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Magellan eXplorist 200 – No Objects Found


Reader Jamie wrote in to ask about disappearing waypoints in his Magellan eXplorist 200.

I had about 20 POI`S stored it it… I turned the unit off the other day after a hunting trip, and about 6 hours later I turned the unit back on, only to see that ALL of my POI`s were gone….It was if no POI`s had ever been entered…The screen simply said… “No Objects Found”.

I had not heard of this particular issue before, so I did a little research. I was able to find one other person who says something very similar happened to him. The symptom was similar, however it was a different Magellan model, the Magellan SporTrack Pro.

I have had to send it to Magellan when at a cache it reset and I lost all my waypoints and basemap. Since it has come back I will be out caching and it will lock up or just for no reason when I turn it on it will say no objects found and all my waypoints are gone.

So the problem doesn’t appear to be widespread, but this doesn’t appear to be an isolated problem either. I looked over at the Magellan software updates page, but there were no updates listed for the eXplorist 200.

I would suggest contacting Magellan directly as I do not have a solution to your problem. You may also want to mention this post. 😉

One Response

  1. My eXplorist 200 self-deleted all of my POI’s and Routes. I entered a few new ones three days ago and they are also gone now. Extremely disturbing! “No objects found” is all that it says.

    Mike - September 30th, 2009

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