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Global Locate Patents GPS LTO Technology


Global Locate Inc., a global leader in Assisted-GPS products and services, today announced that the US. Patent and Trademark Office has issued to the company two new patents that cover multiple aspects of a GPS system utilizing satellite tracking data that is valid for an extended period of time into the future.

The patents claim the fundamental steps of generating, distributing and utilizing long term orbit (LTO) assistance data. LTO assistance data (sometimes known as “extended ephemeris”) allows mobile devices to have pre-calculated ephemeris for every satellite in view, as well as clock models, allowing the GPS receiver to operate with enhanced performance, and without reliance on decoding broadcast navigation data models.

The patent numbers USP 6,542,820 and 6,560,534 are entitled “Method and apparatus for generating and distributing satellite tracking information” and “Method and Apparatus for distributing satellite tracking information,” respectively. Global Locate now holds 38 patents and has approximately 110 additional patent applications pending in the United States and jurisdictions throughout the world.

Global Locate’s LTO technology has been commercially used since 2002 and has recently been incorporated in the HP HW6515 iPAQ Mobile Messenger products. The LTO data — called Quick GPS Connection data in HP’s products — helps ensure that the GPS feature has fast startup and enhanced signal reception sensitivity — attributes key to operating in challenging satellite signal reception environments such as urban areas.

“Global Locate’s LTO technology bridges the gap between traditional autonomous GPS and Assisted-GPS,” said Scott D. Pomerantz, President and CEO of Global Locate. “A device using LTO provides quick time-to-fix and high performance without the long startup times of autonomous GPS. LTO data can be synchronized over GPRS, Bluetooth, wireless LAN or via desktop synchronization. Unlike traditional Assisted-GPS systems which require a live server link, LTO data is valid for days into the future, allowing mobile devices to operate in out-of-network environments, where other GPS systems are forced to default back to autonomous mode.” Mr. Pomerantz added, “Protecting Global Locate’s investment in developing fundamental Assisted-GPS technologies is a key component of our business strategy. We are pleased the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patents protecting our innovative LTO technology.”

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