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GpsInformation Reviews Nuvi 360


GpsInformation has reviewed the Garmin Nuvi 360 and offers the following summary.

In our opinion, the nuvi 360 does not have any real issues. The routing and navigation worked without error. I would personally like to see a tracklog capability to the data card as in other Garmin handheld receivers and many Street Pilot models, to log where you have been. But that is more of a wish list item, than a necessity. Another wish item would be a built in FM modulator to play MP3 files and hear the navigation directions on your car radio, but the nuvi is quite compact, so this may not be an option. Overall Garmin seems to have just about everything right with the nuvi.

Of course the recently announced Garmin Nuvi 660 does have a built in FM modulator, as well as a larger screen. We agree that most every GPS sold these days should come with tracklog capabilities.

Not everything about the 360 was rosy though, GpsInformation mentioned a few instances with the device locking up as others have reported to us.

I did have a couple of instances when the nuvi would lock up and be unresponsive. However, this was easily solved by pressing the reset button on the back of unit, under the flip out antenna. This only reset the unit and I did not lose any of my stored data, such as my favorites, and Custom POI’s. The screen went crazy once as well and simply pressing the reset button instantly resolved the problem.

Recent software updates by Garmin have addressed some of the freeze issues for people and hopefully future updates will fix the rest of the issues.

They did mention that you can only insert one “via” point between the starting location and the destination on the Nuvi 360, and in our opinion this is one of the bigger drawbacks to the device. We also have heard this complaint from other people who can’t understand why this upper-end GPS receiver does not have that functionality.

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