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Leadtek 9553 Bluetooth GPS


The Leadtek 9553 Miniature Bluetooth GPS Unit is small, light weight, easy to fit your hand suitable any of the handheld device or PDAs . It is also the first application that based on the newest SiRFstar III Architecture Bluetooth GPS Unit in the world. It has recently been reviewed by pocketgpsworld.

The Leadtek 9553 is a GPS receiver at the cutting edge of both design and technology. It has some limitations in terms of power and I am also a little concerned about the battery connectors and the fact that I managed to lose a battery. Overall though this is a cracking little GPS which is perfect for people with the appropriate usage model. At it’s current price it fits into the mid to lower pricing band and as such represents good value for money.

Leadtek also supplies GPS systems to other vendors who repackage the devices under different names such as the DeLorme Earthmate Blue Logger Bluetooth GPS which is also a Leadtek device under the skin. No word if they will be using this newer Leadtek device in the future.

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