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Magellan RoadMate 1700


It looks like Magellan has a super-sized GPS coming soon. The Magellan RoadMate 1700 is starting to appear in stock reports (though out of stock currently) at a few retailers including Best Buy. We expect this GPS to be similar to other recent RoadMate models with one large exception, a seven inch display!

Magellan RoadMate 1700While there have been a few devices released in the five inch range and a few others in the six and seven inch range, we expect to see more XL sized GPS devices to come out this fall. Many will be marketed towards truckers and RV drivers (the really big displays) while the 5″ models will likely try to convince regular drivers that the 3.5 inch displays of the past are GPS history. (And more likely try to convince people that their smartphone screen is too small for GPS.)

As for specs, the Magellan RoadMate 1700 will come with maps of North America, text-to-speech, AAA Tour Book, lane assistance, and route planning. Initial prices should be around $299 and we’ll expect it will become available soon.

78 Responses

  1. OK, I bought one of these units. Previously, I had read that the A/V input would accept the signal from a back-up camera. I tried to confirm this with the store and Magellan, but did not get a firm response. Does anyone have experience with other Magellan models that have an A/V input and using a back-up camera? This is for a large SUV and it would be great if it worked. I have about 25 days to decide or return the GPS.

    Doug Curmudgeon - November 30th, 2009
    • Problem Identified and solved(sort of)


      mike - January 4th, 2011
      • Ran into the same problem. After many phone calls and E-Mails to magellian about the A/V input to the 1700, all I got for a response was (you need a 3 ring 3.5 mm plug) If Magellian is going to sell a GPS with the A/V feature, the least they could do is supply the correct information or better yet a cable to use the function. I spent a lot of time on the web and also went to a few Radio Shack stores. That didn’t help. I finally found a(Rocketfish mobile headset) RF-EB22 at best buy that had the correct plug on it. The cable was no good but I just wanted the plug. After getting it home I cut the cable off and tried the plug with jumper clips to my back up camera and found that it was polarity sensetive with the output Hi (signal output) of the camera going to the ground terminal of the plug and the LOW (output from the camera) going to the 3rd ring of the connector. After that I soldered wires to the connector and
        installed it in my car with no problem. Magellian should really take a look at themselves and supply the cable when you buy the 1700.
        Jim from New Jersey

        Jim - March 6th, 2011
        • Some additional information on the Magellan 1700 GPS A/V input for auto back-up camera.The proper connector can be purchased from http://WWW.MOUSER.COM it is listed as a 3.5mm 4 cond plug from KOBICONN. P/N 171-7435-EX. After you get to the proper page for the connector, click on the data sheet. you will come up with a drawing of the plug. This is the plug only. You will have to solder your own wire to it.Connection 5 is the camera input HI. Connection 4 is the camera input LOW. After making up my own cable the Back-Up feature on the GPS worked fine. The GPS will go into the camera mode as soon as it detects a video signal. I have the power to my camera connected to the back up lights on my car so that when I put it into Reverse it powers the camera and when I put it in Drive the camera goes off and the GPS comes on. If you do not switch the camera power or signal when you go into reverse the camera will be on all the time and the GPS will not function as a GPS.
          Jim from NJ

          JAMES CONDON - March 8th, 2011
        • Dear Jim, you are right. I have suffered also with the Magellan support. I wanted use also the A/V input for my rearview camera. Does not work. Magellan support let me in the dark.Iwas reading your article but I got confused a little bit. You mentioned “Connection 5 is thecamera input HI. Connection 4 is the camera input Low.” My camera does not have inputs. It has only outputs. Her I got confused. Now I got a 3.5 mm plug with cord.The yellow is connnected to pin 3 to the A/V socket. I do not need the two other wires because they feed some audio to the socket of the Magellan 1700. Like the white RCA is for 3, and rhe Red Rca is for the number 4. Anyway I just want to use the video which is connected to number 3. My plug look like this. The very top is No. 1, wich is for audio. Number 2 is for the anther audio. The number 3 is the video and the very lower ring is number 4 for the common ground. I wish not to use the plug. Instead of it I want to connect the coax wire to the 3 ring which is soldered to the video. Can you drow me a right picture for the right connection?
          Sorry to take to much time from you.As you see it Magellan goofed up again with their promise. They advertised the rearview camers with the transmitter and the wireless receiver for $149.49!!! Now they took it off the market. The 1700 is a great GPS. But I want to have to it the rearview camera and see what is the background when I back up in reverse. Magellan does not give any help.
          Sincerely yours,
          Charles from NJ.

          Charles - June 29th, 2011
          • As I told you I had couple of Magellan 1700 and the GPS worked excellent. But the A/V did not get through the rearview camera. About a tremendous contact to Magellan did not help. They just hung up on me. No help! Shame on them. As of today I made an research and I did what Jim Condon recommended. I just did not believe my eyes. In drive I seen the GPS map. When I put my car in reverse I seen the video from my rearview camera. It was working fine during the whole day. So I wnt to sleep with my happy development. Aczually you have to buy a four ring 3.5 mm cable with a yellow, red, and white RCA male connectors, Cut off the red and the white RCA plugs. Just keep the yellow one. After that buy two RCA female connectors. One ground shield must be connected to the other female hot side! The first RCA hot plug must be connected to the other RCA plug GRD. side. Hook up this cable to your camera and the other side to the Magellan 1700 A/V input. Now you will see the camera pix on your GPS, if you put your car in REVERSE. Now shift your car to drive. At this time you will see the GPS map. If you wish do it again and put your car in reverse. You will see the reaeview camera’s picture again. I tell you somthing good. I bought a rearview camera withch camera will show you a red horizontal line and more yellow lines depend how far you are vith your back up. It depends how you adjusted the camera, how well you tilted down. Play with it unril you are satisfied distance vice. So my Odessey 2011 is working so well then the $2000.00 Honda navigation. Of course you will have two chances. GPS map or the rearview background. If you need a help just give me a buzz at ok56@comcast.net.
            I guaranty it will work for you. And hack with the nonsense Megellan hoax business.

            Charles Olah - June 30th, 2011
          • I am not that good with cables and connectors. So can you guys provide me with a link to the actual four ringed cable and the connectors needed to make this thing work?

            I would really appreciate it.


            Dan - October 27th, 2011
  2. …an A/V in that lets you use the RoadMate 1700 as a WVGA (800-by-480-pixel) 7-inch LCD display for another device, though Magellan doesn’t include the necessary cable.

    mark - November 30th, 2009
    • i need a 3.5mm a/v cord to my ipod classic from my magellen 1700 gps

      theo barham - June 29th, 2010
      • You could by at any elctronics store a 3.5 mm cable with a yellow, red and white RCA male plugs. Cut off the red and the white, keep the yellow intact. Now buy two RCA female plugs and make your cable. One and of the plug must be connected to the other plug but solder it to the ground!!! The first plug ground must be connected to the other plug pin – hot side. Now connect the cable to your camera and the other end of your cable should be connected to the yellow male. It will work now!!! The yellow is actually goes to the second ring to the mini plug which is next to the GRD of the miniplug. God may bless you.

        Charles - June 30th, 2011
  3. We have a TomTom one now and the thing that we hate the most about it is that it can take anywhere from a minute to 15 minutes to “locate a signal.” Does anyone who has this unit (or any Magellan unit for that matter) as to how long it typically takes to “locate a signal?”

    Gary - December 1st, 2009
    • I have a TomTom ONE and it gets a signal within seconds most of the time. See Acquiring Satellites for tips.

      Tim - December 1st, 2009
      • Interesting information although I can’t say it’s all that accurate. We’ve had a signal, went to a location, turned our
        TomTom off, went to (sic the museum) returned to the car, turned the GPS on and still had to wait 15 minutes for a signal.

        Thanks though, we’ll try some of the things they suggest and see if that helps.

        Gary - December 1st, 2009
    • Providing there is a clear line of site (ie: not indoors, inside a metal bldg, etc.) the 1700 takes anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds to aquire signal. In my area, it’s typically quick, 5 to 10 seconds max. On a recent trip from NYC to NH, it also kept good aquisition during bad weather, never lost signal. It’s an excellent unit.

      Robert - December 4th, 2009
      • Unlike other satellite based communication systems, the frequencies used by GPS were picked because weather has virtually no detectable impact on reception.

        Tim - December 4th, 2009
  4. I purchased the Roadmate 1700 for my own personal use & I love it!

    It receives signal quicker than my Garmin, even in the garage. Basic GPS functions just as they should be.

    The display is huge but the color contrast (in day mode) is lacking (the only adjustment is brightness & it ships turned all the way up), especially when compared to my Garmin nuvi. Simple solution was to leave the 1700 in “night mode”.

    My only other complaint is the mount. It is very compact which places the unit just out of reach when attached to the windshield in both of my vehicles. The mount is also not quite up to the task of keeping the unit steady – unless the GPS is physically touching the dash it wobbles like a bobble head. I’ve since modified a Garmin mount to use with the Magellan & solved this problem.

    Todd - December 19th, 2009
  5. I have the 1700 partly because of the video input feature. After trying several things that did not work and a couple of emails I called Magellan and at firat they gave me the company line that just connect a video cable from your device to the 3.5 plug. I told them I did this with my ipod and nothing happened and I then asked for the exact cable needed. They put me on hold…grrrrrr. When they returned they told me they are currently writing firmware to allow the unit to accept video from outside sources. She asked if I would be patient. She did not know when this would become functional. False advertising for sure. If anyone has a better ending story to using the video input please share.

    barry becker - December 31st, 2009
    • Barry:
      Im thinking about purchasing a 1700 due to the screen size and the video input jack. One other thing you help me with, Is there an antenna jack to connect an external antenna? Thanks for your time..


      Bruce Roberts - March 2nd, 2010
      • Bruce…….No there is not an antenna jack. I have not even found a cable to connect my ipod to the video.
        Good Luck

        Barry - March 3rd, 2010
        • i need to know where to get the cord to connect my ipod to my magellen 1700 a/v input

          theobarhamjr@verizon.net - August 5th, 2010
    • I was just told by Magellan tech support to use a NXG Saphire Series A/V cable, 3.5mm jack with 3 black rings. It is supposed to connect to the RCA cable coming from the backup camera.I’m going to try it for the back of my trailer.

      Jim - November 15th, 2010
    • Do not bother yourself with Megallen. They goofed with the video input!!! Period. Actually you have to reverse the camera output video signal from the camera. Easy to change the yellow RCA plug. Just cut it and the shield of the cable must be connected to the RCA HOT PIN! The other wire – the HOT must be connected to the RCA shield. If you do that actually you automaticly reversed the POLARITY! We do not now why Megallen has goofed up and wired their video input to the psitive field of the video! Simply they made a mistake of course. So my friend this couple of incses video cable polarity reverse will solve your problem. My is working fine for a year now. I recommend you to buy a camera which has one horizontal line and three yellow lines on the monitor. It is giving you how far are you from the object or person behind your car. Just tilt the camera for get the right distance. Good luck and give me some good success with your set-up. Charles NJ,

      Charles - January 3rd, 2012
  6. I got my magellan and I love it. One problem for me is that I would love to track my family trips. There is always a shorter way found from point A to point B and I would like to store these roads as we travel them. If you know something I don’t please share the news, OK.

    Anita - January 25th, 2010
  7. I have a Magellan 1700 GPS with 7 inch screen. I’m trying to find a backup camera that will plug into it. If anyone can give me information on this, I would appreciate it.

    glenn - May 23rd, 2010
  8. I was lead to believe the 1700 can be used as a backup camera display. I can’t find any information on this. Does anyone know what camera will work with the 1700 and how to operator it?

    Don - June 17th, 2010
  9. Hello All……I have the 1700….I want to run video on it from my Ipod. Can anyone tell me the EXACT cable to buy? I have had no success.


    barry - June 30th, 2010
    • I saw a note from a guy on Amazon.com in his comments about the Magellan 1700 he tells where to buy that cor, hesaid he found a cord called a 3 ring something on

      faye - December 27th, 2010
  10. Barry:
    Like many that have commented on the web, I have had trouble getting the AV input to work. I found a review on Amazon.com that recommends the purchase of a cable from Apple. I have not tried that yet. If you find any success let us know.
    Magellan doesn’t seem to be providing any useful solutions. The standard answer to support calls is to \just plug in the 3.5 mm cable\.


    John Nicholson - June 30th, 2010
    • I bought the Magellan 1700, plus the 4ucam wireless backup camera setup to install in my RV; went thru the steps and got clean video from 4ucam to RV TV; but nothing from the Magellan — using the av input 3.5mm plug. Gloom: maybe Magellan won’t accept 4ucam input? I read all the postings I could find, saw the bit about using red RCA part of three-RCA-to-four-mini wireset (instead of the yellow) — tried that: NFG. More gloom. Many hours later, I re-tried the three-RCA-to-mini cord, but this time I “milked” the mini plug-in to the Magellan while switching between red, white and yellow RCA-plugs. Bingo! I got Magellan display of 4ucam video on the big screen — can watch the boat or atv trailer from the cab. Sorta like the adverts. Wife is pleased ’cause my expensive toy really works. I’m happy ’cause my custom-made mounting for the Magellan lets it be the travel-mode GPS and the fishing-mode backup camera-display. No code-entries nor other BS, just tweak the wireset and mini-plug-in. Happy trails.

      john hannum - September 6th, 2010
  11. John…..I have been to an Apple store with the Magellan in hand…..they had nothing that would work. the 3.5 plug obviously has to be video and audio and I have found nothing other than some plugs for Ipod that work with some car in dash components. I need to look again but I think Crutchfield has a potential solution…they sell alot of good stuff and are super helpful on the phone…unlike Magellan who has only idiots. I don’t have the time at the moment but if you do a chat with them online they can probably hook you up with something that ‘might’ work…let me know if you have success. =)


    barry - June 30th, 2010
    • Someone wrote that to connect it to iPod to watch video you need to use the red plug for video and yellow+white for audio. Most people would use the standard yellow cable for video signal. Below is the relevant part of the post:
      “But most importantly, if you have an iPod without (or even with) a screen, you might love this AV input feature. I use my GPS in the car for, you guessed it, gps, but then, when I leave the car? I use my GPS to watch video or listen to music on the unit! (Need to buy a car lighter to AC cable). If you work in film/video, this is an amazing little monitor!!!
      NOTE: For those with problem getting video to show, use the RED adapter for video instead of Yellow, and YELLOW, WHITE for audio. (Your ipod has YELLOW for Video, connect it with an adapter to the RED of your gps cable) and it works.”

      Boris - July 31st, 2010
      • Barry and Boris:

        Thank you. I tried switching the red and yellow connections as Boris suggested. It worked! What a simple solution.


        John - August 1st, 2010
      • Fanstastic !!! Red worked, Dude thank you.

        Paul - March 20th, 2011
  12. I’m a realtor and really need a trip planner. I previously used the 1412, and loved that feature. Since I have been using the 1700 I have had tons of trouble getting it to work with multiple destinations. I load them in after I set my initial address, then i get a voice prompt to confirm, but no button to confirm. When I hit the orange go button, it leads me to the first destination and rest have vanished and I have to enter the addresses after each stop. A real pain!! If anyone can help me with this feature please advise.

    Cheri - July 28th, 2010
    • I’ve had the same problem with the multi-destination routing. Numerous emails exchanged between me and cutomer service. Finally they have said they may need to replace the unit. It’s interesting though, the owners manual tellu how to do muti-detination routing, but on the Magellan website I find the product comparison chart doen’t say “Yes” or “No” for that feature, just a dash (-). What does that mean? Spoken Street names has the same “-” but that feature works fine.

      Dave - October 2nd, 2010
  13. What do I have to do to get marine nav. on the Magellan 1700

    james - August 1st, 2010
  14. Boris/John:
    I am so happy someone has come up with a way to play video on this 1700. Unfortunately I have no idea what you mean. I must not be very bright but when you talk about red and yellow and white….what are you speaking of? The 1700 has a single 3.5 mini plug. No cable came with the unit so what cable are you speaking of? I need you to back up and point me to a store with what to buy =). Let me know what you know….take care.

    Barry - August 2nd, 2010
    • Barry:

      It is confusing.
      Hopefully this will help you and others. The Ipod is designed to export A/V signal to TV. To do this you need to purchase an adapter cable ( called #1 for the purpose of this explanation) that Apple or other companies sell ( mine is a Scosche brand that I purchased at BestBuy). This cable runs from the port on the bottom of the Ipod and splits the A/V signal into three RCA cables. Normally, a yellow coloured cable is used for video and the red and white cables are for right and left audio channels. This is the same type of cable that you would use to go from a VCR or DVD player to your TV but it has one end that fits into the Ipod. Most TV’s or DVD’s have these coloured input jacks. Once you purchase this cable you can test that the Ipod video signal is working by pugging into your TV system. You will need to select “TV OUT: on” under the video settings menu of the Ipod to watch video from the Ipod on your TV.
      Now things get interesting.

      Since the Magellan unit uses an A/V Mini plug for input, you need to purchase an adapter #2 that takes three separate cables (red white and yellow) and combines them into one ending in an A/V mini plug with THREE black bands ( not two, which is used for stereo headphones). I purchaed mine from Radio Shack. To connect the cables from adapter #1 into the cables on #2 , electronics stores will have a $5 connector with 6 female receptors for RCA cables.
      Normally you would connect the yellow cable on # 1 to the yellow cable on # 2, red to red and white to white. For some unknown reason, that someone figured out, to get the Magellan to receive the video signal you need to connect the yellow cable from adapter #1 to the RED cable of adapter #2, white for #1 to white on #2 and red from #1 to YELLOW on #2.
      With this set-up, when you plug the mini- plug into the Magellan unit with a video running on the Ipod the Magellan screen automatically switches to the video. Originally the sound on my Magellan unit was muted but there is a touch- screen control for the sound.

      I have not experimented to see if the unit will receive other forms of video signal, like a back- up camera, but I suspect it would.

      Simple, huh….. Strange that Magellan would not explain any of this either in the instructions provided, or to the people providing technical support.

      Good Luck


      John - August 3rd, 2010
      • hey JOHN,i got the same set up as you with my iphone,but i get lag or frame rate issues.Does the ipod videos play flawlessly in your set up?Im using GRIFFIN composite ipod video cable,with radioshack female connectors and av cable.please help or atleast let me know wat cables you have or if you have upgraded firmware on magellan.thanks

        EDGAR - December 12th, 2010
  15. John:

    Thanks so much for that thoughtful explanation. I will be running out to buy the appropriate cables. Why there is not a simple ipod plug that has a av mini plug on the other end available is beyond me.

    Its getting close to a year since I first asked these questions and so I want to thank you again for taking the time to figure this out as I am sure there are so many people wanting this info.


    Barry - August 3rd, 2010
  16. Boris/John:
    It worked just as you mentioned…..horrible setup of cables….. a simple ipod connector with a mini plus that has its yellow and red connectors internally switched would do just fine =)……I might invent it just for Magellan.

    Barry - August 4th, 2010
    • Barry:

      If you do, charge them a bundle. They are ducking this.

      John - August 5th, 2010
  17. John,
    I will split it with you…..I think they may have discountinued the 1700……not sure so yes, we will need to charge through the nose =)

    Barry - August 7th, 2010
  18. I bought model 1700 about year ago and the audio stopped working since 5 months ago. How can I restore the sound?

    Don - August 13th, 2010
  19. I have a magelan roadmate 1700 and it is great. I’m can’t seem to find a a/c adapter for it anywhere. Can anyone help me.

    Gary - August 23rd, 2010
  20. Gary, I have not bought this but I saw one on ebay for $4.99 under the search heading…….AC Power Adapter Charger Cable Magellan ROADMATE 1700…….we tried watching video off it in our hotel room a couple weeks ago and it lasted maybe 10 minutes and had been charged up so this would be handy to have.

    Barry - August 25th, 2010
  21. Is there anyway to keep the AV source plugged in and then select between navigation and AV input on the software?! If so… I’m very interested in this unit. i took out my factory nav 7″ screen in my car (it was horribly outdated and terrible) and I will be permanently mounting a different unit to fit it’s shoes and I want an AV in, but since it’s going to be permanent, I won’t have access to plugging the cable in and out to turn it on and off…

    anyone know if this is possible?

    Tim Dodd - September 12th, 2010
    • You can see the video stop when you unplug the input if you use two cables connected together. If you place a switch here you have your solution.

      Bob - November 6th, 2010
  22. Magellan has one specifically for the Rodmate 1700 on their website for $24.99. Look under Accessories.

    Dave - October 2nd, 2010
  23. I had the same problem (see Dave, 10/2/10)and Magellan support said I needed to return the unit to them. They would send a replacement \with the current software\ installed. You need to upgrade the software to version 3.11 or higher which you can do yourself. I discovered this before I sent mine in. Go to the Magellam site and click the VEHICLE NAVIGATION link. There, download and use the CONTENT MANAGER. Follow thw instructions and it will update your software.

    dave sulhoff - November 6th, 2010
  24. Thanks for the reply. I followed John’s careful instructions and have solved the problem. I had a three conductor cable and used the red instead of yellow connected from my cable box. Works great and makes a nice 7″ monitor. Now I will see how it works using a camera mounted in my rear car window switched for dual view.


    Bob - November 6th, 2010
  25. does anyone know if a factory installed back up camera will work with the magellan 1700 thanks

    bob - November 8th, 2010
    • I don’t see why not. I have tried several cameras and video sources sucessfully. As long as you have access to the video out I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t work fine. Just remember you need to use propper cable and wire going into the 1700.


      Bob - November 9th, 2010
  26. We pull a 38ft 5thWhl. trailer with long bed 4dr. truck. We’ve been looking for a gps for big rigs. Is the 1700 a good product for the task?

    Gerald - December 6th, 2010
    • I’ve had the 1700 since May and LOVE it. It has all the features you need without a bunch of extras that make it confusing. However, make sure you download and use the CONTENT MANAGER to make sure your software is up to date, version 3.11 at this point, so all the features work (trust me on this, you don’t want to have to deal with tech support). It will probably make the user manual obsolete but you can download the manual for the Roadmate 3045 to one that is compatable. Get the extended mount too.

      Dave - December 7th, 2010
    • Gerald, the Garmin Nuvi 465T GPS For Truckers seems to be the best in that category, though not perfect.

      Tim - December 14th, 2010
  27. how do you locate a commercial route for truckers,or rv’s
    how do you locate a ferry route,instead of driving?

    barry - January 3rd, 2011
  28. I had multiple 3 ring to rca cables and noticed that they have 2 different wiring conventions. The 4 contacts starting from the tip were

    (seems to be the most common)




    magellan 1700 seems to be, but should be verified


    This thread hosed me up until I finally figured out that I was not using the same cable that every one on this thread was using.

    Jon - January 4th, 2011
    • Jon.

      I think your tests were simplfied by using a camcorder cable

      Where the video in was not the yellow as usual. Trial and error is all that is needed to find the actual video in and connect that to the output of the decive you wish to use like an external camera. I have used mind this way for some time now for viewing everything from cable TV to wireless connection to my Nikon DSLR for taking remote photos.


      Bob - January 5th, 2011
    • It is verified – I used an old IPOD cable I had laying around and the thing worked – two other cables i bought did not. the female socket on the 1700 is wired – from the tip –
      tip audio
      2nd audio
      3rd common
      4th video

      mike - January 5th, 2011
        • Don’t know – it was a white cable left by my step kids couple of years ago – in my “junk cable” box. The only thing I can say is check and confirm the coninuity of any cable you have, – I bought 2 cables for two 1700 gps units from “bargincell” and they both did not work – wrong wiring setup. Before I found the cable that worked I returned the 2nd 1700 gps to the store.

          mike - January 5th, 2011
          • How did you know what cables to order? It’s always good to have a junk box isn’t it? I am glad this issue is finally solved. I know many have been unhappy these Magellan people used uncommon wiring. I included a link to Google where there were many Ipod cables to help I.D. the one you used. I thought it would add to the post if it was clear so others might know exactly what cable it is that worked.

            Good luck with your 1700. I love mine and don’t leave Home without it.


            Bob - January 5th, 2011
          • Don’t know what ipod cable it is- sorry, it was in ny juck box and has no markings – I ordered 2 “standard”, “video to rca adapter cable”s and neither worked – when I tried the “old” Ipod cable i found and it worked , Thats when I did the continuity check and figureded out the pin arrangement,

            Mike - January 5th, 2011
  29. I finally got rid of the 1700 because the screen was ultimately too big. Also the whole thing with Magellans horrible support. I bought a Motorola instead. It has a great screen but is way different than other gps units. I like it enough and the price dropped from $399 down to $139 so it was worth a shot. The only gps company worth a damn is Garmin. Even though I had one and got rid of it, support was fantastic…..they would pick up the phone….could speak english and even emailed you back…amazing!!!! Good luck with your 1700’s!!!

    Barry - March 6th, 2011
    • Maybe you could give more details about the differences in your new unitthat makes it better than other GPS units. I have several GPS devices and find the Roadmate perfect after purchasing a better mount. I see absolutly no problem with a large screen as it hangs low and sits perfectly. It’s too bad some find it impossible to simply attach a cable that works fine for video in. It’s great to make use of a 7″ video monitor both at home and in the car connecting a video camera for viewing the rear. I might actually buy at least one more just for that purpose.

      Who needs support when you have forums like this to get all the information you need?

      Bob - March 7th, 2011
      • I couldn’t agree more. I admit it has been a little bit of work to get my RM 1700 w/ backup camera working the way I originally desired to, but I got a namebrand GPS at a fraction of what I would pay for a comparable Garmin.

        Thank you so much to this forum btw. Yellow Camera wire to Red on Magellan input wire did the trick!

        Justin - March 15th, 2011
  30. The real difference in the Motorola TN765t is it has the potential to provide alot of information. It draws alot of info off your bluetooth phone using its web connection. I will never use this info unless in an emergency simply because I am cheap and don’t want to pay for the cost of the info =). The unit itself is more like an iphone than a gps in that its very thin, easy to carry around. It seems gps devices have not advanced in their look and how they provide info in a long time and this unit is refreshing from that standpoint. Whether its better or a step backward each of us will have to determine ourselves. This screen was made more horizontal so that it could provide info while keeping the map up. It does this pretty well but you can imagine the map gets smaller and the info is smaller (smaller text, graphics, etc).

    Barry - March 14th, 2011
    • I researched your choice and I can say I agree that it seems like a nice product. I did see many complain about short battery life but who would even care if it is to be used in your car.

      Good luck

      Bob - March 15th, 2011
  31. I just think its silly that magellan doesnt provide this cable to buy from their website. I bet they could make $ just on that cable since we all need one and it’s not included. You would think that they would provide it with the purchase since this gps isn’t cheap. I’m annoyed by this.

    Can someone plese help. So can I use this one for av input to use for backup camera? http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=camcorder+cables&hl=en&prmd=ivns&resnum=3&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=9982332763843828046&ei=-5EkTc3BIoG88gbb7bHMAQ&sa=X&oi=product_catalog_result&ct=result&resnum=5&ved=0CIcBEPMCMAQ#

    Ramon Espinosa - March 30th, 2011
    • Greetings,

      This is the cable I use with my RM 1700 GPS:

      Macally Audio and Video Cable for iPod classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G (White)


      I use this cable primarily for watching movies from a Sansa View video/mp3 player, but have also tested it w/ video input from other sources, and it works well.

      If you need to switch cable ends from male to female, Radio Shack sells a 3 plug A/V female/female adapter: paid around $7 dollars ($US) back in 2009 for it.


      Robert Haley - April 4th, 2011
      • Hi

        I have the 9055-lm and I am facing the same RCA to A/V input issue. I have read all the above but would appreciate it if you can point me to the actual connector that I need to use to connect my Yellow cable from the backup camera to the Amazon cable that you kindly suggested.


        Rick - October 27th, 2011
  32. Help, I am a first time GPS user I purchased a Magellan Roadmate 1700. How can I charge the unit outside the car.

    Marion M June7, 2011 - June 7th, 2011
    • You can purchase an AC/DC Vehicle Power Adapter. I bought a Garmin that can be used several different devices and works fine on my 1700. Model number 010-10723-08

      Bob - June 8th, 2011
  33. I just received a Magellan 1700 and I am wanting to add a backup camera. I have been reading the thread and it seems some have been having problems doing this.All I have right now is the GPS itself so what exactly do I need to add a backup camera. Is there a certain type of camera that I need to buy or will any wireless cam work?


    Rick - January 2nd, 2012
  34. I am awaiting arrival of a Magellan 1700. I purchased it primarily for a back-up camera installation. But for the price, have a GPS as well. As with everyone here, the topic was how to mate it to the camera (or Ipod/TV).

    I have read through the majority of the information posted here. Believe me it was helpful. Then I started to do some research on my own. The solution is quite simple and inexpensive. James Condon hit the mark with the 3.5mm 4 cond connector that is the necessary part at the Magellan GPS.

    On a Google search “3.5mm 4 cond to RCA cable”, I found that this is a cable used on a video cam. There is a cable, STEREN 255-192, that is 6 ft long and under $10 on line. This is a 3.5mm 4 conductor male connector mated to yellow, red, and white male RCA ends. If you do your own search, make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you are looking at a 4 conductor pin. There are a mix of 4 and 2 conductor 3.5mm pins in the search. You need 4 cond. If you are using a back-up camera only, you will only use the yellow.This cable should fit most applications.For other apps, you have all three.

    As for reverse cameras, any camera with RCA connectors will work. There are bunches in all price ranges. I am personally using flush mounts with night vision and range grid @ $40 each. There are a few others having these features with various mounting options. The moderator asks that we do not give web sites. Just be patient when searching.

    For my application, it appears that I will need to lengthen some of the RCA cable runs. If this is also a problem you may have, do a search, ” RCA to RCA extension cables”. This search gives you RCA male to RCA female ends at multiple lengths.

    The next problem was having a back-up camera and a trailer camera with the Magellan as a monitor. The solutions to this is a back-up camera video switcher available for about $35-$40.

    To make this work, the tow vehicle has to be wired to activate when in reverse, using terminal “1 in”, according to the schematic. The principal of this is that terminal “1 in” is activated when the camera is powered by the reverse light circuit.But the trailer camera will not work when the vehicle is in reverse because terminal “2 in” is activated when there is no power to terminal “1”in”–not good when the trailer is connected.

    My theory is to reverse the schematic on the switcher ports 1 and 2.The trailer cam to port 1 and the vehicle cam to port 2. Port 2 operates because port 1 is not powered (the trailer is not attached). You back up to the trailer using the vehicle camera (port 2). Neither port will be active if the vehicle back-up camera is wired to the backup light circuit so the GPS mode is active. Once the trailer is connected with the camera, Port 1 is activated for the trailer cam. This will work for the cameras, but the GPS will not work unless the connector is dislodged from the Magellan when the trailer cam is active. I will just slightly dislodge the jack at the GPS or keep the Garmin handy in this situation. I am open to suggestions!

    Hope this helps you sleep better!

    Joe Davis - January 4th, 2012
    • After submitting the post yesterday, the nagging question remained. How do you have a back-up camera and a rear view trailer camera connected to the Magellan GPS via the video switcher and still have use of the GPS when necessary.

      The light came on! The video switcher has 4 female ports on the face of the unit being: video 1 in; video 2 in; video 1 out; video 2 out. The two in and one out will be used. On the rear of the switcher is the 12-volt supply that powers the unit. If a simple interrupter on/off switch cuts the power on the plus side (red wire), the GPS feature will work on the Magellan. Sometimes the answer is too simple.

      One other note of interest while researching was where to mount the GPS. The Garmin is much smaller and fits well on the dash w/o obstructing vision in our pickup truck. But the 7″ screen may be another story, not to mention being a billboard for theft.

      I Google searched “GPS mounting” and came up with a site that shows pictures of just about any mount made for bikes, motorcycles, airplanes, and other vehicles. If you click on the picture, it opens the site where the mount is available. The picture will “overlay” the site, but just click on the photo exit box in the upper right corner of the photo. Bookmarking this site first will help you get
      back if you lose it.

      One of these mounts really impressed me. This mount slides into the CD player slot of the dash radio. It does not damage the CD player and is advertised to actually play a CD with the mount in place. It will also mount to a cassette. All well and good, but totally inconvenient if you use the CD player. Personally we don’t.The flat plate extends out past the front so that you can use the suction cup on the Magellan directly to the plate. It is removed as simply at ejecting a CD.For our application, this puts the top of the GPS in line with the top of the dash and about 3″ out. Pretty cool!

      Just love it when a plan comes together.

      Joe Davis - January 5th, 2012

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