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MacGPS Pro Mac GPS Software Released


Mac-Gps--ProsoftwareJames Associates has released MacGPS Pro, GPS software for the Mac. MacGPS Pro works with Garmin and Magellan GPS receivers for transferring Waypoints, Routes, Tracklogs, and GPS satellite Almanacs. MacGPS Pro works with almost all brands of GPS receivers for a real-time display of GPS information on a moving map on the Macintosh screen. It allows import of maps from a wide variety of sources. These maps can be viewed with no GPS receiver connected, or used in real-time as a moving-map display of your current position and velocity. They can also be used as a background to graphically create, display and edit Waypoints, Routes and Tracklogs. Read on to find out what is new!

Receiver Support

  • USB Support for most USB-only Garmin Receivers.
  • USB Support for most Garmin Receivers that have both a USB Port and a Serial Port. Eliminate the cost and the messiness of adapter cables by using USB.
  • Serial Port Support updated for new Garmin Firmware Versions.

Ease of Use

  • A new Toolbar and Tool menu speeds operations and makes MacGPS Pro easier to use.
  • Hand Tool and Live Scrolling ease moving around a map or chart.
  • Expanded and revised Help menu.
  • Help tags provide information when and where you need it.

New Features

  • PVT Real-Time with Automatic Switching between PVT and NMEA. No more trips to the Garmin Receiver’s Interface Menu when changing between Real-Time and Data Transfer operations.
  • Errant Individual Track Log Points can easily be deleted.
  • The Auto-Open Map function has been extended to work with the USGS Alaska 1:63360 topo maps.
  • View your current position on Google Maps.

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