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GlobalFlyer Uses Blue Sky Network D1000


Every wanted to know what the GlobalFlyer uses for a GPS navigation system? They use a Blue Sky Network D1000. The D1000 allows Mission Control to send and receive messages from the GlobalFlyer, get aircraft position reports, and provides a platform for further communications to the aircraft. The system also includes functionality for weather warnings and rerouting.

Blue Sky Network also supplies the satellite communications network between Mission Control and the GlobalFlyer.

“Once again, we are pleased to be part of Steve Fossett’s pursuit of history-making feats,” said Jon Gilbert, president and CEO of Blue Sky Network. “This Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer flight is another great opportunity to showcase the global coverage and strong features of the D-1000 and SkyRouter Web portal. We are honored to support Steve’s landmark flight by providing him this solution for flight tracking,
voice and data communications.”

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