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Intrix Announces Reseller Program for Predictive Traffic Information


Inrix, Inc., an aggregator of predictive traffic information, announced today at CTIA Wireless 2005 that it has partnered with Tele Atlas to deliver Inrix Traffic Services to Tele Atlas partners and customers through a reseller agreement. As part of the agreement, Tele Atlas will also provide Inrix with the rights to resell and internally use Tele Atlas map data with Inrix’s services. Traffic content has been a hot topic recently as broadcasters, satellite radio providers, wireless carriers and makers of automotive headunits as well as portable navigation devices (PNDs) line up partners for the distribution of traffic content.

What’s different about Inrix is that it’s analytical engine can correct for erroneous data commonly sent from road sensor networks and can predict based on numerous variables traffic conditions hours, days even weeks in advance. It will not be long until individuals and businesses will be able to utilize more reliable real-time and highly useful predictive traffic information to save time and frustration by being able to anticipate and avoid trouble spots on their commute before they occur. Perhaps the holy grail of navigation might finally be upon us smart routing.

One Response

  1. […] Last summer we talked about the announcement that Intrix and Tele Atlas were partnering to offer Intrix’s traffic services to Tele Atlas partners. Tele Atlas announced today they are expanding this partnership and forming a joint operation. The two companies will collect and share additional data for their respective partners. Tele Atlas customers will immediately benefit from the expanded partnership through access to Inrix’s industry-leading real-time and predictive traffic information and the ability to develop next generation navigation solutions featuring applications such as traffic-influenced dynamic routing. […]

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