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Magellan Patent for System, Device and Method for Providing Proximate Addresses


Garmin has applied for a patent covering “System, device and method for providing proximate addresses”. The patent lists Runquist, Shane R.; (Austin, TX) ; Robinson, Stephen C.; (Olathe, KS) ; Walters, Thomas H.; (Gardner, KS) ; Tompkins, Mark D.; (Overland Park, KS) as the inventors and has the following description:

Systems, devices and methods are provided to display or otherwise provide addresses in proximity to the device, and to periodically update the addresses as the navigational aid device is transported along a road. The device is adapted to be transported on a road. The device includes a processor and a memory adapted to communicate with the processor. The processor and the memory are adapted to cooperate to provide an address that is proximate to the device. Another aspect includes a method. According to one method embodiment, an address proximate to a navigational aid device is estimated and displayed on the navigational aid device. Other aspects are provided herein.

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