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Globalsat Personal Tracking TR-101


Globalsat-Tr-101-Personal-Tracking-GpsGlobalsat has released a new Personal Tracking GPS, the Globalsat Personal Tracking TR-101. This device uses GPS to locate your position and GSM to send position reports to friends an family. Authorized people can then use computer software to view the position of the TR-101 on a map.

The device is available in different colors as well as versions with kids themes. The TR-101 uses the SiRF Star III chipset, can receive phone calls, and has an “emergency button” which sends out SMS messages to three different preset numbers.

The Globalsat Personal Tracking TR-101 connects to computers via USB and can be updated with settings such as reporting a position everyday at noon. However one feature that really stood out was that you can use the device without purchasing their software or paying a monthly service fee via integration with Google Earth. No word on pricing yet.

One Response

  1. This device would be the best companion for the SMS-your-location-to-your-website feature of POI66.com. I wonder how programmable it is?

    Kees Wesselius - October 30th, 2006

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