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Golf GPS Receivers Increasing in Popularity


Although golf GPS receivers have been around for a little while they are increasingly popular…. and unpopular. The technology provides assistance to golfers by giving distances to bunkers, tees, ponds, and greens. This, of course, provides the golfer with a more accurate club selection based off distances calculated by the golf GPS receiver.

As you might imagine, many people think this is an unfair advantage.

“At the moment the penalty for using them would be disqualification,” he said. “There are static distance markers on many courses. You can also go out and pace the course if you want to – that’s what caddies do – and many clubs provide the same information in printed guides. That is also accepted.”

Some people though claim that it is still the shot that matters more than anything else and say the device does not give an advantage.

5 Responses

  1. sir,
    golf is not a game where every thing is given in a plate. there should be limited distance markers eg from the edge of green 100 yds, 150 and 250 yds only be permitted. Electronic equipment be banned.
    For faster play visit golf-21.net, a new concept, revolutionary

    tejindar - August 26th, 2007
  2. We just Banned Gps on our tournament/cup match’es due to the fact it advantage play to the player using one. Why should one player using one have the facts in front of them when the other player have to guess work where to land the ball.

    Georgieo - November 14th, 2007
  3. Everybody does not use the same clubs, ball, cart, etc. We are free to purchase or not purchase. Same with GPS devices. They are legal now and if you can afford one it will give you an advantage. GPS devices speed up play and improve confidence on the course. They are no different than purchasing top tier golf clubs and balls.

    Larry - December 1st, 2007
  4. Electronic or no electronics is a matter of choice for the player. To say having an electronic aid would have “unfair” advantage is a backward and dinosaurous thinking. Any help to enhance the joy and fun of this otherwise difficult game is most welcome. I don’t have the money for an R7 driver but sure love to have one to out drive anyone on my team!

    Jackie C - February 27th, 2008
  5. Those who think they were disadvantaged by the lack of use of a GPS locater on the course should not be playing golf at all, should not travel on a golf cart, should not buy 600 dollars drivers or putters, should not use graphite shafted clubs, should not use 45 inches double titanium headed drivers with COR near 1. Technologies have improved and aided the enjoyment of every sports continually. Swim with a Speedo wet suit will shave 6% water drag, ride a 500 gram ultra light-weight graphite framed bicycle will speed up the trip time by 10% … etc. We all are blessed by the advents and the joy each brings. If GPS helps golfing, so be it, let it help to make the game more fun. For those denying technological advances, why not go back and play with hickory shafted wrought iron bladed clubs. Then tell me about your game later. I am sure you go out with 13 clubs and come back less than half! GPS is by far the greatest application (if not invention) for golf in the last century. USGA has been sensible in their rulings and R&A agreed. I foresee GPS rangefinders will be standard equipment in EVERYONE’s golf bags, along with your R7s and ProV-1s, within next 3 years. Mark my words.

    Golfdoctor - September 9th, 2008

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