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Magellan Maestro 3200


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11 Responses

  1. I have owned a Magellan 3200 since last Christmas. I have little comprehension of GPS, but much for computers, so I balance out a little. The 3200 is small and useful, and works great for time lax users who don’t know their roads.

    Quick: has enough speed to keep up with the user inputting addresses.
    Simple: has none of the bells and whistles that should never be on a driving assisting device in the first place. Just a simple GPS device
    Cheap: I managed mine for $80
    Flexible: Changes its route when you make a “wrong turn” and avoids U-turns.

    Slow Satellite pickup: It takes at least a minute or two for it to begin receiving signals from the satellites. NOT good if you’re in a hurry
    Pathetic POI: Has many POI, but none that you would be interested in. I tried to get directions to a military base, no luck.

    Matt - May 29th, 2008
  2. maybe if we bought one of those universal antennas to add to the Magellan Maestro 3200 already built-in antenna, the picking up of signals would get better?

    leah - September 5th, 2008
  3. You can check out our Acquiring Satellites tips, and if there are compatible external antennas, those can sometimes help too.

    Tim - September 6th, 2008
  4. Correction: This unit does have an altimeter and compass. Nice budget driving unit. Easy to use.

    Jon - October 10th, 2008
  5. No, the Maestro does not have a barometric altimeter and it does not have an electronic compass.

    Tim - October 10th, 2008
    • yes it does!!!

      wedington - February 17th, 2011
      • No, it does not, and that is confirmed from Magellan. Almost no car GPs devices do. It has an altimeter, but it is based solely on GPS and not barometric pressure. It also has a compass but it only works from movement, not electromagnetic. While it has an altimeter and compass function of sorts it does not have a barometric altimeter and does not have an electronic compass.

        Tim - February 22nd, 2011
  6. I’ve had this unit for a year and it is buggy. Frequently tries to have me turn down roads not there and takes me off route just to have me do a u-turn. Complaints fall on deaf ears at Magellan. I do not recommend buying this unit.

    Gary - December 25th, 2008
  7. I just got my Magellan Maestro 3200 the 1st of April. The simplicty of using and setting it up is great. I haven’t used it on a long trip yet but it’s great for going around to the different towns. I live in a small town in southern Illinios. We travel from one town to another and the GPS is great.

    Rick - April 24th, 2009
  8. My maps are no longer available as per the error message on my unit when I try to just show the map. All I did was not use it for a couple of months and it seems as if everything is erased. Should I just dump it and get another one, or is there a cheaper way to fix it. Sometimes it gives a message that “USB Connected” when the only thing connected is the cord that attached to the car socket. Does anybody out there have the same problem and if you do how did you fix it?

    BC - October 13th, 2010
    • If you’ve only had it a couple of months contact Magellan support and have them help you fix it.

      Tim - October 13th, 2010

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