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Junction Image

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This article is a companion to our Lane Assist article to help you distinguish between these two similar features.

Junction View was a feature first made popular in North America by Navigon which they called Reality View. Since then most other manufacturers have rolled out similar features by slightly different names. So what is it? When you are driving down an Interstate you will often pass under big green signs that point the way to a particular city or a different interstate. Those big green signs with white lettering (in the USA anyhow) are the basis for Junction View.

GPS devices attempt to replicate the experience by showing you similar text as the sign displays. So if the road sign above says “San Jose”, your GPS will display a similar sign picture on the display letter you known that is where you want to go. Junction view is almost always associated with Lane Assist, but you frequently find lane assist without Junction View.


To the right is an example of Garmin’s Junction View. You can see three overhead signs… two are okay for you to drive under to follow your route while done is dimmed which represents a road you don’t wish to take. As you can see there is also a degree of lane guidance present, though it is slightly more difficult to count lanes as they get squished to the side.


Here is an example showing TomTom’s Advanced Lane Guidance feature. Here you can also see the green overhead sign showing three lanes towards Boston via I-93 Southbound (SB). You can also see the lane guidance information near the lower left of the display.

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