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MacGPS Pro Update


Macgpspro-Mac-Gps-SoftwareJames Associates has updated MacGPS Pro to version 6.1 New features include USB support for most Garmin receivers that only have a USB port as well as most Garmin receivers that have both a USB port and a serial port. Serial support has also been upgraded for new Garmin firmware versions.

There are new mapping features as well. USGS DRG Topo maps can be trimmed to exclude the map margins, and can be located by Quad Name. Individual Tracklog points can be deleted for when a piece of bad data gets in the way. You can also now view your current position on Google Maps.

url coordinates.

One Response

  1. i need update my gps way 250 c

    thank for help me

    roberto - May 5th, 2010

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