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Jack’s RoadMate 6000T Comments


Received the [Magellan RoadMate] 6000T today. Nice unit, but I was disappointed with the documentation, lacking in several areas- especially the Bluetooth chapter. However, I was able to pair two Moto RAZR’s and a V600 with it. It took several pairing attempts and reboots for each phone though.

After pairing the phones, I did find that each time the unit is turned on, you have to request a Bluetooth connection instead of it automatically searching for a paired phone. If you intend to use multiple phones, pair the primary one first, because that will be the one connected when several simultaneous signals are offered. You can, however, disconnect from any of the paired phones and connect to another from within the Bluetooth Manager. I haven’t tried using the call features while in motion yet, so I don’t know if the volume will be sufficient to be heard over road noise, AC, radio, etc.

There are several ways of dialing out, but the one feature that I hoped for is missing (or maybe I just haven’t found it yet) and that is just a one touch button to open the Bluetooth connection so I can use voice dialing as I can with my Bluetooth headset. Voice dialing can be made, but only after pressing the voice dial button on the phone. I know that this may sound picky, but I transport a lot of vehicles into and through areas that restrict hands-on cell use, so the Bluetooth capability of the 6000T was a desired feature for me. I like having my hands on the wheel and the security of knowing my phone is tucked away in my pocket instead of being left in a vehicle that I will never see again.

I own a Roadmate 700 (with the latest firmware update which makes it perform like a 760, I believe). The navigation features of the 6000T are very similar to this unit which is making the transition to the 6000T fairly painless. Again, the documentation is brief in its description of the operation and/or function of some of the navigation features. The table of contents is also incomplete. Chapter 10 is the Bluetooth chapter, not Chapter 9 as listed.

I haven’t gotten to the TrafficKit/Alert, Music Player, or Picture Viewer features yet, but don’t expect to use the “players” much either. I do have high expectations of the TrafficKit/Alert, though.

So far, I am pleased with my purchase and if the [Magellan RoadMate] 6000T is as reliable and useful as my 700 is, I shouldn’t have anything other than praise for it other than these few very minor complaints.

Ed Note: The preceding review came from a user submission, thanks to Jack for offering a nice overview!

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