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GPS Tracking Your Pet


While most GPS tracking systems involve locating vehicles, a new company is offering GPS tracking systems for a new breed… of pets. Global Pet Finder offers a GPS collar that can be used to locate your pet.

Globalpetfinder Members can build a virtual fence of ANY size within which your pet can freely roam simply by logging into the command center and following the instructions for ‘create a fence’. The command center will prompt you to enter a name , address and size for your fence. That’s it! Your fence is automatically downloaded to the memory of your globalpetfinder. Up to 5 fence locations can be stored at once.

One Response

  1. What a brilliant idea. I can imagine this would be especially good for cat owners or for those with a farm like area who want to keep track of where there pets may be roaming throughout the day.

    Jonathan - October 24th, 2010

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