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GPS Makes Getting Around Easier


c|net has an article via the New York Times about how GPS technology is making life easier for travelers and how the technology keeps getting better while prices continue to drop. GPS is making its way into the hands of the mainstream public as the technology used to build them gets cheaper.

“More and more young people look to GPS,” said Steven Hendricks, a Motorola spokesman. “They’ve used it as hikers and snowboarders. Now more professional folks are wanting to use it for traveling, finding their ways to restaurants and hotels, to meetings and clients.”

The article also touches on a few specific GPS models that are quite popular today.

Among the offerings are versions of Magellan’s RoadMate 760 and RoadMate 300. Both are designed strictly for use in cars and trucks, and each draws electrical power from a vehicle’s cigarette lighter. But unlike earlier models of aftermarket automobile GPS systems, they require no base station to be permanently installed in a car. Each system, no larger than a box of crackers, can be taken from vehicle to vehicle as simply as moving a video-game console from room to room.

They also refer to some of the lesser-known GPS receivers that offer great bargains.

The WayPoint 200 National Edition from Mobile Crossing, for example, instead uses the much larger screen of a personal organizer, offers turn-by-turn directions and has enough flash memory for all United States maps.

Finally, I’m not surprised to see they have talked extensively about the Garmin Nuvi 350, probably the most popular and talked about gps system of the season.

The [Garmin] Nuvi [350] looks like an MP3 player with a 3.5-inch color screen, is compact enough to fit into a palm, yet is powerful enough to provide full GPS navigation. Myers said it would also store and play MP3 digital music files as well as audio books.

The Nuvi… adds features like digital-photo viewing, and text and voice translation. And like far larger GPS devices, the Nuvi can use radio weather and traffic reports to reroute travelers, its makers say.

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