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Inforemer Golf Cart GPS Navigation


We’ve talked about GPS Golf Balls, and GPS rangefinders and now GPS navigation in golf carts. A company called GPSI has installed a combination GPS Navigation and Wi-Fi system called Inforemer in golf carts at Blue Ridge Trail in Pennsylvania, USA. The entire fleet of golf carts are equipped with the devices which also provide advertising. They systems apparently provide ads for each hole on the course based on the cart’s GPS location.

“Golf courses literally do not know what they are missing until they see our product in action, under real world conditions. With the USGA and R&A rulings that allow GPS devices into the official rules of golf, we anticipate a tremendous demand for the Inforemer product as we believe it will become a ‘must have’ item for the 2006 golfing season.” – Bob Silzer, Sr., CEO and President of GPS Industries

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