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Globalsat BT-338 Bluetooth


Globalsat-Bt-338-Bluetooth-GpsNot a new release, but a GPS receiver we have not previously covered is the Globalsat BT-338, a Bluetooth GPS receiver with the fabulous SiRF III chipset. The BT-338 contains a replaceable battery which should get close to 17 hours of battery life thanks to the lower-power chipset.

The device has LEDs to show battery status, is WAAS enabled, and the GPS receiver is a 20 channel receiver.

2 Responses

  1. Have been using it for years. Gets a fix relatively fast and holds it well. Connect it to my HP pocket PC via bluetooth, no wires attached! I alternate same 5V charger between the two devices. Charges quickly and holds it for ~20 hours, i mostly keep the pocketPC plugged.

    Shompol - October 9th, 2007
  2. I bought this unit 3 years before. It gets the fix very quickly if i am on a flat area without trees, etc.

    although, I have a problem since i bought it. Battery can’t be charged up by the device so it lose power in 10 minutes. I tried with a replaced battery but it has the same problem.

    To fix it during guarantee would cost me 30 GPB (post to uk, replace, etc…) so i just left as it is and use it from charger all the time.

    Peter - June 23rd, 2009

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