fly at around 100,000 feet and serve as a communications platform to rural areas. However the balloons don’t stay aloft forever and the company wanted a way to retrieve them. They us GPS tracking to obtain the coordinates of the balloons after they return to Earth and offer a bounty to those that retrieve and capture them.

The lucky finder can earn about $25-$50 for returning the equipment. The exact amount of the bounty is determined by how quickly the device is recovered and returned to the SkySite Recovery program.

Since there is real cash involved here they didn’t want to have people waste their time and not find the device if they were not the FTF (first to find) for each location. Instead the website posts a vague location where the device is. If you put your name in for that device you are given the exact coordinates and a certain amount of time (normally 48 hours) to recover the balloon. Nobody else will be given the coordinates. If the balloon is not found within the prescribed time it opens up again for someone else.

Currently the SkySite Recovery program operates in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana. Geocachers in other areas are out of luck for now, however the company says they will be expanding. In 2005 they report paying out over $93,000 in bounties.

For more information visit the SkySite Recovery Program website.

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