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Google GPS – Google Mobile


Google-Earth-VwUpdate: – A little more information about this (other speculation) can be found on this post about Volkswagen Google GPS.

This week at CES google dropped some hints about future products. One of those demonstrations showed a VW with Google Earth running on the dashboard. The application followed you around wherever you were in the car, just like would with the Google Earth application. (Photo via engadget)

The implications of his are interesting. Google Earth has just about everything you need in a great GPS navigation system. Driving directions? check. Large POI database? check. 3D display? check.

So what is missing if you wanted to do this right now? Well for starters most cars do not have high speed access to the internet. While there are ways to get internet access in your car, most of those methods probably are not fast enough for the data transfer requirements of Google Earth. And the ways that you can get access that fast often require the vehicle to be stationary. But this limitation will be overcome with time.

So why not just store all of the geo data internally in the car? From what I’ve heard the data that makes up Google Earth takes 12 Terrabytes of disk space. Basically you would need to install two Xserve RAID servers in your vehicle to handle the capacity. Keeping them in a climate controlled environment as they enjoy and keeping them juiced with electricity would be issues. In addition I don’t think many people would pay the $26,000.00 price tag for two Xserves with fourteen 500 GB drives in each.

Nonetheless, the possibility of having an alternative stripped-down version of Google Earth as a GPS navigation system does sound quite nice and is certainly feasible.

And of course they also demonstrated Google Local Mobile. This is similar to other GPS navigation systems you can retrieve via mobile phone. This is now available for Blackberry users and offers an interface similar to Google Maps, but available in real time via mobile phone.

22 Responses

  1. my mobile is I-mate

    Mohammed AlMahmood - March 2nd, 2006
  2. Remember that Google Local Mobile (now Google Maps Mobile) is not really a GPS navigation system because it does not use GPS. There is speculation that this feature will be coming soon though.

    Adam - May 2nd, 2006
  3. […] We’ve speculated a little bit on what a Google GPS product might be like. Recently Google has started to share some of their thoughts about how Google, GPS, and advertising might mesh together. […]

  4. My mobile is N3250 i want google earth gps

    Shoaib - June 25th, 2006
  5. My idea would be to have a gps that uses the google maps data, with the google maps portion (no satellites, just the maps, addresses, POI’s, etc) able to download via wifi (or bluetooth i guess) onto a device designed specifically for it.

    Then you can bring it inside someplace and hit sync to sync with the latest google database….or google has ‘update’ packs periodically…but i agree, google has all the info i need

    peter - January 16th, 2007
  6. Can i able to use mobile gps service on my handset nokia6681

    Mohit - April 16th, 2007
  7. Mohit, you might want to check out the Google maps for mobile phone compatibility information provided by Google.

    Tim - April 16th, 2007
  8. Can I be able to download and use mobile GPS maps etc on my O2 Atom mobile PDA?

    Praveen - May 17th, 2007
  9. Praveen – check the link about compatibility directly above your comment.

    Tim - May 17th, 2007
  10. Since the whole earth is 12TB, why not just download to your gps the state or area that you need, or use more frequently. Now the GPS navigates using the regular map with a bottom to switch to the google earth images.

    Marcelo - June 23rd, 2007
  11. No need to have mobile data center in the car.
    There are so many things that can be stripped down. If this is obvious to me, I am sure it is more than just obvious to all those clever minds at Google.
    1. No need for satellite imagery.
    2. Cut high resolution graphics of all those terrains and open spaces. Your car isn’t going to fly over hills.
    3. Sell pluggable city/state hardware modules for street and 3D images.
    4. Use DVD changer carrying HD DVDs. Don’t they hold some 18GB data per disk?
    Oh I can keep going.

    Murali Ponnuraj - September 3rd, 2007
  12. It was kind of a joke about the data center…. I was being sarcastic and really didn’t expect anyone to go spend 25,000+ on a GPS system for their car.

    Tim - September 3rd, 2007
  13. i want gps service im my mobile phone

    Lotus Khan - December 16th, 2007
  14. Still Google Maps Mobile can’t work with sony Ericsson HGE 100 “the gps enabler”.

    Satya - January 12th, 2008
  15. i just bought sonyericsson p1i and install “gmm”, but it only show blinking blue dot in the middle of grey circle? does it has different look from the google map for windows pc?

    tks for sharing.

    dinar - June 22nd, 2008
  16. i have gps already fixed in my car, but this gps for japan
    maps and japan language. how can i change it into english
    and midle east maps

    khaled qabbani - February 23rd, 2009
  17. My mobile is N95 i want google earth gps

    isabela.avila - March 23rd, 2009
  18. My idea of the GPS system is somewhat different. i’d like to see from the screen of the gps the street your currently driving on. basicly for pin pointing or being able to view a location your driving to, or being able to identify a location from a road view (street maps). zooming out would use more of the earth view. somewhat like todays gps system. course the data for the maps would be rather large per city, state.

    Tekken - June 25th, 2009
  19. I would love to have a mobile GPS device that I could take from car to car.
    But my hold back are the products currently on the market. The graphics display are all on the level of a Commodore 64.

    If a device existed that would display like Google Maps, I’d buy it in a second!

    As far as Google Earth views, can’t they solve that by cellular update? BestBuy sold a system that was a subscription service that had cellular update built in. But the graphics were just all the rest.

    Paul Murray - June 30th, 2009
  20. What I’ve done is taken Google maps and burn it onto a DVD disk made a few modifications transferred it over onto my navagating system. Every once and awhile I will update system. Works for me!

    CHARLES - December 11th, 2009
  21. Charles, In what format google maps need to be downloaded and what modifications needed? Any tools required?

    Sreeku - January 25th, 2010
  22. I’ve used Blackberry Onyx 9700 and downloaded Google Map Mobile, it’s better then Blackberry Maps in details and has more up to date maps, and it works well with the blackberry internal GPS, but I think its more accurate when using Blackberry maps, coz sometime its off course in google maps.

    Rangga - July 18th, 2010

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