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GPS Tracking Dingoes


In Australia researchers are using GPS technology to learn more about the movements of dingoes. The population of dingoes are increasing in the Yuleba State Forest despite efforts to slow the population growth.

The dingoes are captured, equipped with a GPS tracking collar, and then released. The collars will remain tracking their GPS position until October when the collars will automatically fall off.

I believe research holds the key, and hopefully the satellite tracking collars will turn the key,” said Natural Resources Department’s Lee Allen. The data streamed back to Earth should initially establish territory boundaries and movements during peak times of their daily activity cycle. We should get some insights into the way these animals disperse from the territory where they are born and move around before the animal mating season,” he said.

One Response

  1. It’s the funniest use of GPS Tracking I’ve seen so far 🙂

    gps tracking - May 13th, 2008

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