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Is that a Google MotoNav Headed Down the Road?


There has long been speculation that Google might someday build their own GPS to suction to your own windshield. That speculation was fueled as they started to build their own maps and ditch Tele Atlas and then again when Google released Google Navigation for Android phones. With today’s announcement that Google intends to scoop up Motorola Mobility that will be more fuel for the fire. You might recall that Motorola Mobility at one time had their own PND… the Motorola MotoNav.

Wile the Motonav has a strong following here at GPSReview.net (see our dedicated Motorola MotoNav Forum) it never really caught on with the masses and from what we can tell the project has been abandoned. But with Google soon in control of a hardware supplier with pervious experience (read lessons learned) in the PND market perhaps a Google brand PND isn’t too far of a stretch.

I wouldn’t expect to see the MotoNav resurrected, but a Google PND built on Android software with Motorola talent producing the hardware is an experiment that might be worthy to try.

One Response

  1. I like Google’s navigation software, but I really wish, for the love of God, they’d let us pick the data provider backing it up. OpenStreetMap’s data is a lot more mature in cities like Tulsa and Portland that have a more active volunteer market than Google’s offering.

    Paul Johnson - August 16th, 2011

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