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GPS and Daylight Saving Time


I’ve received a flood of emails today asking about daylight saving time and their GPS devices. There are a variety of “answers” depending on what device you have, and how it is programmed. In some cases software updates are available from the vendor. In other cases the device is not designed to automatically update for DST and you need to do it manually. Most importantly, In no cases did the device not correctly determine my location. For example I took five random GPS devices out this morning, and here is how they were impacted. (I tried to get different types, brands, etc.)

By the way… no need to send me a letter, it really is correctly spelled “daylight saving”, not “daylight savings“. Some dictionaries accept “savings” as a variant, but we’ll use the official term.

  • Garmin Nuvi 350: The device did not update to the correct time, and there is currently no update available from Garmin. Garmin has been releasing daylight saving time updates for many of their devices, but not yet for the 350. Still, a trip to ‘Settings’ –> ‘Locale’ –> ‘Clock’ –> and then after setting the display time and zone you can override the daylight savings time from ‘Auto’ to ‘On’. Garmin will likely have a software update out soon.
  • Garmin Nuvi 660: The device had updated to the correct time as I had applied the 3.50 update when it was released on March 5.
  • TomTom ONE: The ONE did not display the correct time, and no update was available. However a quick trip to the menu, ‘Change Preferences’ –> ‘Set Clock’, then set the display preference, and you will be able to override the hour. You can even continue to use the “sync” option, after you have set the time initially. Adjust the hour, click done, then go back to the settings and you can “sync” again to get the latest network time which will remember you are now ahead one hour from before.
  • TomTom Navigator: Note that this is software which runs on a PDA. In my case I have it running on a Palm. Success depends on if your PDA has correctly implemented the new time. In my case I had updated my Palm a few days ago with the patch, so everything worked perfectly and it already displayed the correct time.
  • Mio C310x: The Mio did not display the correct time. So from the Navigation screen I clicked on the satellite icon, ‘Time sync’ –> turned off “Auto Correction” and then advanced the hour forward by one. It will still display “GPS Time” off by an hour but the “PDA Time” will be correct. Estimated Arrival times from the Route Information screens are now correct.
  • DeLorme PN-20: This device did not display the correct time automatically since it does not automatically track DST. Go to ‘Menu’ –> ‘Device Setup’ –> ‘Time’ –> and check the box for Daylight Saving.

So it looks like Garmin is most on the ball on this one. Here is a list of recent Garmin software updates which include the Daylight Saving Time update, believed accurate at the time of posting.

StreetPilot 7500 — 5.00 (March 9, 2007)
StreetPilot 2820 — 4.00 (March 9, 2007)
StreetPilot 2730 — 7.00 (March 9, 2007)
StreetPilot 2720 — 7.00 (March 9, 2007)
BMW Motorrad Navigator III — 4.00 (March 9, 2007)
StreetPilot 7200 — 5.00 (March 9, 2007)
StreetPilot c530 — 5.30 (March 8, 2007)
StreetPilot c330 — 5.40 (March 8, 2007)
StreetPilot c510 — 5.30 (March 8, 2007)
StreetPilot c550 — 5.30 (March 8, 2007)
StreetPilot c310 — 5.40 (March 8, 2007)
StreetPilot c320 — 5.40 (March 8, 2007)
GPSMAP 76CSx — 3.20 (March 5, 2007)
GPSMAP 60CSx — 3.20 (March 5, 2007)
GPSMAP 60Cx — 3.20 (March 5, 2007)
GPSMAP 76Cx — 3.20 (March 5, 2007)
nuvi 660 — 3.50 (March 5, 2007)
nuvi 610 — 3.50 (March 5, 2007)
StreetPilot i3 — 3.30 (March 1, 2007)
StreetPilot i2 — 3.30 (March 1, 2007)
StreetPilot i5 — 3.30 (March 1, 2007)

One Response

  1. It looks like TomTom includes the Daylight Saving correction in the GPSfix updates. Once I downloaded the latest the time corrected itself.

    Angelo - March 27th, 2008

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