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Inexpensive GPS Navigation


An article in yesterday’s Washington Post talks about “gimmicks” GPS manufacturers add to their devices. A point is made that since maps all come from the same place that manufacturers are adding these “extra features” to set themselves apart. Deep down, the new products from Lowrance Electronics Inc., Garmin Ltd., TomTom International BV, Thales Navigation […]

One Response

  1. These companies may be offering choices, but none of them, except Tomtom can’t be integrated into audio systems. And most of GPS unit is inadequate to listen to music.

    In addition, it has a problem that the music can’t be played while the navigation is running. So many will not feel that this is beneficial feature.

    And photo vieiwers are even more awkard to have it. The only marginally useful one would be bluetooth… But it needs functionality such as priority setting. Otherwise, it may not be useful, since everything needs to be automatic.

    Seunghan Nam - May 23rd, 2006

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