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LG LN740


(Considering the LN790? Check out our review of the sibling LN735 which offers many of the same attributes.)

The LG LN740 moves up into the top half of LG’s new GPS lineup. The first thing that distinguishes this model from the entry level models is that it comes with a larger 4″ display. Still small enough to be fairly portable, but the larger screen provides a bigger view of the road ahead.

Like some of the other models, the LN740 comes with a feature that will automatically switch between day and night mode, and includes a photo viewer and MP3 player. What this model adds (other than the bigger display) is an included RDS-TMC traffic receiver.

Text-to-speech comes on this device so it will know to say things like “turn left on highway 15” rather than simply “turn left in 400 yards”. Like all of the other GPS models the LG LN740 comes with a SiRFstarIII chipset which should help in those GPS “fringe” areas.

81 Responses

  1. So far it has performed well. The one issue I have is the sound of the speaker is horrible and difficult to hear in highway speeds.

    GIL LASERNA - April 22nd, 2007
  2. Thanks for the comment, Gil. I just received my 735 and we will have our full review posted very soon.

    Tim - April 23rd, 2007
  3. Does the LG LN740 charge while it is being used in the car. I Have just eliminated the Garmin nuvi 350 from my short list because the garmin needs to be turned off while charging in the car, which take about 3 hours. Now my choices are down to the MIO C520 and the LG LN740.
    I like the LG’s brighter screen and external buttons but it doesn’t have Blue tooth like the MIO. I think that is strange considering it comes from a cell phone company.
    After finding out about Garmin’s charging flaw I have to find out if my other 2 choices work the same.

    Bob Gare - June 5th, 2007
  4. Hi Bob, I’m not sure where you got that info from, the Garmin Nuvi can be charged in the car while the Nuvi is in use. The Nuvi does not need to be turned off to be charged.

    Tim - June 5th, 2007
  5. I read post by 2 or 3 differrant people stating that complaint. If I can refined the links I’ll post them. I wrote Garmin to see if it was true. No answer yet.

    Bob Gare - June 5th, 2007
  6. Definitely not true. I charge my Nuvi 350 while it is turned on in the car frequently.

    Tim - June 5th, 2007
  7. One complaint about the battery going dead while plugged into the car charger and a reply stating it will not charge in the car while the unit is on was in the customer reviews on Amazon.com

    Bob Gare - June 5th, 2007
  8. Yea, that is definitely incorrect. One person might have had a battery malfunction of sorts, but all of the Nuvi devices will certainly charge in the car while the unit is on.

    Tim - June 5th, 2007
  9. Tim I have to agree because it doesn’t make any sence why it would be designed that way. They must have a problem with the unit, charger or lighter socket in the car.

    Bob Gare - June 5th, 2007
  10. Well that makes my decision tuff again. I’d say the LG and Garmin are tired for my first choice and the Mio secound.

    Bob Gare - June 5th, 2007
  11. This LG740 is awesome. It is my first GPS and got me exactly to my destination. There was recent construction on a highway that I used when I went to college years ago. All the exits were different and if it was not for my GPS, I would of been so lost. Volume is fine. Love the LG 740!

    rick - June 12th, 2007
  12. I am very impressed with how accurate and simple this unit is. I utilized the POI in order to find the golf courses in the DC – Baltimore area, and it put me in the parking lot of everyone precisely. I sell product to the golf pro shops and had never traveled that area, so what a life and time saver. If I needed to change directions, it easily adapted. Thanks LG!

    Harrison Boyd - June 12th, 2007
  13. I just got this gps for college. I think that it is awesome! It is really cool that I can find phone numbers to places and the live traffic works great!

    Ryan - July 18th, 2007
  14. is there an audio out option?(headphone jack, fm transmitter?

    jerod - July 29th, 2007
  15. “is there an audio out option?(headphone jack, fm transmitter?”

    No the LG has neither feature. I ended up with the Garmin 660. It has both and works great.

    Bob Gare - July 29th, 2007
  16. I just recieved my LN740 yesterday. So far, here is what I see. Yes, you can charge it during travel and use with the AC car adapter (Included). So far directions have been right on the mark, I havent tried out he traffic feature, so I cant comment. The biggest problem I have is the following: (1) Date of the maps, they come with 2nd quarter 2006 maps. I called support and they said the new map release would be Jan. 2008. (2) In order to connect to your PC, you must download “Microsoft ActiveSyn” I didnt find it with the included CDs. Because it wasnt included, it took me a while to figure out how to get it connected. (3) Like everyone else has said, the sound isnt the best, however it is okay for me, I have been using Telenav with my cell phone and the LG is much better for volume. (4) The screen can be a bit brighter but it is okay with me. I haven’t been in a situatation where I can’t view it.

    The menus are easy to use……
    I really like the auto zoom function……
    There are plenty of POIs………..

    All in All, I believe it is a great buy!

    Darren White - August 21st, 2007
  17. After exhaustive research, I purchased the LG 740 today at a local store for [snip]! That was too good of a price to pass up. Was looking at Nuvi 350 but for nearly 100.00 less and being able to walk into the store and buy it (and return it if need be), that was the deal breaker. I love it. Fired it right up and tested in my driveway-accurate for POI. I had a factory GPS in my last vehicle and don’t in my new one…had no idea how much I would miss it. This baby works far better than the one Nissan had in my Murano for 1200.00! Screen size is great and unit tucks right into my radio console (where the GPS would go if it was factory installed). I see no issues at all – very happy with unit.

    Annette K - September 5th, 2007
  18. I too grabbed the 740 for [snip] and thought it was a steal, until I tried it on the road. First, I can’t believe the device doesn’t tell you which direction to travel on a highway, it simply says when and where to merge onto the specified hwy- which doesn’t help if both ramps are on the same side of the road – anyone else find that a bit odd?! Also, the 740 randomly recalculates when I have not went off course. Another irritating flaw is that although the GPS will give you a seemingly correct address, it will not direct you to that location. It is about 250-500ft off and will tell me to either make a u-turn or to keep driving past the destination as opposed to simply turning into the parking lot correctly – again, has anyone else experienced this?

    On a not so crucial note, I wish it had the option to change the car’s icon and the navigator’s voice…

    I do love some of the features LG offers (which its NAVTEQ “competitors” do not have such as multi-stop route planning, a turn arrow on the bottom of the screen, and pointing to a spot on the map to find a destination without knowing its address), but to not know the direction to travel on a highway is seriously inexcusable! Needless to say I will probably return the 740 and either wait for something better (hopefully the 790 with bluetooth has corrected these flaws), otherwise I may have to give in and buy a garmin despite its price my not so great experiences with the 680…

    If anyone has not seen these mishaps and can tell me if I’m simply doing something wrong I would really appreciate the advice. Thanks and good luck to all!

    Rachel - September 10th, 2007
  19. On the LG LN740, how clear is the voice? Is it a male or female voice? Can it be changed? These are important features to me, as I would rather hear the directions voiced as appose to having to glance at the unit.

    Andy - October 24th, 2007
  20. I recently purchased the LN740, and noticed that the only mount available with the kit is the windshield mount. While I live in Wisconsin, I travel extensively throughout Minnesota and it IS a quick ticket if you are caught with a GPS attached to a mount on the windshield. Does anyone make a bean bag adaptible to the LN740?

    Luggy - December 10th, 2007
  21. I’ve had the LN740 for 9 months. I’ve usued it during bright sunny days and I have no problems viewing the screen. The sound is ok, very accurate in directions and the text to speech feature is a must for any GPS. The window mount is solid (very minimal to no vibrations) and the AUTO day and night feature is great to have.

    I’ve read numerous posts on how users are not too pleased with this product. In all honesty, it all depends on how picky of a user you are. I found the interface of the LN740 great. Routing calculations are exceptionally fast, re-routing is just as fast, although it does not have bluetooth and some other features other GPS devices sport, I can live without them. If it takes me from A – B and it does it very well based on my tests, it’s a keeper for me…hands down.

    Steve - December 13th, 2007
    • Count me as one of those who has issues with the 740. I bought mine new and found that it did not cover my neighborhood which had roads and and a few houses built 2 years earlier. In addition, there had been some highway changes made some years earlier that were not shown on the GPS map. I read the manual several times and talked with others on how to download updated maps into the memory. Bottom line-you can’t. You’re stuck with what you got as far as the map is concerned. Hopefully, that issue has been resolved but I won’t be burned again.

      Kurt - July 26th, 2011
  22. I got a great deal at [snip, see comment policy], I bought the LG LN740 [snip] and the Tomtom One 3rd [snip] and the Navigon 5100 [snip] at [snip].
    For now, The first 2 are flying of the shelves and it is not posible to get another for the same price, but I like The Navigon it has better graphic and free lifetime trafic data.
    For almost the same price, the LG is much better device then the Tomtom, easier to get to the address and better POI, the Tomtom also tell me to turn left where it is forbidden. I didn’t test the Navigon yet. And the Tomtom One get more positive review on the net.
    So it is still hard for me to decide on which one to keep.
    Can anybody helps, Thanks

    Tien - January 3rd, 2008
  23. I would stick with the LG unit. I’ve used both Garmin and TOMTOM. Both worked well, but I prefer LG. I like the layout of the features and it’s hard to come across a unit with 7 million POI’s.

    Steve - January 3rd, 2008
  24. I got the LN740 about a month ago when I moved to florida to help me get around. Currently I make multiple stops on any given day for work and use it to get from one point to the next. The problems I have with it are: the antenna cable is ridiculous, the plugs for the power cable and antenna I’m sure will wear out from the constant plugging in and out, the car power cords’ insulation is breaking apart and coming off, and the reason that I am constantly plugging it in and out is because it keeps locking up on me during the day and the only way to unlock it is to reset the unit which erases all of the stored addresses. I was told by LG that it locks up due to the unit getting too hot and it should be kept at room temp. to avoid this. If its mounted on the dash or windshield how can it not get hot from the sun? My girlfriends’ Garmin has been on her dash for a year now in the heat with no problem. This LG is going back and I’m going to get the Garmin.

    Jamie - January 30th, 2008
  25. Has anyone found a solutions to Rachels comments:
    I can’t believe the device doesn’t tell you which direction to travel on a highway, it simply says when and where to merge onto the specified hwy- which doesn’t help if both ramps are on the same side of the road – anyone else find that a bit odd?! I have experienced this too

    Rhonda - January 31st, 2008
  26. I have had the same issue with my Garmin, this seems to be an issue with every GPS and not with LG alone. In these cases I zoom out and follow the direction that way.

    Steve - January 31st, 2008
  27. Steve, or anyone who knows re: Rachels comments Thanks for the comment about when faced with exits on the same side of road and 740 doesn’t tell you which exit to take. What exactly do you mean by you “zoom out and follow the direction that way”? I am a newbie to gps and this LN 740 thanks. Rhonda How do you do this on the 740?

    Rhonda - January 31st, 2008
  28. I just exchanged the LG 735 for the LN740. The 735 had a screen with loads of Points of Interests with titles like Speciality Stores, Department Stores, Electronics stores and much more. I noticed my LN 740 only listed Bookstore Grocery Store and Shopping Center. Even in the “More POI” menus I did not see Electronics store, speciality stores, and department stores. Does anyone know if these are on the 740 and how to access them. The LN is supposed to have 7 million POIs. It would make sense it have the POI the 735 had plus more.

    Rhonda - January 31st, 2008
  29. ok im back,and thought idlet u all know I had returned this lg a week after I purchased it and then got the TomTom 720 which i HIGHLY recommend, but ill let u research that one yourselves since it is not in the same price range as the lg 740.
    first, I’ve used the lg, magellans, garmin nuvis, and tomtom units and LG is the ONLY one that doesn’t tell you whether to get onto the N S E W ramp of a hwy. it only says what side of the road and distance until merge so im not quite sure what Steve meant by sayin his garmin does the same, unless its a very old model… I’ve never seen any other gps that has this problem!
    if I were u Rhonda id return it as fast as u can and opt for the TomTom XLS which has the widescreen and text to speech as well as being comparable in price to the lg, check it out u will not be dissapointed – tomtom’s features put the competition to shame (i.e. my favs are mapshare and route planning)!
    all in all, lg needs a few yrs experience to get gps devices right. the design is nice and menus are as well, but to forget something so basic as hwy directon blows my mind! do yourselves a favor and DO NOT BUY AN LG!
    I recommend a garmin nuvi for beginners that just want to get from a to b, and a tomtom for the more experienced user or business traveler that needs to record milage snce route planning allows u to enter a start an end point as opposed to only being able to start from your current position as with most if not all others.
    hope this advice comes in handy for someone, and happy gps researching to all!

    Rachel - January 31st, 2008
  30. Does someone know the answer to my comment #28? Please respond if you do. Thanks RE POIs

    Rhonda - February 1st, 2008
  31. It seems as though the POI on the 730 and 735 was arranged or worded differently. If you wish, I can direct you to a POI forum where you can read additional info on this subject.

    here is the link: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/8137

    Steve - February 1st, 2008
  32. Thanks Steve for your input about POIs.I will look at that link. My son is good with computers and downloading things. (MY 740 didn’t have all the POIs it should have had on it) I did take the 740 back to the store today. They let me call LG there a few times Their display model did have all the points of interest I was expecting. Before I left for the store, I called LG and the lady said the 740 should have all the same info, POIs as the 735, which I owned for a about 2 weeks before the 740 and had tried it out. The store opened up a new 740 unit for me and the new unit had the same problem! (not loaded with all the POIS)I called LG from the store and another person at LG tried to tell me this is the way it should be with less points of interest, which I certainly didn’t believe.
    The store did offer to give me a different brand, but I just didn’t feel like learning a new brand and dealing with a different customer service. On Amazon people have said Maegellan and Tom Tom Customer Service is horrible. LG seems to have good customer service. I have called them alot with issues these past 2 weeks. Alot of times I got right through, maybe once or twice I did get disconnected or had to wait on hold a while for an answer to a question. But in general I am satisfied with their customer service. The guy at LG who said the points of interest was right on the 740 at least offered to send me a postage paid return label to send it back. They said I should get the unit back in a week after they get (they said they have a good turn around time). I decided to send it back to LG

    As for the problem with not knowing what exit to get off, I tested the unit again in that situation. To get around that, I have learned to glance quickly at the left bottom of the screen and listen for how far the unit tells you to get off. The unit said “in 0.1 get exit on X parkway” I was near the first exit and knew that couldn’t be the exit to get off. I don’t know feet or miles very well, but have learned if I am within 200 or less feet when the unit tells me to get off, I take that exit. The unit will also prompts you by voice when you are pretty close to making your exit. (It didn’t prompt me near the first exit, so again I knew it wasn’t the right exit to get off.
    Hopefully LG will solve my problem. The store I bought it from gave me a pretty good deal as far as price on this. If LG returns it with my problem solved, I think I will be happy enough with this unit since I have learned to get around certain quirks. I has already helped me out in two instances to get around bad traffic.
    Hope his comment helps someone

    Rhonda - February 1st, 2008
  33. everyone should think about it this way: would you rather have “good” customer service that you need to call often, or “horrible” customer service that you probably won’t have to call the entire lifetime of your gps?
    i know my answer, but to each his/her own…

    Rachel - February 1st, 2008
  34. Rachel- For clarification about LG customer service- The only reason I called LG a number of times is because I am new to gps in general and this 740 unit.( I just bought my first gps two weeks ago) I am sure as I become familiar with gps and the unit I will not have to call at all.

    Rhonda - February 2nd, 2008
  35. Does anyone have an external antenna that plugs into the top back of the LG 740? If you do, where did you get it? I need a website to buy it from. No store around me carries it. LG didn’t have in stock. What are the specifications, what type should I ask for get? I’ve looked on ebay, but need to know which one to buy. Thanks for your help

    Rhonda - February 2nd, 2008
  36. Anyone know what si the Map dates that is shipping with the LN740 at this time.

    Neil Nason - February 7th, 2008
  37. Has anyone found a way to update the maps on the LN740 yet?

    Ralph - March 1st, 2008
  38. Hey everyone, i got my Lg 740, it was used and i get it for less than cien so i took my chances, its great though i was wondering if i should take it back( i have 14 day) i like it,its my first gps, but i see others for just a lil bit more… i was going to wait and get the new garmin nuvi though, with the voice commands…

    Ronald - March 11th, 2008
  39. well since my lg 740 was used, i didnt know how i would update, so i called the support number, and the lady told me that no maps were available at the time..

    Ronald - March 11th, 2008
  40. I have found it frustrating to say the least when it comes to finding out about the map updates for the LN740. I purchased one for myself and 2 as gifts in August 2007. The maps loaded were already over a year old. Support told me Jan 2008 for an update to be available. Tried the website today, nothing. Called LG support, and they tell me there is still no updated maps available yet. This is very sad to say the least since this unit has provided me with great performance. However, I have found several instances where the unit cannot find streets and addresses due to the maps being so old. I hope LG gets it together soon.

    Frank - April 10th, 2008
  41. Here was the response I got for updates on the LN740. No time-line. No real information. A complete waste of time.

    “Dear ###, We are delighted to hear from you as our Valued Customer. We appreciate your interest in this navigator device. Mapping updates, when available, are going to be posted on our website: either at http://us.lge.com, or at http://us.lgservice.com. At this time, these updates are not yet available. Keep watch on our websites for these updates to be added. If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again either via email, or by calling our customer service division at 800-243-0000 at your convenience. Neil E Electronic Correspondence Executive (ECE) LG Electronics USA 800-243-0000″

    I guess they VALUED me as a customer at the point of sale $$$. If they valued me, they would attempt to answer my question. Not feed me some BS.

    John - April 30th, 2008
  42. Again, my comments and those of John above are a clear indication the LG is not or was not serious when they entered into the portable navigation arena. The fact that they are not even offering any help in providing updates to a great device is quite sad. To provide everyone the same canned answer and never provide a resolution is a cop out. If anyone out there is aware how to get updates for the LN740, I am sure John and I along with countless others would appreciate the help.

    Frank - May 9th, 2008
  43. I bought this unit around Christmas 2007. The quality of the unit seems great but LG support is the worst I have ever seen. The map updates issue is not a good selling point for LG or the buyer (whether the maps are free or not), I would pay a fair price for the updates IF THEY HAD THEM!
    I have had a few of the road names that were not right, but other than that no real problems. The traffic service is OK but sometimes not fast enough to avoid the jams (Atlanta). Not sure if the auto Day Night function is working right either. When the unit is in the auto mode and it is powered off in the day time then turned back on in the dark the map color with not switch to night mode unless the sensor has had light for a few seconds (i.e. a car dome light etc.) but the brightless is OK. Not sure if this is by design or something is wrong with the unit. The light sensor other than that seems fine. If anyone else has the same results please post.
    The manual will not tell you, but the Windows CE registy can be cleaned by holding the + and – buttons while powering on the unit, you will see it at the top of the screen.
    All in all I like the unit but it needs a firmware update and NEW MAPS (LG), guess I can’t complain to much as I got a very good deal on it. If LG will ever get it together this unit would be as good as the top of the line Garmin.

    Brett - May 15th, 2008
  44. Talked to tech support supervisor and was assured the updated maps will be available middle of July 08. He was not sure of cost. May want to add that to list of “payday on Friday – check in mail – etc”.

    Doug O - June 6th, 2008
  45. I was told by a supervisor that by the end of June the updates would be avaialble. The check has been in the mail for quite some time now. I have reported this to the better business bureau. I’m certain some type of compensation would come out of that.

    Steve - June 6th, 2008
  46. Let’s hope there is some truth in this. I see no reason LG would continue to feed bad information to their customers. If the upgrade is reasonable, I will do this. If the price point is too high, it’s a new Garmin for me. Let’s hold our breath … once again.

    John - June 6th, 2008
  47. I talked to the Canadian Support people today. I was assured that the map updates would be available this month.

    I would encourage owners of a LG gps to phone the support number and ask “when will the map updates will be available?” More interest/questions will help this to happen.
    Canada 1 888 542 2623 USA 1 800 243 0000

    Let us know what you find out when you call.

    Richard - June 9th, 2008
  48. I just called LG customer service. they said the upgrade is now available in parts. They transferred me to parts and parts said it was going to cost $99. $99 for a $500 unit I’ve had less than a year. NOT!!! I’m on the phone with the next tier of management in customer service. I will advise what they do.

    Ken - July 1st, 2008
  49. $70 – $125 is about the average price range most GPS companies are charging for map updates. In-dash system map updates typically cost $250-$350. You don’t have to like it– but it is close to what others charge.

    Tim - July 5th, 2008
  50. how do you download the new map updates? i looked on the site and havent seen anything, i may be looking in the wrong place, can anyone help me!

    Ronald - July 6th, 2008
  51. I just talked to customer service, they confirmed there were map updates and placed me on hold to get me the “website” where I would have to go to purchase the update. After holding for 5 min. I was given THEIR WEBSITE.. http://www.us.lge.com and type in the search field “lg/navigation.” the Rep, Ruben, then said “I don’t think there will be updates until 2009 but you can check the site and see what they’re saying.” The search takes you nowhere. Sounds like the runaround to me.

    Nick - July 10th, 2008
  52. I just tried to access updates on the LG website as suggested by Nick and I can’t find anything either. I wonder how customer service can tell you one minute that they are ready, and the next minute say it will be 2009 before any come along. New maps sure would be nice!

    Jonathan - July 11th, 2008
  53. I think we have all been led down a road that no GPS unit will help us return. I am really disapointed about the lack of updates and even more, upset by the constant string of lies from the company. And this week they have released a new line of “GPS Included” cell phones. I wonder if they come off the line with 2 year old maps?

    Wayne - July 12th, 2008
  54. I’m done with this company. This experience with LG and their lack of knowledge and support in the GPS market, has really soured me on this company. I really don’t think that they have any intention in remaining in the US GPS market. Consider their GPS units disposable, and their usefulness as good as the maps that are originally installed. Too bad the ball was dropped after the marketing of this product, because it was a pretty good one up to that point. RIP LG navigation division, if you even exist. I will stay far, far away from your products for the rest of my days.

    John - July 12th, 2008
  55. NOW I know why they came with an MP3 player and a picture viewer! I just got it! Now to clear a place on my desk for a $400 picture frame with lousy sound.

    Wayne - July 12th, 2008
  56. I’m glad & sad to see that other people are experiencing the same problem with map updates. The portal software that came with our LN740 isn’t even capable of getting our pc to talk to the computer. the portal won’t recognize it…

    Larry - July 20th, 2008
  57. Talked with customer service rep, Frank, today at LG. I am considering purchase of a 740. He said the 2008 update map is available. The cost is $99 and you get a CD mailed to you from the Parts Department. You should receive it in 2 to 3 business days.

    I asked if I got the CD for free if I bought a new unit and it came loaded with the outdated maps. He said no. I would have to spend an extra $99 to get the updated maps. He said the store that I buy the unit from can tell you what the date is on the maps loaded into the unit.

    He said he had no idea when the next update would be issued but thought my estimate of sometime in the next two to three years was close.

    I also asked whether they have a policy of updating the platform in the unit to correct the glitches mentioned in the comments here. He said they did not.

    Rod - August 5th, 2008
  58. Where do you go to order the CD?

    Tom - August 8th, 2008
  59. Never get LG since dec of 2007 they have been telling me they will have a map update they even told me that since was May and still nothing and at that point i was upset they will send me one free. its AUG 2008 guess what I heard the same thing a map update is coming out now.

    well guess what no update not to buy not to get for free.

    The unit also has a battery that is to last 4 hours. well guess what all Volume turned down all the way and brightness set low after 6 months the unit wont last more then an hour lol.

    Talk about bad products.

    TRUST ME you get what you pay for or sometimes they just lie and get you to pay a lot for something so bad.

    if you GET LG you will wanna stab your eyes out with the old maps that get you lost dont have the places you wanna go or, tell you to turn the wrong way down a one way street in rush hour.

    Worst support i ever got, (got lied to each month and every month till now ) where still no update has been given.

    and its not only the NAV systems
    I had compture products break the day after warrenty, what did LG say to bad.

    LG sucks I HATE IT and recommand it for any one to get as a gift for people they hate.

    Rafal - August 13th, 2008
  60. There are map updates available for the LN 740. Just call LG Canada customer service line and they will transfer you to the parts departments to order a CD. Please note that you have to pay for the map update. price will be around $100? or more? Quantity are limited, so you better order it fast. I don’t think LG is planning for more map updates after this one because they are phasing out of the GPS business…..

    kenix - August 15th, 2008
  61. LG LN740 – I got my GPS this summer through a points program and it came with the Q2 2006 maps. After several calls and E-Mails to LG customer service they told me that my serial # indicated it should have come with the new maps. I expressed my concerns that a new unit should not have maps that are 2 yrs old and that they should ship me the updated CD at no charge.

    I am quite satisfied with the quality and function of this GPS but to suggest I pay $99 to update a map to the date I purchased it is NUTS.
    I have used the Garmin GPS update feature and it connects to your PC with a USB cable, verifies if you have the latest software and if not, it performs the update. That’s how it should work.

    LG should get with the program and provide this type of customer service or get out of the GPS business. They don’t even list map updates in their FAQs because, I believe they now their answer would not be acceptable.

    Don - August 27th, 2008
  62. I ordered the update for the LN740 in July and never received it. I finally wrote LG and asked why no delivery? I filled out an order form from their website. I included my american express number because their site said they accepted american express. Well two months later they finally tell me they DON’T accept american express. Why didn’t anyone ever try to get in touch with me from LG?
    Really poor customer service.

    David - September 10th, 2008
  63. Don –

    I had the same issue, did LG give you the maps free of charge ? they declined me to have them free and are still saying i have to pat the 100 bucks. Bought the thing in April with Q2 2006 maps!
    does your serial begin with a 7 ?

    Adam - September 15th, 2008
  64. So an update for the Unit,
    LG sent me a GPS map update they sent me a LN735 for mine LN740, this killed my unit so had to send it in to them where they replaced it with one that had a broken Charging plug, after endless anger, they sent me a LN790, which now again has super old maps lol, called them back and they said they would fix it so awaiting a new unit or a new update for maps

    lol talk about customer

    and calling them to find out about the External Antenna and well wow no one has a clue about it or what kind of plug it uses MMCX or MCX lol

    Rafal - September 16th, 2008
  65. Update
    So after anger and arguing with LG over the fact that my unit bought in april had out of date maps, they will not do ANYTHING to help me. I have just ordered the map update disk, and it will be the LAST thing I ever order from LG, Extremely poor customer service, I had 2 customer service reps hang up on me during trying to deal with this.

    I would not recommend LG to anyone either !
    (unless of course you hate them, lol)


    Adam - September 17th, 2008
  66. OK, we all seem to agree that LG does not care about those that purchased the LN740 or any other navigation device for that matter. I am thinking of attempting to order the map update CD(if it really exists) by calling support in Canada and getting to the parts department. Before I do, does anyone have the actual real non-fiction part number for the alleged update CD? Since I have been waiting for map updates for well over a year, I am still doubting one even exists. Again, as I mentioned in some earlier comments, it is sad LG cares so much. I just turned down a free cellphone when I found out it was an LG!

    Frank - October 3rd, 2008
  67. I ordered the disk, it comes as a 2GB SD card that you just put in the SD slot and power the unit on, takes about 1 – 1.5 hrs to update.
    Also, there was some sort of discount of 9,.99 making the updates 89.99 . . . not sure what this was all about.
    Updates are good tho.

    Part number for the LN740 map updates SD card is SAB3295970
    $99.00 + tax + 15.00 shipping.

    Adam - October 3rd, 2008
  68. Map update info is:
    I ordered it 2 weeks ago, got it quite fast, It is an SD card that you simply put in the side of the unit, power on and run the updates, once complete you remove the card (after power off) and your done!

    Part number for the LN740 is SAB3295970
    $99.00 + tax + 15.00 shipping.

    note: there was some sort of 9.99 discount on my invoice so cost of maps was 89.99.

    Adam - October 3rd, 2008
  69. OK, so the form dosent seem to be taking my updates . . . try one last time . . .
    map update info is:
    Part number for the LN740 map update SD card is: SAB3295970
    $99.00 + tax + 15.00 shipping.
    (part may be 89.99 with 9.99 discount on invoice)

    Adam - October 3rd, 2008
  70. Whynot help each other, how far do any of you stay frm illinois, (that have the update) and how do you get it.. do you have to call the Canada number if so can you post it for me !!

    Ronald - October 4th, 2008
  71. Are the updates good! if you are finish with your updates, can i buy it off you ! hahahahah! seriously though.. since we get better service in a forum than with LG! let me know though..

    Ronald - October 4th, 2008
  72. I received the so called “update” and it still doesn’t have I-355 extension that was opened over a year ago (I live in Chgo). In addition, there are numerous highways that still have the old highway numbers attached to them even though they were changed over 20 yrs ago.

    If it were up to me I would sell this and get a Tom-Tom or a Garmin and never buy a LG again.

    Ken - October 7th, 2008
  73. Keep in mind that LG uses the same digital map vendor that Garmin does.

    Tim - October 7th, 2008
  74. You can get the maps by calling 1-800-824-9491 now, they are approximately $110 including shipping.

    Part #’s are:

    LN730—– SAB32959733
    LN735—– SAB32959731
    LN740—– SAB32959729

    These are 2008 edition maps.

    steve - February 10th, 2009
    • Does anyone know where to get UK maps (SD card?) for an LG-740?
      LG support here in Canada totally sucks – I agree with what I have read above.

      John, Canada

      John - September 18th, 2009
  75. bought the LN740 discovered it came equipped with old maps , called LG and could get no commitment for newer maps (updates ) I returned the LG unit to the store I will by a Garmin instead Lg customer Service is very unaccomodating

    LORNE - February 16th, 2009
  76. Have had my 740 for 17 months.

    Screen started flickering early on, but not all the time. Pretty sure it wouldn’t do it for the service department (you know how that goes). Called customer service about it. Manufacture date was July 2007 (confirmed by sticker on unit & original box). I contacted them in December 2007. I had lost my purchase receipt, but I had only had owned the unit for two months … still in 12 month warranty. They wouldn’t honor the warranty repair without receipt.

    Decided to live with flicker cause I really like the unit … even with the old maps.

    It completely quit working last week. Turns out the internal battery crapped out. Not sure if I am going to buy one on Ebay for $15 or just modify a BIG one and attach it to the outside (like a AA pack). That would solve the battery life issue.

    I know what I won’t do … call LG. They have some of the worst customer service in the GPS department I have ever experienced. Problem is, I really like the 740. It’s like they are trying to kill the division. The product is too good … so they’re killing it the old fashioned way – by being so rude you’ll go away.

    BTW, I have a LG 10000 cell phone (Voyager from Verizon). It also had a minor issue with it. A replacement was sent promptly from Verizon. It is an EXCELLENT phone. A bit off the subject, but fair is fair. Gotta point out the bad and the good.

    Tom - March 22nd, 2009
    • I agree with youropinions of the LN-740 and the LG support personnel.
      That aside, has anyone been able to get a UK map on an SD card for the LN-740? I am off to the UK next year and would much prefer to use my own GPS.


      John - October 15th, 2009
  77. Battery perhaps, I had issues with mine that it would only work intermittently and always had to be plugged in. Took it completely apart the battery disconnected tested fine under load. Turned out to be an intermittent short in the DC input plug. I fixed the short and the old battery is charging okay.
    I had an issue with my screen like someone was always pushing at one location. I may have got a tiny dust or dirt particle in when apart. Had to completely remove the display and clean both sides of the touch screen, once together is working fine.

    I would replace the LG with another make who supports updates rahter than spending another penny on this one.If I couldn’t repair electronic devics I would have thrown the LG away long ago.

    Jon - July 20th, 2009
  78. I have not used my LG LN740 for about two years. I got burnt when I bought it. I read all the reviews I could find prior to my purchasing it…”should” have read comments “after” folks had bought. This thing is junk. I do NOT recommend anyone buying this crap. Bottom line…save your money AND your mind..look into another product line.

    Charles - July 27th, 2011

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