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Install TomTom Computer Voices


Since the update to TomTom HOME version 2, the user interface has changed a bit. The new layout looks more like a TomTom device itself with six large buttons per page, three to a row. (I personally really dislike the new layout as the old layout more clearly showed everything at a glance.) Something a few users have been having trouble with is finding where the Computer Voices (aka Text To Speech) are located.

TomTom HOME Computer VoicesLogic might suggest that you would go to ‘Add Maps, Traffic, Voices’ and then select ‘Voices’. But logic doesn’t seem to apply here. 🙂 Instead, skip over another two pages until you see the ‘Computer Voices’ section. That is where you will want to go to add voices that can speak street names– if your TomTom device supports that feature.

I think at the very least the ‘Computer Voices’ button should be moved beside the ‘Voices’ button, if not merged into one section where both types of voices can be displayed together.

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