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Lowrance iWay 350c


A reader at gpspassion has posted thoughts about the Lowrance iWay 350 GPS navigation system. Overall thoughts were positive, however a couple of quirks were noted.

The FM transmitter signal was said to be a little weak. But a bigger problem seemed to be the Find Address feature where you can’t enter partial names when selecting street names. You can do this for city names, but apparently it doesn’t work for street names. This can make GPS navigating more time consuming and almost impossible if you can’t figure out the correct spelling.

url coordinates.

113 Responses

  1. The software version I have is 1.5. Is there really no way to get map updates without spending $75 plus shipping? I hate to give up the unit I finally understand, but there have been a lot of new addresses and roads built since summer of 06.

    Delores - July 21st, 2008
  2. on my forth unit and it is bad now, It keeps locking up and turning itself off, I would not buy a lowrance product again if they were a penny.

    Roy - September 2nd, 2008
  3. by a garmin i had a lowrance 350 no map updates recalating takes forever. I got a garmin nuvi 350 you can buy the map updates at [snip] really easy just going to local [snip]. Plus if you got out dated maps when you buy it they will allow you to update the maps to current for free one time. i bought the lowrance when it first came there the crummiest company there is for gps. the 350c is a major waste of money. Get a garmin nuvi 350 with the sirf 3 anntena or watever gps you buy get a sirf3 anntena built in it and you will never lose your signal. trust me i’m a truck driver who uses the 350 all day it never loses signal and recalutes in just few secs. one thing not to buy is a garmin 7200 it has older style antenna and will lose singal alot most of the newer garmins have a sirf 3 anntenna plus garmin already has 2009 maps out tell me someone else that does a map update every year. i have at the garmin nuvi 350 for 2 years no problems.

    Danny - October 5th, 2008
  4. I disagree that the SiRFstarIII chipset is the only way to go. It is now quite a few years old and competitors have largely caught up and in some cases surpassed them while SiRF hasn’t released a successor that really “wowed” everyone like the SiRFstarIII did. Don’t get me wrong, the SiRFstarIII is great, but I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a GPS that had a different chip as there are other really good chips out there to.

    As to map updates, keep in mind that it is currently 2008, so the Garmin map they call “2009” is a bit of a misnomer and is built on a release from 2007. Also most of the other GPS manufacturers do offer yearly map updates so Garmin is not alone in that regard. In fact TomTom releases map updates every quarter.

    Tim - October 5th, 2008
  5. yea tim your probaly right i just had bad luck with lowrance 350c and i bought a garmin 7200 after i bought a garmin nuvi 350 i don’t know what the garmin 7200 uses but its junk it loses signal all the time sirf 3 never does your probaly right about newer antennas out there with the bad luck i had i’m just afraid to use anything but sirf 3 right now. like thats in garmin nuvi 350 i been useing forever. anyone ever use navigon 2100 i see them dirt cheap any idea what type antenna they have? i been thinking of buying a few as christmas gifts.

    Danny - October 5th, 2008
  6. never buy a navagon all they do is crash every 5 minutes and take 20 minutes to calculate

    danny - November 8th, 2008
  7. I gave up on this product a long time ago. I timed it – to get a satellite signal in my front yard (no trees – lots of open sky), it took 22 minutes. When it did get a signal, it turned out to be 2 blocks to the north and a block to the east in the housing track I live in. As soon as I went into my car, lost signal and never found the signal again. A 3.5 hour trip from LA to Palm Springs never got a signal. Always thought it needed an external antenna, but my model (350c) did not come with an outlet for such. Got a Garmin nuvi for Xmas – it works wonderfully straight out of the box! I am going to try and reformat the drive and use it as an external hard drive. IT IS NOT GOOD FOR ANYTHING ELSE.

    James - December 26th, 2008
  8. I am currently using my iWay350 only as a MP3 player. The GPS part does not work.

    Mani - May 5th, 2009
  9. For those of you that no longer use your 350c….can I have your USb cable to conenct to a computer to update the map info. My cable does not work and my map info has not been updated since 2007. Many thanks! – Donna

    Donna - January 31st, 2010
  10. I have had the IWay350 C for about 3 years now. Last year I put in the map update and seems like since then the unit looses the sattelite connects and says that it is searching for possition. This may last for hours or for just short times. First I thought it was just over heating but cooling it doesn’t seem to help.

    Duane - March 28th, 2010
  11. Forget about 350c. I gave it away when I sold my last car. It is a hopeless unit. Not only does it takes forever to locate the satellites, also even after you have “logged on”, your positioning is way off too. Throw this one away and buy another one.

    Andrew - March 29th, 2010

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