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HP iPAQ hw6515


gpspassion has posted a review of the HP IPAQ hw6515. This device features a built-in camera and keyboard, GPS Navigation, and multiple messaging capabilities.

The HP hw6515 is a very capable “mobile data platform” with its fast mobile internet Edge module and convenient keyboard and it breaks some new GPS ground, with the availability of the first consumer “user plane” AGPS solution to improve the user experience with fast TTFF and longer battery life. The Globallocate LTO (Long Term Orbit) aiding does work very well to get a “fix”, but the actual chipset (RF and baseband modules) appears to be far less capable than the SiRFstarIII chipset to acquire and track GPS signals.

I have used the hw6515 daily since early August as my “mobile data platform”, and I will say that combined with an unlimited Edge (speeds up to 160kbps) data subscription, it is the most useful PDA I have owned since I started with a Palm Pro in 1997 later moving to the PocketPC platform in 2001, not in the least thanks to its keyboard that lets you type emails at an unexpected speed and I can even perform some maintenance on the site. The two memory card slots are convenient too as the miniSD can be used as permanent storage and the SD to pop in a WiFi card if need be.

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