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Lane Assistant

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This article is a companion to our Junction Image article to help you distinguish between these two similar features.

Lane Assist is becoming a popular feature recently as the data that drives it becomes more complete. It does what the title suggests– gives you clues about which lane you should be in as you approach certain intersections.


To the right is an image that shows you what Lane Guidance looks like on a TomTom. I’ve circled the Lane Assist feature in the lower left. Note that it shows one lane continuing straight, a barrier, one more lane going straight, one lane that can go either straight or to the right, and then finally a lane that only goes to the right. The white arrows represent the lane (or lanes) you should be in while the darker arrows are lanes you don’t want to be on in 0.20 miles.


Garmin has a similar Lane Assistant feature as seen to the image on the right. Lane information is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. In this example there are two lanes that make a left turn in white, then three lanes that continue straight. Again, the white images show the lanes you want to be in.

Lane Assistance from all manufacturers are not available in all– nor even most areas. The data is getting better, but certainly don’t expect to see it everywhere.

2 Responses

  1. All this talk and advertisement about the feature ‘lane assist’ upsets me. Sure, it would be a nice feature, if it would work. They say “not available in all– nor even most areas”. Whoopee, what good is it if not available in ALL areas? Nobody even gives an estimated date as to when it will be available in ALL areas.
    What good is this feature going to do for me if it doesn’t work and I buy one of these units?
    I say, get the maps updated, get the lane assist feature to work in ALL areas correctly, then you can advertise and sell the units with this feature. Until then it’s useless.
    I don’t want to buy something that MAY or MAY NOT work when I drive into an unfamiliar busy intersection.
    Get it right, get it to work, then advertise and sell it, until then the ‘lane assist’ feature is useless.
    Same thing goes for the ‘speed limit’ feature.
    These features MAY, or then again, they MAY NOT work. WHOOPEE!!!

    Ed Graham - February 11th, 2011
    • They will never, ever, get it available in “all” areas. The road network simply changes too fast and map updates are released only four times per year.

      Tim - February 11th, 2011

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