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GPS explained: Position accuracy | Accuracy Values by Garmin Receivers


Note: The following was not something I wrote, but found on the web several years ago. The original site is no longer online, so I’m including it here for preservation. I can’t speak to the accuracy of the information, but it seems very accurate based on my extensive GPS experience.

GPS explained: Position accuracy. http://www.kowoma.de/en/gps/accuracy.htm Web. Accessed 22 September 2010.

Accuracy Values by Garmin Receivers

garmin-circular-error-probable-position-accuracyThe declaration of the accuracy by Garmin GPS receivers often leads to confusion. What does it mean if the receiver states an accuracy of 4 m? This readout refers to the so-called 50 % CEP (Circular Error Probable). This means that 50 % of all measurements are within a radius of 4 m. On the other hand, 50 % of all measured positions are outside of this radius. Furthermore, 95 % of all measured positions are within a circle of twice this radius and 98.9 % of all positions are within a circle of 2.55 the radius. In the given example, nearly all positions are within circle with a radius of 10 m. The determined position is in the worst case accurate to 10 m.

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