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Lowrance Outback, Safari, Sierra


Lowrance, who seems to have been hiding in the past couple of years released today three new handheld GPS devices. The Lorance Outback, Lowrance Safari, and Lowrance Sierra. Availabe in May, these “Lowrance Endura” line devices will retail for between $230 and $550, depending on model.

Lowrance Outback

Lowrance OutbackThe introductory Outback model features a touch screen, basemap, and a microSD slot and will retail for $229. The screen is 2.7 inches and it weighs 5.8 ounces.

Lowrance Safari

Lowrance SafariStep up to the Lowrance Safari and you add an , and a barometric altimeter at a $385 price point.

Lowrance Sierra

Lowrance SierraFinally at the top of the line is the Lowrance Sierra. Featuring a 3D electronic compass and barometric altimeter, as well as a basemap with “high detail outdoor maps” from Intermap’s Accuterra map package. Also included is a street map using maps from NAVTEQ.

One Response

  1. I bought the Endura Out&Back at may/2010 on EUA, Texas. I tried to buy a map for the region that I was, but the mapcreat.com doesn’t allow and not comunicated with the GPS.
    The Endura GPS worked very fine on EUA.
    Now I back to Sao Paulo, Brazil and the GPS don’t have a map for my country. I contacted the Lowrance Brazilian dealer for this kind of unity, and he said that I can try buying another microSD card, with south america map that he think will work, paying amost more U$450. But what I want is one software that I can use with my computer and send to GPS the local map, converted to Lowrance format.
    The Lowrance site doesn’t show any information for Endura, the mapcreat or GDM is not for this model. The Site MapSelect can not stabish conection with Endura Series and there are not one simple map for Sao Paulo.
    What I need to do for send map to my GPS?
    here there are a lot of engineering maps using ETrend, that I want to convert and send to my unit to use them.

    The Endura (Bios 1.2 patch 1.3) is a very good GPS, easy to use, with a lot of features. The color display is very nice, but sometimes is very dificult to read a name of the street.

    Thank you.

    Paulo - May 18th, 2010

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