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Magellan Announces Maestro 4250, 4200, 4220, 3250, 3200, 3210


Magellan announced six new devices, all to be available between September and October. Not too much has changed in features between their similarly numbered siblings… except for the size. Finally the Magellan devices have shed some of their bulk and are now some of the thinnest devices, at .7 inches in thickness. This makes them some of the thinnest GPS devices offered. The new devices will feature combinations of AAA tourbook information, voice recognition (we can only wish it works better than the 4050 but our hopes are not too high) RDS-TMC traffice receivers, and SiRFstarIII chipsets. Press release follows, and we’ll have a full wrap-up (including photos) shortly.

Magellan Maestro GPS
Maestro 4250 – Most feature-rich widescreen GPS unit

When a wide screen is what you want, the Maestro 4250 is the top of the line. It offers integrated live traffic with 3-month trial subscription to Magellan’s real-time traffic service; Magellan’s industry-first voice command and control; built-in AAA TourBook and Roadside Assistance information; SayWhere(TM) text-to-speech; and Bluetooth compatibility for hands-free calling.

Available in October, the unit will retail for $499.

Maestro 4220 – First Maestro unit to include built-in road maps of Mexico

Featuring a 4.3-inch QVGA, full-color, anti-glare touch screen display, the Maestro 4220 includes preloaded maps of Mexico, in addition to the 50 United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. This Maestro 4220 also includes 6 million searchable points of interest and SayWhere(TM) text-to-speech.

Available in October, the unit will retail for $449.

Maestro 4200 – Widescreen value at $349

Maestro 3250 – Most feature-rich in the most compact GPS unit

The most compact portable auto navigation device on the market, with a 3.5-inch touch screen, the Maestro 3250 delivers integrated live traffic with 3-month trial subscription to Magellan’s real-time traffic service; voice command and control; built-in AAA TourBook and Roadside Assistance information; SayWhere(TM) text-to-speech; and Bluetooth compatibility for hands-free calling.

Available in October, the unit will retail for $399.

Maestro 3220 – First Maestro unit to include built-in road maps of Mexico

Featuring a 3.5-inch QVGA, full-color, anti-glare touch screen display, the Maestro 3220 includes preloaded maps of Mexico, in addition to the 50 United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. This Maestro 3220 also includes 6 million searchable points of interest

Available in October, the unit will retail for $349.

Maestro 3210 – Feature-rich, highly affordable price, AAA TourBook included

Featuring a 3.5-inch QVGA, full-color, anti-glare touch screen display, the Maestro 3210 includes 6 million searchable points of interest; built-in AAA TourBook and Roadside Assistance information; and preloaded maps of the 50 United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Available in September, the unit will retail for $299.

Maestro 3200 – Value-priced at $269

61 Responses

  1. Well, I went with the MAGELLAN 4250 as a gift for my father-in-law. I think he will like the features as well as the 4.3 size. I really would have liked to given him the GARMIN 660, but a little 2 much $$$.

    Paul - December 5th, 2007
  2. I have been trying to find the perfect mix of vehicle and trail GPS units. I ended up with the Magellan 4250 for the car and the Garmin legend CX handheld for trails. The Magellan has some quirks that I have seen mentioned on some reviews. They are not show stoppers however. My problem is that I can not figure how to use the Garmin legend CX. Are there any websites that make it simple. I am some what technology challenged. Any help, Thanks in advance. Greg

    Greg - December 9th, 2007
  3. This is from a 7 year user of factory installed unit.
    We’ve had the 4250 for about a month and it is a keeper.
    Pros: Big bright and colorful screen.
    Outstanding volume (I have hearing problem).
    Has a lot of good features.
    Address book entry, management, destina- tion all easy.
    Good logical directions and warnings.
    Cons: No music or photos (I don’t care)
    Although it has a headphone symmbol at the
    power plug in, head phones don’t work.
    There is no “audio out” function.
    I have a Motorola IHF1000 (b/tooth) car kit
    and have been able to pair the 4250 with it,
    but unable to get them to “connect” so that
    I can hear instructions on my car speakers.

    Would I recommend it to a friend…yes.
    Would I buy it again…absolutely.

    Faithful Bill

    William Burton - December 12th, 2007
  4. I went with the 3250 and love it. It’s my first GPS and so far, I couldn’t be happier. Clear, easy to use and understand, gives me a clear screen without blocking my view. Great bluetooth connectivity as well.

    Joanne - December 28th, 2007
  5. I called Magellan support about the “headphone” on the 4250. First off, what a joke!! I spent 20 min. with a guy who barley spoke English and tried to describe to him what I was looking at on each side of the unit. He finally gave up and put a supervisor on who spoke better English but was equally dense as if he had never seen the unit. I tried to explain to him that the unit has a mini usb port with a picture of a headphone. I explained to him that I got an adaptor to convert mini usb to a standard headphone jack but that didn’t work. He insisted that it should and there must be a problem with the unit and offered me the opportunity to send my GPS to the infamous Magellan black hole. No thanks. I will return it to Costco, but I still think Magellan made a mistake with the side label and there is no headphone function for the 4250

    Ken - January 4th, 2008
  6. Tim, I look forward to reading your review of the Maestro 3250 (my main concern being the speed at which the product processes or recalculates routes. In my experience, this is one of Magellan’s needs for improvement.). When might I expect this to be posted? I am very eager to purchase a GPS receiver soon and am deliberating on my choices. Thanks.

    JPB - January 4th, 2008
  7. I just moved to Mexico City and am interested in buying a GPS unit online that has maps of Mexico City and the rest of Mexico. Can you provide any advice about a reliable unit to purchase and if I will need to purchase additional software for Mexico City? Thanks for your advice and assistance in advance.

    Mary Archuleta - January 13th, 2008
  8. Ken, that symbol is a USB symbol and not a headphone symbol.

    Moe - January 20th, 2008
  9. Kind of a big difference between a USB symbol and a headset symbol…I’ve heard various support issues before, but this one sounds like it was user error, not customer service’s fault….

    Joanne - January 21st, 2008
  10. O.K you need to trust me here. I know the difference between a headphone symbol and usb symbol. Please check out the picture at the following link: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3331757&CatId=3422.

    You will see a mini usb port with a picture stamped above it that has, from the bottom up: a headphone, the word power, and a usb symbol.

    Ken - January 21st, 2008
  11. My apologies, Ken. That certainly does look like a headset to the left. Just curious – why would you want a headset with this? Also, isn’t the usb used for power? I’ve got a 3250, and it doesn’t run long on battery power….

    Joanne - January 22nd, 2008
  12. Regarding the hole labeled headphone jack on the tiger website, that’s the FM antenna jack for traffic reception. If you look at the labeling on the case, instead of that put on the diagram by Tiger you can see the words FM.

    Marc Fuller - January 23rd, 2008
  13. Joanne, after experiencing the weak speaker that sounds like an old transistor radio, I had this great idea. I was going to purchase battery operated speakers and run the voice through them. I had the 4040 and ran it through my truck speakers and it worked sweet, but I like to listen to the radio. And yes the mini usb is used for power and also gives you the ability to link to your computer.

    Ken - January 23rd, 2008
  14. Marc Fuller, look again. There is a FM jack input on the top. Now look down toward the SD card slot. There are three things stamped on the side of the GPS just over the mini usb port. They are a little picture of a headphone, the word “power”, and the universal symbol for a usb. I feel like I’m talking to Magellan support again.

    Ken - January 23rd, 2008
  15. Ken, for some reason my second comment got obliterated. The hole that Joanne was referring to is indeed the FM antenna port, but incorrectly labeled by Tiger. What got left out was that there is indeed a earphone symbol, but it is not really associated with a port on the 4250. The USB port you are referring to is associated with power. Perhaps the case is more generic and for some other models there is a hole there- or they just changed their minds.

    Mar Fuller - January 24th, 2008
  16. I am beginning to think the headphone jack was a feature that got lost in the transition from the 3/4000 series to the 3/4200 series. While the 4050 manual shows a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, the 4240 manual makes no mention of it, and specifically states that the usb is a power connection.

    Marc Fuller - January 24th, 2008
  17. I agree. I suspect there was a large batch that was mis-labeled because I have seen other pictures of the 4250 without anything stamped on the case except the usb symbol. Here is the crazy thing however, when I spoke with “tech” support, they insisted that a headphone should work with the 4250 and insisted that I send my unit in for repair if it wasn’t working. I think something go lost in the translation.

    Ken - January 24th, 2008
  18. I purchased both the Magellan 3250 and Garmin 360 to compare accuracy. They both have their quirks on how they route. If I “go home” before I get off a particular bridge, the Magellan sends me a different route than if I wait until I get off the bridge. Please note that there are NO exits on this bridge, so not sure why the directions would vary. After comparing both devices, I’m keeping the Magellan – more features and better screen and voice.

    Cindy - February 24th, 2008
  19. I bought a Magellan Maestro 4250, and want to know where can I buy a Mexico maps.


    Porfirio - March 4th, 2008
  20. Porfirio – Magellan says they don’t offer additional mapping for that Maestro at this time.

    Tim - March 5th, 2008
  21. Thanks Tim, for your help, I appreciate it, so may be in the future they will have the maps for this model.

    Porfirio - March 5th, 2008
  22. I haven’t heard anything suggesting that they will, so owners can only hope at this point.

    Tim - March 5th, 2008
  23. Hi Tim. I am in the market for a GPS (first one) and have been reading a lot of posts on this site. Very informative indeed. I have narrowed it to the Maestro 4250 and the Nuvi 660. I have not seen a review on the 4250 besides the user feedfack/posts. Do you plan to release a complete review on the 4250 anytime soon. Certainly the price of the 4250 has been more appealing than the Nuvi 660 (or 760), but the Nuvi 660 has also been dropping in price as well.

    Thom - March 11th, 2008
  24. I purchased this unit and in March the screen stopped functioning. Magellan expects me to pay to ship it back for 1 month to repair! I would not recommend this unit or Magellan to anyone. The customer service is horrible and for the price of the unit is unacceptable.

    Robert - March 14th, 2008
  25. I bought the 3210 for my motorcycle. It works great, although it did lock up on me once when I was creating a route. I just shut it off and started it again. Hasn’t locked up since. I was hoping to get a headphone(s) so that I could listen to it while I was riding the bike but I guess it’s just a misprint on the side of the device in regards to being able to use headphones. Oh well. It works well for me.

    Nathan - March 17th, 2008
  26. As for the headphone symbol on the 3250, I have heard rumor that you can plug a USB headphone into that opening and hear your Bluetooth conversation, but not the GPS directions. I have NO proof as to this and if the headpones are plugged in how do you plug in the power unless there is a “Y” adapter.

    Moe - March 17th, 2008
  27. I just buy the Magellan 4250 GPS an I am very disappointed of the way Magellan is using the GPS to force peoples to use the AAA roadside Assistance, I pay 400 dollars for this GPS because one of the best fixture is the ease of use on their menu for the roadside Assistance ,for my wife that is no technically incline if it have more than one button she is in trouble, but you cannot change the number on the roadside Assistance you are force if you want to use the emergency icon to use the AAA roadside Assistance, I do not have AAA roadside Assistance or want it, I have another company better than AAA roadside assistance ,but I cannot use there phone number on that page ,because You cannot Edit the AAA road Assistance number .If I pay 400 dollar for this unit, I want to be able to use all the pages especially the emergency page and no been forced to use the AAA ROAD ASSISTANCE. I am returning this GPS and looking for one that does not force me to use their services.
    You can be sure I will post this complain on as much web sites as I can.
    Thank you

    jovellar - March 19th, 2008
  28. Why so upset over the fact that a widely promoted feature works as advertised? You sound like you think they bamboozled you. Magellan makes its relationship with AAA clear, and the software comes from AAA, so of course the roadside assistance is AAA. You can set up your wife’s cellphone to work through the unit with whatever service you want as an emergency number – just not as the tow icon. Perhaps you underestimate your wife and you can teach her to use the phone icon instead. Or ask on the tech forums if anyone has a workaround. Or return it. But complaining that a product feature works as advertised seems a little silly.

    Jo Sharp - March 19th, 2008
  29. Bought 4250 at costco had to return it stoped working, replacement screen was faulty returned it, 3rd replacement worked for a week then on off switch stopped working..returned it. Product not recommended.

    Ray - April 2nd, 2008
  30. I bought the Magellan Maestro 3140 last April 8 this year. About only 17 days I noticed that there’s something wrong with the unit, it will just “do it by itself” even if you don’t touch anything on the screen (example when I touched the menu and then the right arrow, it will said ” exit points of interests”) So yesterday April 27 (Sunday) I brought the unit back to where I purchased it, in Canadian Tire, Welland Avenue branch(St. Catharines, Ont. Canada). They wont replace it because they said it’s already more than 7 days after I bought the unit. Instead they gave the toll free number of the vendor… I was so disappointed and just went home. I tried using the unit again thinking it will just be fine because sometimes it “doesn’t do its own”. Although when I typed an address, some letters will just entered even if I didn’t touched it. But I still hope it will be okay. This afternoon when I tried to enter an address, the same thing happen and it’s not following anymore… and the unit takes longer to turn on.
    So what I did I called the Vendor, and there’s really something wrong with the unit, so they’ll have replace it.
    My complain is about the store who’s selling this unit, why they won’t replace it when in fact they knew it was really defective. And now I have to pay the shipping and handling to send the unit back!!! What a store>>>

    Tony - April 28th, 2008
  31. The 32xx series has a very tinny audio (like voice coming from a tin can)coming from the speaker. Magellan made it slimmer but sacrificed the audio quality compared to the 31xx series. There is a speaker jack symbol but where is the hole?

    brm - May 11th, 2008
  32. I just purchased a Megellan 1400 [snip, see comment policy] and today on Tv I saw the 3250 for [snip]! Now I am wondering if I should take back the 1400 to Target to get the one with more features for cheaper. The only thing is the 1400 has a 4.3 screen and the 3250 has a 3.5 screen. Can someone with a 3.5 screen let me know if it is hard to read the maps on the smaller screen? I am trying to decide whether I should get the 3250 instead.

    Corrine - June 1st, 2008
  33. So far, I really like my Magellan 3250. I have noticed, however, that a couple of times it has seemed stuck on my home location when I have turned it on elsewhere. I thought it might be satellite reception or my location, but I was actually outdoors one of those times, several miles away from home, and it seemed determined that I was still there. It finally woke up and changed locations when I had it plan a route the second time… Any thoughts?

    Euleda - June 24th, 2008
  34. Sounds to me like it just didn’t get a signal yet. Check out our Acquiring Satellites Tips for more info.

    Tim - June 25th, 2008
  35. I have the 4250. 1. Is there a way to download alternative voices as you can with the TomTom (or so I’ve been told)? 2. How can I access my address book directly?

    Sharee - June 26th, 2008
  36. No alternate voices that I’m aware of.

    Tim - June 26th, 2008
  37. I purchased the Magellan 3140 last year and was very pleased with the routing, the quick recalculations and the exit POI’s. They were invaluable during our trip to D.C. I recently sold it to upgrade to the top rated Garmin 660. I read many reviews about this GPS unit and decided that I wanted to have the ‘best’ . After using this unit for 4 days, I put it up for sale. It had incredible features such as a bluetooth that would transfer all my cell numbers to the GPS, a bilingual dictionary, currency converter, just a slew of great options. However, when using the GPS for what I bought it for (road guidance), it was terrible. It connected fine, but took up to 15 minutes sometimes to recalculate a new route when I purposely missed a road while testing it. Then sometimes it would map out an alternate road that I was presently passing or had just passed. I never once had that problem with the Magellan. In conclusion, I’ve ordered the Magellan 4250 as I still want an upgrade from the 3140 ( which I still highly recommend!).

    Dale - July 7th, 2008
  38. Sounds like your 660 is defective. I’ve never had a reroute take more than about 5-10 seconds.

    Tim - July 7th, 2008
  39. Purchased the 3250 from [snip] after seeing it at [snip]. Device worked for 1 day and died. I tried plugging into USB and the Car adapter and neither would charge the unit. After googling for more customer reviews, it appears I have a defective device and do not look forward to dealing with their customer service so I am returning it to [snip]. What a shame.

    Leo C - July 24th, 2008
  40. Bought Magellan Maestro 4250 after thorough research, picked this unit after very closely compared it with Germin units, found this unit very useful,accurate,easy to use and almost 8 hours of battery power on one full charge.It linked with my Nokia phone via bluetooth like a charm so did it hookup to my laptop to update the firmware. I can easily backup all my trips onto sd card. While in my car I can take my phone calls via Maestro 4250 (on speaker hands-free) at a touch of a button and calling out by Maestro 4250 was equally a delight. Even though it’s loaded with lots of features but it’s very user friendly and it’s voice features are very handy.
    I recommend it to all who need quality versatile products with great features and value for money. Last but not the least buy any GPS but first compare thoroughly. For any more help on this product contact me, mickeymair at live dot com for my views, for Magellan’s views contact magellan’s site, as I’m just a user not related to Magellan in any way. Love…Mickey Mair

    Mickey Mair - August 8th, 2008
  41. Why are there no reviews for the Maestro 4220???? I can’t find any on Magellan website, Amamzon, CNET, here…

    Anne - August 29th, 2008
  42. I have had three Magellans and been satisfied. But when it came time to buy a fourth (my previous one was lost or stollen), I opted for TOM TOM. The only reason was the REALLY bad customer service with Magellan. You have to talk to people in Dehli, who you can’t understand, and have (or take) no authority to solve problems.

    Charles - October 1st, 2008
  43. Are Refurbished GPS units worth the investment? Or should the GPS unit be purchased new?

    glen - November 11th, 2008
  44. Glen, see our article on Refurbished GPS Devices.

    Tim - November 11th, 2008
  45. I actually used the AAA feature once before a friend stepped on it and broke it. (Note: that’s not covered by warranty). The 4250 did everything it was supposed to do. But because I discovered other models can have maps and voices modified (not necessary, but it’s fun), my 2nd GPS is a Garmin Nuvi 880. I still recommend the 4250 for anyone considering it.

    Sharee - November 11th, 2008
  46. Do you have any reviews about the Magellan Maestro 4210? Looking but I could locate any 4210 reviews?

    glen - November 11th, 2008
  47. I just bought a refurbished Magellan 4250. I’m pretty sure that I read somewhere that voices could be downloaded to this unit. For the life of me, I cannot find downloadable voices anywhere. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Tammy - December 18th, 2008
  48. I don’t know of any sources for additional Maestro voices.

    Tim - December 18th, 2008
  49. I already contacted the company. There are no voices to add to the Magellan. There are extra voices for Tom Tom and Garmin, but not for Magellan. I was told “we are working on it for the future”.

    Sharee - December 18th, 2008
  50. For those of you on this site. Would you recommend the Maestro 4200 or the 3250? I’ve not owned a GPS system before and am very confused. Thanks.

    Tammy - December 22nd, 2008
  51. When driving, I cannot hear my Maestro 4250 over the noise from the car radio. I would like to pair it with a bluetooth headset or speaker, but have been un successful. Any ideas?

    Steve - February 13th, 2009
    • It won’t work. The bluetooth profile loaded on most GPS devices including the 4250 is for hands free calling. It expects to be handed audio from a phone. It cannot be used to send its own audio to any other device.

      Tim - February 13th, 2009
  52. 3 calls to Manila without downloading an update firmware 4.86,
    attempted on two separate computers, :failed to read source file, data transfer failure, or just GPS malfunctioned.
    refer to ID #100581220. Want mailing address to send unit for repair and downloading.
    All other info is in ID data. Thank you for your responce as is expected.

    James Gibson - August 2nd, 2009
    • James, this site has no affiliation with Magellan.

      Tim - August 2nd, 2009
  53. Hi, I purchased the Maestro 4250 in May last year abnd the map was already out of date. lots of new areas in montreal DIX30 etc were not on it. So far so good. It is not a reliable kit. It just stopped me at wrong destinations for over 10 times. Difference is by 1 kilometer. In addition, it instructed me to turn in a one way street just after crossing Jean Tallon from autoroute 40. what a mess!!!
    my recnet trip to Ottawa was memorable as it kept on losing the signals every 2 minutes.I think they should think of changing business. Phone today. They will assist only on equipment bought 16 months earlier and mine is 18 months. My 350 dollars kit from Costco just goes to drain as I will throw it away. I Regret my choice.

    Dhiraj Ramdoyal - November 19th, 2009
  54. I had a 3250. It lost sound. Had it fixed. Lost sound again and display burned out. Magellan replaced it. Second one lost sound. Second one had display burn out. Bought a GARMIN…a real GPS.

    Moe - November 19th, 2009
  55. Anyone know why my gps device would all of a sudden lose complete audio? I have a Megellan Maestro 3250?

    Ron - November 13th, 2010
    • I had one…sound died…sent it in…one month later got it back…sound died again one month later…called them and sent them e-mails….finally they sent me a BRAND NEW ONE….one month later the sound died again…then the display went dead…..I went out and bought a GARMIN………been fine for over 2 years now…Magellan is trash.

      Moe - November 14th, 2010
  56. Can anyone tell me why my 3yr pld Maestro 4200 suddenly stopped wprking? It won’t charge either. The latest updates are on it and the 2010 map upgrade is also on it. Has been working fine, suddenly stopped, battery is dead. Will noy charge with the car charger. I ordered a new charger from Magellan but is does nothing for the unit either. Any thoughts?

    Shelley - September 6th, 2011
    • You probably need a new battery. Unfortunately, unless you are a do it yourself kind of person, it is not worth the money.

      Marc - September 6th, 2011
  57. No headphone availabe even tho there is anm icon for it.

    moe - September 6th, 2011

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