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Magellan Brand to Continue


Mitac announced a few minutes ago that the Magellan brand will continue (as we expected) on the heels of their acquisition of Magellan. Reasons cited for continuing the Magellan brand include “consumer brand preference and channels of distribution”. So what changes for Mio, another GPS company owned by Mitac?

Mio will “accelerate development of a variety of innovative GPS-based lifestyle products that extend the user experience well beyond traditional PNDs” according to a press release from them. They will continue to develop and promote GPS products such as those announced at CES.

“The portable navigation device market is an exciting and ever-changing space; MiTAC is always looking for opportunities to expand the navigation experience for our customers and elevate our global brand awareness,” said Billy Ho, president, MiTAC International Corp. “This gives us the opportunity to offer Mio’s innovative GPS-based products while leveraging Magellan’s heritage in the market and its partner relationships.”

One Response

  1. What is the date of this announcement ?

    Shaun M - April 5th, 2010

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