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Lowrance iFinder Expedition C


Lowrance has released details about the new Lowrance iFinder Expedition C GPS. The Expedition C features a color display, electronic compass, barometric altimiter, built-in microphone, and an MP3 player. It is powered by a 16-challen GPS and WAAS receiver and contains an SD memory card and USB connector.

The Lowrance iFinder Expedition C contains a few features not commonly found in other handheld GPS receivers such as an MP3 music player. The Expedition C also allows you to not only store waypoints, but use the internal microphone to record voice notes about the waypoint.

A “Scout Mode” is also included in the Expedition C allowing you to mark area permeters and create borders.

One Response

  1. I would strongly suggest that any potential buyer field test this unit before buying.

    The display is simply not viewable under normal daylight conditions. Even with the backlight turned on with contrast and brightness maxed you will be left scratching your head.

    Lowrance has still not learned that users appreciate screens that do not scratch easily. I have plastic lensed eyeglasses which are over seven years old with nary a scratch. Why the hell can’t Lowrance do this with it’s GPS’????

    This product has great features and a great price but until they fix the display problems it won’t win many supporters

    Lin XG - September 3rd, 2007

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