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Reported GPS Thefts by State, Mapped


Recently in our forums a member came across statistics from the FBI NCIC (National Crime Information Center) showing reported GPS thefts by state. The data covers just about the past two years and there are a couple of important points about the data. First, they only looked at GPS devices where the reported value was over $500– certainly not most of the GPS market. Second, it might not be safe to assume each state reports data with the same frequency. For example Hawaii reported zero. However I still thought it would be worthwhile to map out the number of reported GPS thefts by state, per capita. We expect states with larger populations to have a larger number of total thefts, but how does that map look when population is taken out out of the equation?

Looks like the I-95 cooridor, especially in the mid-atlantic is an area to keep those GPS in your pocket. My rocking forum community has also put together a thread sharing thoughts on How to prevent theft of your GPS unit from your car.

One Response

  1. I use Firefox, don’t know if that makes a difference, but I do not see a legend to tell me what the colors mean.

    Fred Sode - May 9th, 2010

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