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Magellan RoadMate 1200


With the RoadMate 1200, Magellan wants you to know that “thin is in”. This is one of the thinnest GPS devices on the market today, and even comes with a small price tag. However Magellan does skimp in one area, Points of Interest. While other competitive devices like the Garmin Nuvi 200 series come with over 6 million POIs, this RoadMate has just over one million. So don’t expect it to know every restaurant or ATM in town.

This is a no-frills bare bones GPS without too many features. But that could be what you are looking for. Road warriors and connoisseurs of consumer electronics might want to look a little further up the product line.

175 Responses

  1. Just bought a Magellan 1200 at [snip]. Brighter display than any other they had. I am very impressed with this unit. It doen’t have text to speech, but most roads on the HIGHLY detailed map display are accurately labeled. Voice routing is good and anticipates turns 0.5 mi ahead. What I am really intrigued about is the satelite aquisition capability. IN MY HOUSE with windows on either side 12ft. away … six aquired. Sensitivity to motion is so good that the map display shows movement as I walk through my house. I don’t know if other devices do this, but at $[snip] this is good enough for me. There is also a location screen that gives coordinates, direction of movement and what streets are in ahead and behind the direction of travel. Voice quality, however is not on a par with more expensive units.

    AL - November 2nd, 2007
  2. Bugs:
    Dimming the display down too low blanks out the screen. Have to do a reset to restore it.
    Disconnecting from the line cord while running produces a menu option to decide to continue running on battery power. The menu sometimes appears and disappears too quickly (1 mil/sec?) to make the decision but the unit keeps running anyway, so no real problem.
    Am able to store a number of routes (Trip Planner) in advance.

    AL - November 9th, 2007
  3. Which GPS system is better? I’m looking to purchase either a Tom Tom One 3rd Edition, Magellan Roadmate 1200 or a Magellan Maestro 3100. They are all basically the same price. I just want a GPS that is really accurate has plenty POI’s and can be updated easily. I also want a GPS that will not easlity run out of memory when updating maps and I’ll still be able to update 2-3 years from now.

    Nelson - November 27th, 2007
    • tom tom magellan has too many bugs, and alot of the times it freezes, hardware malfunction, they don’t care to replace it, that it being the only option. they charge you full price

      krystal - March 8th, 2009
  4. Ref: question, Whice one is better ? I’ve used the units you wrote about. Found the TomTom had the best user interface & easy to learn / use.

    The Magellan 3100 has limted memory ie: POI are only 750,000. The TomTom has more.

    Good luck on your search. When I stopped at Radioshack, they have 31 days past xmas to try the units out & at good prices !!!

    CoolBlue - November 29th, 2007
  5. Bought my Magellen 1200 on a whim on Black Friday [snip, see comment policy], I love it. It has the bare basics, programed in my house, my work place and drove off. I tood a few different turns and it recalculated the route within a matter of seconds. Extremely pleased.

    Mike - November 30th, 2007
  6. Thanks CoolBlue i think I’ll go with the Tom Tom. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Nelson - November 30th, 2007
  7. I bought this from [snip, see comment policy] on online Black Friday and really liked it. I was amazed that you could get a device like this for $[snip]. But then the device started locking up. It would lock up about every 15 min and I would have to restart it to unlock it. I exchanged it for another (the same model) at [snip] and the new one did the same thing plus it would periodically shut it self off. I know that this is a new model and hopefully that can fix it with a firmware update but for now it is not worth the hassle.

    Steve - December 1st, 2007
  8. Display unit locked up when selecting nearest airport. Tried several times… same result….

    “OK” when inputting “goto” address….

    Read several reviews that indicate problem with “lockup”.

    Bob - December 1st, 2007
  9. Purchased mine from [snip, see comment policy] on Turkey day for [snip]. What a great little unit. Big bright display and super thin case. No bugs or problems at all. VERY intuitive interface. Have had one mapping error (supposed be a bank was an eye glasses store) but other than than just a GREAT deal!

    JW - December 4th, 2007
  10. I love my “Mag” the other day was the first time my husband and I went out of town I’m not the type that like to ask for directions if we are lost But our “Mag” got us where we needed to go and even found us a Hotel. The only negative thing I can say about the “Mag” is that the phone numbers or not correct my husband called a few places and the numbers where apartments and/or houses other then that it’s a dream! I got lost (which was my fault) and it put me back on track it’s worth every penny!!

    Jayla - December 5th, 2007
  11. i just got my first gps 1200 seemed to be the one for the price i only use it two time so far comeing home from the store right out of the box and then coming from a friends house put in my address and the way i went worked great we will see on trips how it dose. for i first one its great. joe ny

    joe - December 16th, 2007
  12. Will there be USB functionality for this unit? The 2 amps claimed on the Magellan site is 4x the USB allowable power drain. The european owners manual (the only one available on-line) makes no mention of PC connectivity. Or is the mini-b USB plug to automobile power cable just cheap to source for Magellan and the SD slot the only upgrade path? Sorry, the price IS right, but the support and information available is tragically inadequate. It’s been weeks since the product launch and Magellangps.com barely acknowledges the products existance.

    jal - December 17th, 2007
  13. Jal – I’m not sure what “USB functionality” you are looking for. When I connect the RoadMate 1200 via USB to my computer it does recognize the internal memory and SD card and mounts them as drives.

    Tim - December 17th, 2007
  14. Thanks, Tim. I wasn’t sure if they had a true USB connection or if they simply used a “stock chassis” and dumbed the USB port down to a simple +5v to reach a holiday price point. I’m still upset about the absence (current as of 12-17-07) of downloadable manuals, detailed specs or technical support on the manufacturer’s site. From what I’m able to see from on-line merchants, the unit does not ship with a USB data cable.

    jal - December 17th, 2007
  15. Correct, no USB cable included.

    Tim - December 17th, 2007
  16. For an owners manual, mine came with a downloadable dvd.

    I have a number Magellan products. Does anyone know how I could either use a new SD card with other data – routes, waypoints, etc. from other Magellan software? What about how to download European data.

    Stan Adelstein - December 18th, 2007
  17. Just ran out and got the Mag 1200 for my wife, for Christmas. They had a Tom Tom and Garman, both for [snip, see comment policy] (same as Mag 1200). Did I make a good buy, or should I exchange it? Her need is for basic mapping.

    Make her happy - December 21st, 2007
  18. I got a magellan 1200 for my mother for christmas. They had a tom tom and garmin should I go back and get either one of them?

    Happy Holidays - December 23rd, 2007
  19. Received the 1200 as a gift. To summarize, the unit locks up, does not allow exit from points of interest, displays SD error message and includes seriously outdated maps. There is no online support for this product available on the Magellan website. Hope this is helpful.

    R.A. - December 24th, 2007
  20. I got this product as a gift. Its great but the only problem was the time in the gps would not be correct! I have no idea how to change it! I tried the time zone but the minutes are incorrect also! -_- but otherwise! its cool.

    Tina - December 26th, 2007
  21. This little GPS is GREAT! Needed a no frills, get it done unit for the not so tech savy lady in my life. This is the one. Great graphics for the $, clear voice, easy touch screen, very very simple to use a true VALUE for the money

    AL - December 26th, 2007
  22. Received the 1200 as a gift. At first I could not get the time right, went back to the setup and un-clicked the daylight savings, that worked for me. So far been a nice little unit.

    Jeff - December 26th, 2007
  23. i bought my mag 1200 roadmate on black friday. I bought it because it was cheap and didnt expect a lot. I was pleasantly surprized when I opened it up on Christmas and started using it. Very easy to use. i love it. buy it.

    dale mynatt - December 26th, 2007
  24. Got it for Christmas. Great no frills GPS. Just what I wanted. Grapahics are very good. Reroute works quicker than others report..about 2-5 seconds. Good sound. Very easy to use!! I am very pleased with this unit. The one touch exit POI’s gives SD card error, but I can see POI list if I push an additional 2 buttons so its not a big deal. No lock-ups. GREAT BUY!

    Al - December 27th, 2007
  25. The unit so far has been much more than expected. I got it as a Xmas gift and it would have not been my brand of choice. But using it I was quickly impressed. Only negs would be that the unit does not let you update maps and let you chose an alternate voice. Otherwise it’s a sweet deal.

    Troy - December 28th, 2007
  26. Just received it 4 Chhristmas from my Lady and I think it is “friggin” great! I had it shut down once or twice when I tried to get it to do “50” things at once but what or who wouldn’t freak.. I am “Gellan” wit my Magellan!

    Michael - December 29th, 2007
  27. Received it as a Christmas gift and have tested it on various routes. It’s been doing great. The only negative thing is that the maps don’t show recent changes on our roadways as a result of new construction. I seriously doubt if any GPS, regardless of the brand name, has the capability to show the updates as they happen without some sort of mapping software update.

    G.G. - December 29th, 2007
  28. Received both the magellan 1200 and the LG LN740, which one is better???


    Ron - December 30th, 2007
  29. got this for myself-first gps-very easy to use right out of package-seems to be really accurate and is really addictive when I get started messing with it-really satisified with it-live out in the country and it shows all of the little short and dead end roads-really like it

    Bob - December 30th, 2007
  30. Bought this as a gift for really good price and it seems to everything we want but I am a bit confused about CD rom and upgrades referred to on box as no CD enclosed – does anyone know if this is an error or what should I do – Thanks peeps

    Lins - December 31st, 2007
  31. Got 1200 for Christmas,made the Christmas trip home across the state,been making this trip for thirty years,this time the 1200 show me a quicker route. good unit, easy start up,easy to read map,good sound on voice command.

    Larry - January 5th, 2008
  32. Maybe a silly quesiton, but does this unit accept input of locations by coordinates, or just by address? In other words, can you use it for geocaching?

    allen - January 9th, 2008
  33. Allen – I don’t believe so.

    Tim - January 10th, 2008
  34. Got a Roadmate 1200 [snip, see comment policy] and for the price it’s does a decent job. I took my son back to college last week and on the way home I went on back roads that I’d never been on before and it got me home without issue.

    The address entry is fairly easy to use and I had a number of addresses entered very quickly. I also like the feature that shows you your current direction, speed, altitude, longitude and latitude.

    L.A. - January 10th, 2008
  35. I received my Mag Roadmate 1200 for Christmas as well. I live in central IL and am having a problem with “Exit POI’s”. I even tried it on a US highway, like mentioned in the manual. I get “Please insert SD card with map”. I tried it all the way to Chicago and it still didn’t work. I called the factory, after many attmepts, I got the answer that they had not heard of this problem. They sent me a new unit and of course, the same problem.

    Joe Ward - January 15th, 2008
  36. does magellan roadmate 1200 have updating software on it if not how far up in price or models is the one that you can update software on.And how important is that quality

    Bonnie - January 21st, 2008
  37. When I try to use the “Enter Address” option the unit freezes, never works.

    Kiel - January 22nd, 2008
  38. Previous correspondent asked about AC adapter for 1200. Calls to Magellan support learned “available next month.” Amazon has them ($16.95 + h&s). Shipped USPS by vendor next day.

    John Wilgus - January 25th, 2008
  39. My husband purchased the Magellan Roadmate 1200 for me as an X-mas gift. I gotta tell you, I love this thing. We have used it on several trips and it is always right. Love the way it recalculates if you go a different direction. We would recommend this product and have to many family members and friends.

    Diana - February 17th, 2008
  40. I was happy with my Mag. 1200 until the DC power cord died. I was told I’d get a replacement through the Mag. website, but they are backordered. It’s been a month and a half and poor support/response. I tried the universal DC power cord from one merchant, and the screen lit up but I got the display “The USB has been connected to the unit. Pleae follow instructions from PC application for updating maps or software.” I could not get out of this screen. Tried the reset button, but not dice. I did find that while plugged into the computerusing the USB cable it was/is putting some charge in the internal battery. I’m hoping it will give me the “about 3 hrs” charge time until/if Mag. does come up with their backorder… my unit appears to still have all the data etc., but not able to power up and operate off it right now. VERY frustrating. FYI, I was able to find the PDF owners manual at the Mag. website and saved it to my computer. That’s how I learned about the reset button that’s on the same side as the card.

    Dave - February 23rd, 2008
  41. Dave,

    Ref: The message your getting, I’ve talked to Magellan about this. Some of my customers have had this “problem”

    The programming inside the GPS automatically detects the USB cable, it’s expecting to receive an update. It’s just a message, doesn’t mean you need an update.

    When you use it on the battery, that message goes away.

    While the USB is plugged in, it does charge the unit. Note: it will not show it’s charging, but it is.

    CoolBlue87GT - February 23rd, 2008
    • CoolBlue…
      I have had this problem with the USB screen for some time. I am able to use it on battery charge and it is fine. However, sometime I need it for more than 3 hours and then I have no way to charge it. I have a charger, but apparently it is not the one that came with my unit. Not sure where it is or if one of the children “borrowed” it?? Anyway, my question is this….If I purchase a GPS Car Charger will the unit go back to its proper charging thru the car charger or will the USB message still be displayed? I’d like to use the car charger while I’m driving vs having to charge it everynight thru my computer. I hate having to check the status of my battery. Please help if you can. I really don’t want to purchase another one, really like this one! Thanks so much.

      Erica - February 25th, 2010
      • Erica, you won’t know until you try. Many incorrect chargers will make the GPS go into USB Mode, however it can also be indicative of a hardware problem.

        Tim - February 26th, 2010

    FRAN - March 6th, 2008
  43. Thanks Coolblue! I also learned that it charges even if I don’t turn the unit on, and have been making it on battery power to do estimates… I just shut it down to conserve on destination arrival, and repower when I head out for the next estimate on my list.

    My replacement DC cord arrived a week ago… after all of that waiting, they managed to send me the wrong cord with a round plug, not the USB shaped plug. I sent them my 5th(?) email, and they responded with the promise of sending the correct cord. I’m not so sure that the correct cord really exists as an accessory ready to ship. Approaching two months of this “service” my happy meter lost another notch with that turn of events. The unit is fine (thus far), support is horribismal. Dave.

    Dave - March 7th, 2008
  44. Hi,
    I received the roadmate 1200 series as a gift but it’s not saying voice recognition on the box. I really don’t want to open it if i can still return it the model is 980-0054-001. There is also a RM1200-SCXVH number. Does anyone have this model and does it have voice turn by turn?


    Dave - March 10th, 2008
  45. The RoadMate 1200 doesn’t have voice recognition, it does have voice prompts for navigation instruction. It does not have text to speech.

    Tim - March 10th, 2008


    NICK - May 10th, 2008
  47. I received a mag 1200 for christmas as a gift & have only used it twice. The first time, was in March, it was wonderful. The 2nd time, I tried was in April, it wouldn’t work at all, I found out the store it was purchased from since it was not a relative & I don’t have & can’t get the receipt,they won’t take it back, replace anything. When I plug the mag in the light comes on, but I can’t turn the “screen” on. Any suggestions? Besides trash it. I really would like to use this thing again in a few weeks on vacation

    lesa - May 24th, 2008
  48. Nick – It operates basically the same regardless of speed.

    Lesa – Have you tried giving it a long charge? After giving it a long charge press the reset button on the right side near the SD card and try starting it again.

    Tim - May 24th, 2008
  49. lesa, Contact Magellan, their customer support is fantastic.

    Have you tried too hold the pwr button down for 10 seconds ?

    If they can’t troubleshoot it over the phone, usually they can send you another one. (providing you return the old unit to them)

    I work for [snip, see comment policy], any of my customers have a problem, I just swap out the unit for a new one, then I return the old unit back to Magellan for credit.

    Thats a shame that store won’t help you. They could, and it wouldn’t cost them a dime, as they also could get credit for it through Magellan.

    Maybe the person that gave it to you could help, if purchased on credit-card, the store could look up the receipt on that day of purchase.

    Good luck.

    Dave - May 24th, 2008
  50. Hi everyone, I’m also thinking about purchasing the RM 1412, but I don’t see any reviews about this device. Does anyone know anything about this series of Magellan? The other GPS devices I’m thinking about are the Maestro 4250, TomTom G0920, Garmin Nuvi 760 and the Naviton 7100. First time user, but picky.

    katie - May 25th, 2008
  51. Bought 1200 in Jan 08 and unit died in May have spent endless hours on hold waiting for tech support to pick up so I can get a Return Authorization (RMA number)– no success. Similiarly, No luck with tech support returning my emails. I do not recommend Magellan.

    Tom Briggs - May 26th, 2008
  52. Hi Tom,
    Thank you so much for the info regarding the unsatisfactory customer service of Magellan. To me this is a big biggie! I hope you were able to finally resolve your problem.

    katie - May 26th, 2008
  53. I purchase the magellan roadmate 1200 11/23/07. I loved the functionality of this device until it froze on me a month ago (May 2008). Every time I turn unit on, I go straight to the GPS status screen. It won’t show the map or let me view the addresses. The touch screen is dead. It won’t recognize my touches. I’ll be contacting the cust serv hotline hoping I get some results. I’ll report back if I get no where with this device.

    Cydney - June 16th, 2008
  54. I’ve got a Magellan RoadMate 1200 and I tried charging it with the wrong charger after I bought a universal charger that had different inputs. It now doesnt turn on anymore. Is there anyway I can fix this?

    Felix - July 8th, 2008
  55. Felix, assuming you’ve tried the reset switch I’d say give support a call.

    Tim - July 9th, 2008
  56. I have the roadmate 1200 since Feb2008. It is working fine, no complains. Is it possible to download any other maps on roadmate1200 (SD card), such as Canada, Western Europe, etc?

    Cezar - July 14th, 2008
  57. Cezar – Unfortunately no.

    Tim - July 14th, 2008
  58. I got the Roadmate 1200 for my wife, but I’m liking it so much I don’t know if I want to give it to her! I am very impressed by how well it works. I didn’t want a lot of bells and whistles, just a way to get directions from Point A to Point B. This unit works extremely well for that purpose. I am especially impressed by the ease of use. A very good value for the price.

    Mark - July 15th, 2008
  59. I had an older Magellan GPS that turned on automatically, but the newer Magellan Roadmate 1200 I recently bought doesn’t turn on automatically even though it is plugged all the time, I have to manually turn it on. Is there a way to have it automatically turn on whenever I start my car?

    Alvin Long - July 16th, 2008
  60. Where can I order a a sd card. I lost mine.

    T. Earles - July 18th, 2008
  61. T. Earles – Magellan is your only option.

    Tim - July 18th, 2008
  62. just purchased de mag 1200, i can’t enter more than 2 digits in an address, any help?, thanks

    Marilu - July 24th, 2008
    • enter the name of the street, the next screen will let you add the numbers of the address.

      craig - January 7th, 2009
  63. What is a “de mag”?

    Tim - July 24th, 2008
  64. Marilu, I think the problem is inputting the wrong city. Make sure that you input the right city. Find out the neighboring cities and use that to find the street number and name you are looking for. Each city has its own street number boundaries. Hope this helps.

    Cydney - July 24th, 2008
  65. My 1200, purchased last Black Friday, locked up and the reset did nothing. I removed the back, disconnected and re-connected the battery and it began working again. One must first remove the rubber inserts covering the screws. Unfortunately it has locked up again and I was hoping to discover a more permanent resolution to the locking problem but there doesn’t appear to be any here.

    Jim - July 31st, 2008
  66. What is an “sd” card?

    Ken - August 10th, 2008
  67. SD stands for Secure Digital. It is flash memory, like the removable memory in most digital cameras.

    Tim - August 10th, 2008
  68. Just got a Magellan Roadmate 1200 when I turned it on a window popped up and said fatal error and then turned off. I fully charged it, reset it and it keeps doing it. I haven’t even got to use it yet I am really disappointed. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I am returning it ASAP!

    toni - August 19th, 2008
  69. Everytime I plug my universal car charger into my 1200 to charge the battery it gives me a screen says “The USB has been connected to the unit. Please follow instructions from PC application for updating maps or software.” I could not get out of this screen unless i unplug the unit and then the battery dies:( please help?

    kirstin - August 28th, 2008
  70. When you say “universal car charger”, is this the charger that came with the GPS? What are you plugging it into on the other end?

    Tim - August 28th, 2008
  71. Everytime i plug my universal car charger into the 1200 to charge the battery it gives me a screen that says “The USB has been connected to the unit. Please follow instructions from PC application for updating maps or software.” I could not get out of this screen, unless i unplug it and then the battery dies:( please help? Should i get a different car charger?

    kirstin - August 28th, 2008
  72. We have the same problem Kirsten identified – “USB has been connected” when using a replacement car adaptor (of course USB has not been connected because the cable goes from cigarette lighter to GPS). Has anyone figured out how to get that message to go away while leaving the car adaptor plugged in?

    Paul - September 3rd, 2008
  73. I just purchased my first GPS, the Roadmate 1200 this weekend. I am a healthcare worker that travels between patients was am tired of relying on MapQuest, Google Maps, etc. (although I realize that the Roadmate may use the same navigation devices). So far, I am impressed with it. I love the feature where I can put in multiple addresses; then I can “optimize” and it will put the addresses in a logical order for me. This is perfect for planning my schedule as I travel all over southern IN. It isn’t perfect; there are some addresses that it won’t get perfectly, and I have submitted updates to Navteq. I am really looking forward to seeing if there will be an updated map via SD. Also, I have had the same issue with the Exit POIs — it gives me an “insert SD card” message. I am wondering if it will do any good to try to contact Magellan about this? Anyway, so far, I am pretty pleased w/ it. I will let you all know if I change my mind and return it . . .

    Heather - September 3rd, 2008
  74. The sd disk will be easily ejected if you press the side by mistake, thus making it possible to lose your sd card. The unit will not work without the card. The unit should have protective door to keep you from mistakingly ejecting the sd disk allowing it to fall out of the unit without you knowing it while carrying in to or from your car. I looked up and my sd card was, gone. After extensive searching around my car and house I didnt find the card. I called customer service and they could not help. They just lied, gave me run arounds then told me my only option is to purchase a new disk from them for $$60.00

    lita - September 9th, 2008
  75. the above post I wrote was about the magellan roadmate 1200 by the way, be careful not to loose your sd card. Maybe a good idea is to put tape on it since magellan didnt design this unit with a protective door for the sd disk

    lita - September 9th, 2008
  76. I just got mine for free!!! a bank was offering a promo if I opened an account with direct deposit this was the gift!! Great so far but if you try to enter info to fast it will freeze up and you have to be patient. But once i slowed down it worked great!! I can tell it’s one of the cheaper models but I was stoked when I realized it talked (for free I didn’t think I would even get that feature) If you search the net and get it as cheap as you can it’s good for the first time user

    sheila - October 10th, 2008
  77. The 1200 is an excellent entry level GPS and works very well. The only problem is the suction cup holder design and function is extremely poor and will not hold to the windshield or instrument panel over a period of time. My unit has fallen to the floor several times and I wonder if Megellan will replace it if damaged due to their poor mounting device design.I have gotten absolutely no help or suggestions from their “tec” help, obviously located in India and not too familiar with the English language.

    Al Schweitzer - October 18th, 2008
  78. The suction cup mount is designed for glass, not an instrument panel. For tips on how to make them stick better, see How to make GPS Suction Cup Mounts Stick.

    Tim - October 19th, 2008
  79. I received my Mag 1200 for Christ ’07. Used it for a while, but left it idle for 5 months. Now that the battery is fully charged, every 5 seconds the system ask do I want to remain on battery power and switches back…but, I never get the chance to answer the question. It is very annoying. Any suggestions on what I should do?

    Andy – October 22, 2008 - October 22nd, 2008
  80. I’d try the reset switch and if that didn’t help contact Magellan support or ask in our forums.

    Tim - October 23rd, 2008
  81. I picked up a 1200 in a national named store for under $100. So far I have 2 complaints…
    1. The exit POI thing. Magellan says an update should be released before years end (2008). This from technical support at their 1-800 number.
    2. I wish downloadable maps were available for POI’s of specific choice… I would LOVE to be able to download mapping and contact info for the churches of my denomination.

    Out-of-the-box, the unit seems accurate and meets my needs. If you have a street address for the destination, it will get you there.

    Joe - November 24th, 2008
  82. Can the unit be charged when the unit is off but the cable is still connected?

    Mike - December 1st, 2008
  83. Mike yes it can assuming your vehicle is running or still charges with the ignition is off.

    JW - December 1st, 2008
  84. My nextel cell phone has a ac charger that puts out +5v 850MA. It has the same size usb plug.

    Can I use that to charge the roadmate 1200?

    Travis - December 7th, 2008
  85. Travis, maybe, maybe not. GPS devices are picky about chargers and many non OEM chargers will put the GPS into USB Mode.

    Tim - December 7th, 2008
  86. I just bought the roadmate 1200 for my teenage son, I wanted to make sure it “talks” the directions. I don’t see it on the package

    Julia - December 11th, 2008
  87. Julia, the RM 1200 has voice prompts, but it does not have Text To Speech.

    Tim - December 11th, 2008
    WAAS please!!! I really need help !!
    reply back in a comment please

    Fedaura - December 22nd, 2008
    • Push the little tow truck.

      John - January 24th, 2009
  89. Hi!

    I was wondering if anyone knows when their will be an update for the 1200?

    Mary - December 25th, 2008
  90. Mary, Magellan has not yet released an anticipated date for an update.

    Tim - December 27th, 2008
  91. For those of you looking for a map update, last week (before X-mas) I saw an ad from Radio Shack advertising the new NAVTEQ maps memory cards for $59. I haven’t purchase one but it might be worth checking them out.

    For those of you looking for the Lat Longs on this GPS for your location, just click on the back arrow until you see the tow truck (roadside assistance) click on it and it will give your exact location. Very useful to help locate you via googlemaps etc.

    Gabriel - December 28th, 2008

    Frank - December 31st, 2008

      Frank - December 31st, 2008
  93. Is it possible to up load mapping of the US on a 1200 that is pre loaded with maps of canada. If so how do I go about doing this? thanks

    Leah - January 2nd, 2009
    • Unfortunately, no. Magellan doesn’t offer supplemental map packages on most of their newer devices like the other major manufacturers do.

      Tim - January 2nd, 2009
  94. Just got a Roadmate 1200, My home was built 5 yrs ago and I am not located on this map. Was wondering if antone knows if an update is coming anytime soon. Or is there another option for me to get an updated map.

    Ken - January 10th, 2009
    • Magellan hasn’t announced any map updates for the RM 1200 yet.

      Tim - January 10th, 2009
    • I know exactly what you are talking about. I purchased the Mag 1200 for Christmas 08 but didn’t use it until early February. I have used it three times. So far, I am unimpressed. If anything, I feel cheated. I tried locating a Sams Club and nothing was available in POI or by imputing the name. I even tried locating it while sitting in the parking lot of a Sam’s Club that had been there for 10+ years Also, I’ve tried adding POI’s and have had no luck so far. I’d feel better if I found out that it was operator error. At least I wouldn’t feel so cheated.

      Tonya - February 23rd, 2009
      • Yes, the 1200 has only about 1.3 million POIs installed and there are roughly 25 million POIs in the map coverage area. So you could almost expect that 95% of them to be “missing” from the device.

        Tim - February 23rd, 2009
  95. This is the worst unit out of the four that I own and other units I have used in the past, by FAR.

    I have two Garmins, a TomTom and the Roadmate 1200 that I won through a raffle at work ($1 ticket!).

    This unit freezes up when it recalculates for over a minute at times, you can drive another two miles before it recalculates a route which you have likely already passed. What the unit tells you to do, and what it shows on screen sometimes is completely different. For example, the unit will speak and tell me to turn right when the screen shows to stay straight ahead. The brightness is WAYYYY too bright at night, even at the lowest setting. The sound quality is very poor, and the route routing is VERY bizzare. You can program in an address where all you need to do is proceed straight down ONE street and this thing will take you through neighborhoods, and have you make 5 turns.

    If anyone thinks this is a good unit, you either have no idea what you are talking about or you have never used anything else or better for that matter.

    Spend $50 more and buy a Garmin or a TomTom.

    Mitch - January 23rd, 2009
  96. Will you post the information for the updated RM 1200 when it is available for purchase.

    What is the time frame for the present RM 1200 card.

    Sharon - January 24th, 2009
  97. i live and use a megellan roadmate 1200 with europian mapping and have bought the us mapping from a third party site and it works well but you will nedd to get a separate sd card to load mapping data onto….
    although this unit has been around in the uk for for a rew years we have the same problems as you others who bought this unit as there seems to be a lack support and mapping for this device..
    i found the software and mapping download by searching on google..
    hope this helps

    mick - February 1st, 2009
  98. I just got a roadmate 1200 irst day, I turn it on with the sd card already in, ater the warning screen it goes to sd card has been removed program will restart. thats it!!
    now what! I couldnt tell you anything else about it product thats as far as I have gone how do I fix this?

    krystal - February 4th, 2009
    • I’d contact Magellan support.

      Tim - February 4th, 2009
  99. How do I go about adding USA maps to a Magellan 1200 that is already loaded with Canadian maps? DO I have to buy the software.. or can I get it off a site?

    Sam - March 7th, 2009
    • Sam – Magellan doesn’t offer supplemental maps to what came on that device.

      Tim - March 8th, 2009
  100. I would like to know where I can purchase a new SD Card for my Magellan RoadMate 1200?

    I’m in NJ

    Ana - March 16th, 2009
    • What happened with the old card? You can’t really purchase a replacement card (with data).

      Tim - March 17th, 2009
      • I’m not really sure! It has actually “popped” out where I’ve had to push it back in…it looks exactly like the ones I have for my camera and I think someone may have mixed them up! I have checked all the other sd cards i had for the map one, but can’t find it anywhere!

        do you know if there is anyway to replace this? or if it is covered under warranty?

        Thanks for answering by the way!

        Ana - March 17th, 2009
        • I think you will need to contact Magellan support to see what options they might have for you. If they can’t help you– let me know as I might have another way to resolve the issue.

          Tim - March 17th, 2009
          • Ha! I was on the phone with them for almost 3 hours yesterday trying to find out what i could do and the ONLY thing i got from them was to ship the whole unit in the original package to tennessee because there was no way for them to tell if my unit needed the sd card or not!

            i am interested to see your idea if you wouldn’t mind!

            Thanks again for your help!

            Ana - March 17th, 2009
          • Well, if they are offering to repair the device for you then I would take them up on that.

            Tim - March 18th, 2009

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