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Magellan Maestro 3210


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One Response

  1. When first turned on, the unit is sometimes “off” (wrong) by several yards (hundreds of feet?) from your current location. After a minute or two the system appears to adjust, and afterward appears very accurate.

    In addition, the “best route” algorithm is rather “stubborn”… which is to say, if it wants you to take a road parallel to the one you’re on, it’ll continually tell you to switch to the other road — even suggesting U-turns to accomplish that “goal.” More weight needs to be given to the current path (IMHO)

    Overall, I think the unit itself performs well, but I am concerned (irked) by the fact that Magellan wants a sizable “donation” ($80!) to update the maps!

    When the time comes that I NEED a map update, I’ll buy a new unit (for less $$$ than the map update) — and it WON’T be a Magellan unit!

    Dan - September 24th, 2008

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