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GPS Tracking Mobile Billboards


The uses for GPS tracking continue to surprise me. The latest is using GPS tracking systems to monitor trucks with painted billboards on the side. The GPS tracking systems are thereby able to report back to the advertiser and show them the locations and population estimates to validate exposure.

“They used to be more of a promotional unit, for a bank opening or a convention or something like that. But over the years it’s become more for branding, even for new-product introduction. By adding GPS we added legitimacy. The units can report back and you can watch them on the web. We can target by zip code and use all types of data in the mapping systems. We’ve brought it to the level where people are so comfortable that mobile trucks are now mainstream.” Doug Frantin, president of New York-based Street Blimps

One Response

  1. This works well for us since we don’t have our own trucks, but when we outsource mobile billboards we place our GPS in their trucks. We once hired a driver and was wondering why he was parked so long. When we checked him out we found that he was parked across the street from a movie theater and he decided to catch a movie. Apparently he didn’t fully understand what the GPS device did lol.

    Mobile Billboards - January 5th, 2009

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