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iGO Primo


Today at CeBIT, Nav N Go released a new version of their iGO software, now called iGO Primo. For those who are not familiar with iGO, the software is delivered with OEM partners who wish to offer GPS devices under their brand name, but don’t wish to develop navigation software from scratch. iGO has been used in past North American devices from companies like Mio, HP, and Harman Kardon.

Nav N Go cites over 30 new features in iGO Primo such as driver alerts and display of warning traffic signs. 3D terrain views are also new for some areas.

But the feature that interests me the most is the inclusion of the Speed Profiles data from Tele Atlas and Traffic Patterns data from Navteq. (This is what powers TomTom IQ Routes.) These data packages use “real” travel times of vehicles for different times of day and different days of week. The data is aggregated and stored along with the map data providing better routing and more accurate ETAs.

One Response

  1. Hi there
    I wonder if you have GCC maps ( arabian gulf )

    mohd - March 2nd, 2010

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