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Lowrance iFinder H20 Reviewed by Today’s Cacher


Today’s Cacher has reviewed the Lowrance iFinder H20 GPS. The iFinder GPS is a waterproof, handheld GPS with WAAS, MMC / SD Card Reader and USB connector. It comes with mapping software and a 240 x 180 pixel display.

They liked the memory card, reception, high resolution screen, and the overall value. They were not so crazy about the fact that you can’t directly connect the unit to a computer… just exchange data through the SD card and they had a few user interface issues.

The H20 is an excellent choice for geocaching. The memory card allows you to hold virtually an unlimited number of waypoints. They can be grouped in files using whatever criteria the user wants, and the individual files can be loaded into the onboard memory as required. Reception is rock solid under tree cover. Bottom line: This is a serious GPS with outstanding reception, for serious geocachers and GPS users. Geocachers who are looking for an excellent GPS at a good price and aren’t interested in auto-routing should consider theiFinder H20.

One Response

  1. Would not recommend. Did not last very long and keeps turning off and on and the screen keeps moving. I am very unhappy with my purchase. Definatly take pay attention to the disclaimer “not for primary navigation” as you might end up with your own survior show.

    Allen - December 31st, 2008

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