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GPS Speedsurfing


A new GPS Game has been located, GPS Speedsurfing (GPS Speed Surfing). This event outfits windsurfers with GPS receivers that track the speed of the surfer. Certain rules apply to the setup and configuration of the GPS receivers and speed events have formed around this use of GPS systems.

You can measure the speed with a GPS in many different ways. You can measure the peak speed but also the speed within a time period (for instance 2, 5, 10 or 20 seconds). In general is it so that, how longer the time interval is, how more trustworthy the measurement. At the other side, a measurement gives over for instance 2 seconds a higher speed at then a measurement over10 seconds. We have many experience gained with different interval measurements and are convinced that the best images of the real speeds difference between windsurfers obtained becomes through the 10-seconds interval to use.

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