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InvisibleSHIELD for GPS Receivers


Recently I’ve had the opportunity to review the InvisibleSHEILD product from ShieldZone. Perhaps the most important point to make about this product is that it is not just another screen protector. These shields differ based on what device you have but many of the shields are cut to protect the entire device, not just the screen.

So what exactly is the InvisibleSHIELD? The shield itself is a clear film which adheres to your device and protects it from the elements…. Remember those thin, clear plastic screen protectors that might have come with your PDA? This is way beyond those “screen protectors”. The materials used to make the InvisibleSHIELD are extremely tough. The promotional videos on the ShieldZone website show people trying to scratch the material with keys, pens, etc… .to no avail.

Just to make sure it wasn’t some video stunt I decided to try a similar test. I took a narrow piece of the material and had a friend hold both ends tight. Then I tried to push a ball point pen through the InvisibleSHIELD… no luck. It did slightly deform the material… however it was easily pushed back into place with a finger. Apparently this material was created by the military to protect helicopter rotor blades.

Installation. This was perhaps the only downside to the product…. Plan on spending a little time with the product if you have a “full body” shield rather than just a screen shield. Installation of the full body shield for my PDA/GPS device took nearly an hour. Here is what is involved in the process.

The first part is cleaning your device. No sense protecting a dirty device. After I took each part of the full body shield and figured out where on the device it was supposed to go. Next you peel the shield off from the surface it ships with and spray it with an included solution. Then apply the section of the shield on the device and work any air bubbles out while making sure everything is aligned properly. I had a little difficulty putting on the last few pieces as I would accidentally move pieces I had applied earlier.

After everything is on, the directions say to leave the device along for a day while everything “sets up”. After about an hour everything appeared solid and dry for me, but waiting a day might be a good idea as the instructions suggest.

Since then my PDA/GPS has been in my pocket getting daily use for about two weeks. I’m extremely impressed. The texture of the shield is great… it is “grippier” than the plastic enclosure of the device itself so it is less likely to slip and fall from wherever I have set it down.

The shield is also extremely clear. You can’t tell there is anything there protecting the device unless you look very closely. And when you do look closely the device has that “wet, just back from the car wash” look and makes the device shinier. I’d dare say that the InvisibleSHIELD actually improves the look of the device.

After being so impressed with the product I went back to the ShieldZone website to see if any other products I own have shields available for them. Of course! Yup… they have everything from car electronics to mobile phones, digital camera LCD screens, laptops, iPods, PDAs, portable DVD players, watches, etc…. I’ll be placing a big order soon to cover lots of my products.

in the GPS world, ShieldZone makes InvisibleSHIELD products for quite a few popular GPS receivers. There are screen protectors available for the Garmin eTrex series, forerunners, Gekos, 60 series, 72 series, 76 series, iQue, 276c, etc. You can view the list here.

Overall I would say there were only two downsides to the product. The installation isn’t the easiest thing to do with the “full shield” devices, however that is just being picky. Second, the price appears high… but only if you compare it to other screen protectors. Especially considering the InvisibleSHIELD comes with a lifetime warranty. Many of the shields cost only $9.95 and considering there is a lifetime warranty (and currently free shipping) the price is good once you see how great the product is.

If you have a GPS, especially if you use it outdoors, you owe it to yourself to protect your investment with an InvisibleSHIELD… you won’t regret it.

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