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Mac Support for MotionBased Web Agent


MotionBased has announced partial support for Macs by releasing the MotionBased Web Agent. This follows Garmin’s announcement in January at MacWorld that they would be supporting Macs. The Web Agent is a browser plugin for Safari which connects your Mac to Garmin Forerunner and Garmin Edge GPS devices.

The Map Player and Analyzer are still PC only, however MotionBased says Safari support will come later this summer for those functions. Digest, TrailNetwork, Dashboard, Google Maps and Google Earth integrations. As well as sharing via email, links, and viewports are all functional with the Safari plugin.

2 Responses

  1. […] MotionBased previously announced the Web Agent for Safari as part of Garmin’s announcement of supporting Macs. landed on MBlog. […]

  2. I can’t download the mac agent… can you mail it to me.

    Jen McCracken - January 5th, 2008

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