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iWay 350c Update


Lowrance has released a software update for the Lowrance iWay 350c. The current version is now 1.2. You can verify the version of software you have in your iWay by selecting the ‘menu’ icon on the display, then ‘Options’, go to the third tab, ‘Page 3’, select ‘Device Information’, and look under the ‘iWay 350c’ line.

Included in this update are support for multiple languages, Improved performance on finding addresses and intersections, as well as Added the ability to edit latitude/longitude coordinates for a saved waypoint.

You can download the update and instructions here.

3 Responses

  1. I’m trying to find which SD/MMC card is compatible with the 350C so I can do the update. The Lowrance website advises that not all cards are compatible with the unit, but does not say which ones are compatible. The company that handles their accessories does not list a card for the 350C either. We just returned from a 10,000 mile trip & had several mapping glitches we hope the update will cure.

    Henry - September 18th, 2006
  2. The iWay 350C was a major disappointment after having a Garmin GPS. I’ve had my iWay for about eight months now and currently it’s in the shop for the second time during that time period. Keep in mind I’m very careful with anything electronic, I don’t abuse anything I own, so the fact that this unit is malfunctioning is due strictly to design and or manufacturing problems. The problems are too involved to write here (I’m not a good typist). Suffice it to say I will NEVER buy anonther Lowrance product and will NEVER recommend Lowrance products to anyone else. The fact that the cost per feature was low does not negate an unreliable unit. That would be like buying a pair of shoes for a dollar, that are too small and have huge holes in the soles. Yes, the unit was less expensive than others with comparable features, but if you can’t use it, what’s the point.

    Scott P - February 5th, 2007
  3. I have the IWay350C. I had problems when I first got it, I sent it back and it has been fine. I know need to update to version. Why do I need a SD card? I dont understand the directions at all. I tried to download off the Lowrance website but it didnt work. Im not great on the computer. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!!!

    Nancy - October 15th, 2008

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