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Magellan RoadMate 2200T


The RoadMate 2200T from Magellan is in the middle of the new 2000 series. The 2200T is water resistant, has a 3.5 inch touch screen display, and has the SiRFstarIII chipset. Additions over the 2000 include optional SD card storage, optional real time traffic reporting, as well as full maps of North America. There are more POIs (2 million) in the database as well.

The 2200T weights slightly more at 8.5 Ounces. This new RoadMate also features an MP3 player, photo viewer, and a battery which should last about 8 hours. You can also purchase a “Sports Guard” army jackets for the 2200T making the device even more water resistant as well as add protection and ease grip due to the rubberized surface.

The Magellan RoadMate 2200T should be available in October for about $499.

70 Responses

  1. Is it possible to create waypoints on my pc and upload them to this unit or the 2500T similar to the way it’s done with my Explorist and Meridian. I ask because my main use for this unit will be for street routing to geocaches then switching to my handheld.

    Eldon - November 4th, 2006
  2. I haven’t had a chance to use the 2500T yet, so I can’t be 100% sure. However if it is like most of the other recent Magellan devices you would be able to upload locations with the POI Manager application.

    Tim - November 4th, 2006
  3. How does the POI Manager work? Do you have to manually enter the coordinates or can you just drop a gpx, wpt, or upt file into it and then upload. It would be a slow process to have to type in the coordinates and then one would have to hope that no miss typing was done. At least for me anyway.

    Eldon - November 4th, 2006
  4. The POI Manager will import certain file types. You can create a character delimited file with a name, lat, and long. The docs say you can also import GPS Exchange file format (.GPS,.XML); Magellan
    Waypoint file format (.WPT,.RTE); and Garmin PCX5 Waypoint file format (.WPT,.RTE).

    Tim - November 5th, 2006
  5. Sounds good. Being able to import a file that I create with Magellan Mapsend should make it a relatively simple task to create waypoints for the 2200T/2500T to route to when addresses are unavailable.
    Thank you for your input. Much Appreciated.

    Eldon - November 5th, 2006
  6. Hi there, I just bought a Magellan Roadmate 2200 for my husband for Christmas. Can someone tell me if I need to buy the traffic kit as well so we can get traffic updates?

    Georgiatoo - December 11th, 2006
  7. Georgiatoo, I believe that I had read that the traffic kit will not be available till Jan or Feb of 07. I just looked on the Magellan website and they don’t have them listed yet.

    Eldon - December 11th, 2006
  8. Thanks for responding – I called Magellan and they said the traffic kit was included with the GPS, but that didn’t seem right to me. I love when the company does not even know their own merchandise – doesn’t make me overly confident.

    Georgiatoo - December 11th, 2006
  9. I know what you mean. I had called them when I bought my Explorist, to find out if the copy of Direct Route that I owned would work with the new GPSr. They told me “no” and that I would need to buy a newer version. As it turns out, they were wrong. It works fine. That could have been costly.

    Eldon - December 11th, 2006
  10. We recieved the gps unit yesterday, but I can’t tell if the traffickit is really enclosed. Can anyone tell me about the traffic alert subscription with the 2200T? Also, I’ve read about lots of “proceed to route” problems with the 2000 – do you think these have been resolved with the 2200? Thanks!

    Georgiatoo - December 13th, 2006
  11. I will occasionally go to Canada. Is it easy or even possible to download maps to Canada with the Magellan RoadMate 2200T?

    Mike - May 26th, 2007
    • I have a 2200T Magellan. How do you get out of state addresses. Unit asked for city, street, and number. However, unit does not asked for State, so the only addresses-routes I can get is from my local state.

      William - September 30th, 2011
  12. Mike, maps of Canada are included on the device.

    Tim - May 26th, 2007
  13. Thanks, Tim. Do you have this model? Do you like it? I’m almost ready to buy it unless I hear something bad about this or way better about something else in the price range.

    Mike - May 26th, 2007
  14. Mike – It really depends on what you are looking for. 😉 If you want, head over to the forums and we can chat about it to see if it will best meet your needs.

    Tim - May 26th, 2007
  15. I recently bought the 2200t. I notice that if I miss a turn, it takes the device a couple of seconds to realize I missed the turn before it recalculates the directions. Is this normal on other devices?

    RMW - May 31st, 2007
  16. Yes, that is normal. It will try to give the benefit of doubt for a few seconds in case the road isn’t exactly where it should be on the map or if satellite reception doesn’t place you exactly where you should be.

    Tim - June 1st, 2007
  17. [snip]. I did a firmware upgrade via the Magellan website so the unit is all up to date.

    Im pleased with it’s performance but according to the advertising there is supposed to be a software update that allows it to load topo maps like the Magellan Crossover.

    Does anyone know where and how to do this?

    Darren - June 1st, 2007
  18. Darren, the link to the software update isn’t live on their site…. I’m not sure why.

    Tim - June 1st, 2007
  19. I recently purchased the 2200T and am experiencing routing errors. I also own the Maestro 3100 and I can compare turn by turn as I drive. In a few instances the 2200T told me to turn left (incorrectly), while the 3100 has been correct. Also, when I get to my destination, the 2200T does not say I’ve arrived until 100’s of feet past it, and whereas the 3100 is always right on. Do you think that there is a problem with this 2200T? I have update its firmware to 1.72, so I can’t do much more.

    bob - June 7th, 2007
  20. Bob, probably not a problem with your device but rather just the differences of having more updated maps I might suspect.

    Tim - June 7th, 2007
  21. I recently bought the roadmate 2000T and noticed I could not find the POI I needed. The CSR told me the software is not up to date. Anything 3-5 years old needs an update. And it is not avaialable for this model.Is this true?

    jered - June 10th, 2007
  22. The 200T ships with 1.5 million POIs. There are other GPS devices which ship with as many as 14 million POIs. So at best your 200T will have one out of 10 POIs in total. Unlike the road database they don’t try to put every POI in each GPS device.

    Tim - June 11th, 2007
  23. I am returning my 2200T to the warehouse store from which I purchased it. In fact, I ran into a man returning his in Gardnerville Nevada, while I was traveling, and he had the same problems I did. I also asked inside the store, and they said they had a 50% return rate on them. The problems–in a couple critical times on our trip, the GPS just couldn’t find itself. I could see that it had 8-10 satellites tracking, but it wouldn’t run. I had to use a pen to reboot many, many times, and sometimes it worked, but most of the time it just came to life on its own from between 5-10 minutes (which can be critical when trying to navigate San Francisco…). I was glad I had brought along paper maps for those dead times. Also, in my mountain home area, most of the roads don’t show up (yes, I have the most recent 1.72 version), and the right turn on one street leading to my house is incorrectly labeled as a right. “Route exclusion” is so cumbersome that I found it easier to program a closer location that I knew it would pick up correctly, than the longer distance. It was also very slow to recalculate wrong turns. One of the more frustrating spots was when I missed a turn and it told me to make a U-turn. As soon as we completed our U-turn (in a 28 foot motor home), it told us to make ANOTHER U-turn!!!

    I’ve seen the value of a GOOD GPS, and look forward to finding an affordable Garmin, since all my GPS-expert friends seem to recommend that brand over Magellan.

    MaryL - June 12th, 2007
  24. It would be nice if Magellan lived up to their previous commitments and made the crossover upgrade available for the 2200T. I bought this unit on the expectation the upgrade was available only to find it was not.

    Look on the Magellan site and 2200T literature and you see:

    CrossoverGPS (TM) expandable – Easily upgrade1 to accept topographic maps for outdoor navigation.

    But it is not available. The question is when will it be available, if ever.

    Darren - June 16th, 2007
  25. I spoke with Magellan customer service 2 weeks ago and they said to expect the Crossover upgrade in 3 to 4 months. Unbelievable that a company of this size can conduct themselves in this manner. Magellan has been touting the Crossover upgradeability of the 2200T since September 2006. This is bordering on FAUD!
    If Magellan does not get their act together, I predict a class action lawsuit will be on its way for those of us who can no longer return the unit.

    Walter - June 20th, 2007
  26. Does anyone know if it is possible to enter Canadian address for this GPS unit to route to?
    I know that it has a map of Canada but no Canadian towns are coming up when entering names just the US ones.

    KG - June 26th, 2007
  27. You must change the “Region” setting and select the region as Canada. Then you can put in Canadian addresses to route to.

    Hugh - July 4th, 2007
  28. I recently bought the 2200NA. I am genrally pleased with it, but like others wish there was a way to get more uptodate maps.
    Question: what are waypoints, how do you get them into the system. There seems to be nothing about them in either the documentation or the program they suppied for adding MYPOI’s. The only reference I saw is in the Address Book menu and there are none in the system. I am current with 1.72.18.

    Robert Frommer - July 7th, 2007
  29. Hello, if you are a Magellan 2200T owner and you are frustrated waiting for Magellan to release the Crossover upgrade, please visit the Yahoo newsgroup below and consider joining it to add your voice in calling Magellan to make good on its promise. There is also information how to make your complaint with the Santa Clara Better Business Bureau which is where Magellan’s headquarter is located.

    Hoa - July 11th, 2007
  30. Well I’m not happy with the 2200T but it is supposed to be waterproof so that is good on my motorcycle. The MP3 player and route directions are not loud enough to hear while riding with very good ear buds and a closed full face helmet.
    I have converted way points through POI File Editor but they must be uploaded with Roadmate Tools. I have uploaded way points from both DeLorme Topo USA 5 and Magellan Map Send Streets (from older Magellan 330 handheld). I will put some info on how to do this on the Yahoo blog because I hate to see people try to reinvent the wheel. My biggest complaint is cross roads are not named unless you are in the Route mode. You have no idea what road you just crossed unless you go to the underlying info screen. Not easy while riding a bike. This is my 5th and last Magellan product. Notice how outdoor stores etc. carry about 5 times as many Garmin models as Magellans. there is a reason.

    Sean Ahern - July 15th, 2007
  31. Can I load a map of Canada into my Maestro 3100? AS I drove from Montana into BC, the map showed a road, but unable to enter a destination in Canada? I was informed that it could be upgraded via the USB cable…any recommendations?

    Gerard - July 18th, 2007
  32. I have a 2200T that has went back to Magellan Service 4 times for repair and has not yet been fixed. They just sent me a fifth RA return number.
    What does it take to get Magellan to replace a unit under warranty?
    My unit has 8 months of its warranty used up, most of that time was spent in the Magellan repair shop, or in the UPS truck going back and forth to the repair shop.
    Does anyone have a contact number or email address at Magellan other than their tech support phone number?
    The people at that number are polite, but obviously have no authority to do anything other than give out RA numbers.

    Dale Gaerke - July 28th, 2007
  33. Dale…what was it that was wrong with yours that you’ve returned it that many times? I’m guessing it was that it freezes up and can’t find itself, but you’ve got me curious. I’m sure wondering if there are any HAPPY Magellan 2200T users out there. I wonder how many Costco has had to take back!

    MaryL - July 28th, 2007
  34. I have had my 2200T for only five weeks but it is working very well for me. It got us around southern Florida on a 10 day trip and it worked great last weekend on a 800 round trip to a family reunion in rural northern Iowa. It occasionally does not provide the best route, but it always gets us to our destination.
    I like it so much that I bought an extra cradle, power cord and a custom bracket for my car so I could do a “semi-permanent” installation, wire the 2200T power into the car electrical system and get the 2200T off the windshield and to a lower position where my wife can operate it from the front passenger seat.
    My only “complaint” is that the 2200T is somewhat light on POI’s although it included most of the restaurants we wanted during our two out of town trips with it.
    I borrowed a lower tier “C” series Garmin before I bought the 2200T and the Megellan works far better — I especially like that the volume can be turned up higher on the Megellan and that it says the street names — you have to pay far more to get a Garmin that says the street names. And the 2200T is much easier to use that the similar (but non-touchscreen) Hertz Neverlost system we used in May on one week vacation in Massachusetts.

    The main thing I dislike about all these portable nav products is that there is no way to hook it to my radio to mute the radio when the nav gives a voice prompt — some of the old TomTom installation kits had a radio mute connection. My phone kit mutes my radio so why can’t Magellan, Garmin or any of the others provide an optional mute cable that I could attach to the same easily accessible radio mute point that my phone kit is attached to.

    Jim - July 31st, 2007
  35. I use the 2200T for my work routing. I have to check quite a few addresses each day in various towns. The main problem I’m having with the unit is “Non-up-to-date” streets. I know one apartment complex I checked has been there since at least 2003. However, there is NO record of any of the streets in the complex to be found in the 2200T. My question is, how old is the current 1.72.18?!! And when the HECK is a NEW UPDATE going to be available?!!!

    James Peretic - August 16th, 2007
  36. Magellan uses 3rd party map data as i read everyone else does also. I wouldn’t look for an update very soon. My DeLorme Street Atlas took about 4 years to a map a state road bypass of an entire town in Ohio.

    Sean Ahern - August 16th, 2007
  37. We’ve had our 2200T for almost a week now and we’re generally very happy with it. We tested it out in our area, and it gives good directions, the text-to-speech sounds great, and I find it to be pretty intuitive and easy-to-use.

    My only complaint would be that the POI list seems a little skimpy/outdated, as others here have mentioned. Does anyone know if it is possible to search for post offices??

    All that said, we are very satisfied overall. It has most of the POIs that we would need, and the maps and voice directions are very clear.

    KT - August 18th, 2007
  38. Hey, you can turn your 2200t into a 2500NA, sort of, I tried it and you get a new interface and a better map presentation. Go to GPSPassion


    2 methods presented there. I used the switching upgrade file method as opposed to switching the hacked file (because it worked first) I had to do nothing else after one try. Roadmate Tools won’t work but you can load straight to SD card from computer. POI editor still will work and then slip file it creates onto SD card. PUT a little of all three files on card with RMT before doing the switch over. See my comments (including whining) under “woxof”

    Sean Ahern - August 21st, 2007
  39. On account of making a purchase (magellan roadMate 2200T) out of state, then shortly after I had to move, I somehow have lost my software CD! I’m highly discusted with myself. It seems there is some necessary info on it that I know want! After trying to see if it could be downloaded from Magellan’s site with no luck, I was hoping somebody might know a way to aquire it.
    Thanks for any help.

    Chris - August 30th, 2007
  40. CHRIS:
    Email me at woxof@msmisp.com and I can copy the Road Mate Tools and POI editor CD/CDs for you.
    Sean Ahern

    Sean Ahern - August 31st, 2007
  41. Has anyone else tried to upgrade this with the TrafficKit add-on? I did a few months ago, and to date I’ve yet to get a single warning about traffic problems – even when I’m stuck in downtown Atlanta in bumper to bumper traffic. I’ve upgraded to 1.72, reset the device, added the subscription info, reset it again, removed and reattached the traffic lit, but no luck. If I hit the green circle with the “T” in it, it will always tell me that there are No traffic incidents on my route. Clearly something is wrong, but I’m getting no help from Magellan… Any ideas?

    Bill - September 6th, 2007
  42. Looks like the crossover upgrade is finally available.

    Woo Hoo!!!

    Anyone done it yet?

    N_Jay - September 10th, 2007
  43. Some info on the update.
    Go to GPSPassions for the issues on updating. If you used either of the available hacks to change the software version from 1.72 to 2.14 (locked) DO NOT! DO NOT! hack back to the 1.72 version before installing the up grade. Myself and several others who have done this cannot now upgrade to EITHER version of the 2.14 upgrade. The people that hacked to the 2.14 and then installed the new 2.14 (which includes the maps for the 2200 model)have had no problem. Also people that are upgrading from 1.72 are having no problem.If you want to up grade you can do so with out buying the unlock code and you will see Marine and Outdoor but you need the code to unlock. You only get 3-4 chances to enter the unlock code so I would advise against a lottery based approach to guessing the 12 digit code.
    Sean AHern

    Sean Ahern - September 11th, 2007
  44. Is Magellan still functioning as a business? I ordered a cradle and DC power code for my 2200T at the end of June 2007. I received the cradle within a few days but the DC power code still shows as pending on the Magellan website under my order status.

    I called Magellan customer support over a month ago and could not tell me when the power code would be shipped.

    Now it has been nearly five months (24 Nov 2007) and still no power cord. Is Magellan a “real”, functioning business?

    Are others having issues like this?

    Jim - November 24th, 2007
  45. Have been using the 2200t for an extended RV trip, cross county greater than 5k miles. Missing many POIs. Gave up trying to upgrade it to newer info data base. But it works anywhere inside the RV.

    I think I’m going to Garmen.

    Gene - December 10th, 2007
  46. Gene, unlike the road database GPS companies don’t put every known POI into their devices. Typically they have about 5%-20% coverage.

    Tim - December 11th, 2007
  47. When I search the POI database on my 2200T, it usually returns the 25 closest locations and displays a message (> 25 matches found) or something like that. Is there a way to find the next 25 or all of the locations found? If I’m looking for a hotel and it isn’t in the top 25, I can’t find the one I am looking for???

    Phil Gardner - December 30th, 2007
  48. DO NOT BUY MAGELLAN !!!!!!. I had bought MAGELLAN 2200T arnd 1 year ago and now MAGELLAN has released updated MAP for this model and wants 78$ for update MAP info. This is crazy as model is only one year old and now pay 78$ to update map &&^%$#$. Buy Garmin or Tom Tom you might pay little bit extra initially but in the long run they are cheaper.

    Bill - March 17th, 2008
  49. Bill, I’m not sure how Garmin or TomTom are any cheaper in that regard. Garmin charges $79 for their annual map updates and TomTom’s map updates typically cost $75-$100.

    Tim - March 17th, 2008
  50. Tim, My friends hv TomTom and Garmin and they just did Map updates on their units and those map updates were free.I think Garmin unit is more than two yrs old and TomTom one year old.
    Not only that when you call Magellan using the phone # on their website for 2200T support , in the end you get the message that this extension # could not be reached or something like that it looks like they have stop supporting 2200T which is only one year old. Do you think it is a reasonable to expect support for at least 2/3 years?

    Bill - March 19th, 2008
  51. You have some lucky friends.

    Tim - March 19th, 2008
  52. No Lucky but SMART. Be SMART and do not buy MAGELLAN products.

    Bill - March 21st, 2008
  53. When you retrieve information from the POI (e.g. resturants) and >25 found appears, is there away to get the next 25 and the next 25 or is that all the information you can actually view?

    Phil Gardner - April 5th, 2008
  54. I just saw a 2200T for sale at a great price from a reputable dealer but it is “recertified”. I assume this is refurbished. Is this recommended with gps devices? I have bought refurbished iPods and boom boxes with no problem. What about this? Thanks! Oh- also, is it light enough to carry in a purse and is there a bicycle mount available like there are for, say, Garmin 260s?

    Sylvia - May 28th, 2008
  55. You will want to check two things when it comes to refurbished GPS devices. (1) Just like any other refurbished electronic gadget, check to see that the warranty is the same as a “factory new” device. (2) Specific to GPS devices try to find out which map version comes on the device, and if you are entitled to the same map update policy as that company has on new devices. Sometimes people pickup refurb GPS devices to find they shipped with much older maps, and then need to pay full price for a map update.

    Tim - May 28th, 2008
  56. Is the v.2 update for the 2200T worthwhile for the occasional user? Someone tell me this is worth the $$? Performance issues? Is there anyway to set my home location to a specific long/lat.–mapset is not accurate for my address? Thanks

    Stan - June 2nd, 2008
  57. Was a card supposed to be included with the 2200T?
    This is my first RM and I would like to be able to enter addresses from my pc.

    Rene - June 8th, 2008
  58. Rene – It isn’t supposed to come with a card. I don’t believe Magellan offers software to add addresses from your computer.

    Tim - June 9th, 2008
  59. I have on thing to say, “DO NOT BUY A MAGELLAN”

    Wallace Turk - June 14th, 2008
  60. I have Magellan Roadmate 2200t and have been using it for about a year with no problems.
    The new magellan software is out that updates the 2200t to crossover for $80. Has anyone tried this out yet?

    Larry - August 8th, 2008
  61. Is the v.2 update for the 2200T worthwhile for the occasional user? I think not. I live in SF CA the roads change faster than the weather. I sure do not want to put out the $$ for a update that will be out of date before Magellan ships. I am satisfied with the 2200T for now but will think hard and long before my next purchase. Free updates will be my priority.

    Richard - August 17th, 2008
  62. I have owned a 2200t for about a year and a half. Immediately after the upgrade the unit began functioning intermittently. First it would not turn on using the power switch. Occasionally not at all, but then would spring back to life somehow. Finally nothing. Waiting for an RGA from Magellan but not sure it is worth it.

    George - August 26th, 2008
    • Magellan 2200T – I have had the same problems with mine after the upgrade, sometimes I turn it on, it comes on, and shuts right off. one time it wouldnt turn on at all, I had to open it and disconnect the battery – then reconnect to get it to turn on. at times it now directs me on to a road going the wrong way, then has me turn around and go the proper way. last night it actually put me in a loop going in a circle and kept me there –
      time for a Garmin I’m thinking…

      John - February 14th, 2009
  63. Just a datapoint… I got a 2200T refurbished for my wife this past Christmas. It has mostly worked very well for her. Occasionally it gets mixed up and starts displaying something crazy (maybe once every month or two?), but all but once, turning it off and back on cleared up the problem. Once it took pressing the reset button to get it back in its right mind. My wife likes the way it gives directions, giving her a heads before the upcoming turns, and then ‘dinging’ right when the turn needs to be made. It doesn’t always tell her the very fastest route to take, but it has been VERY rare that it just can’t get her where she needs to go.

    Richard - September 12th, 2008
  64. What website or store is the best pace to buy a update for the 2200T series.

    George - December 31st, 2008
    • Do you mean something like a map update? I’d purchase the map update directly from Magellan.

      Tim - December 31st, 2008
    • Just a note re: the map update/upgrade to xover. Got it direct- no issues on install. Graphics more snazzy–though too many touches required to enter a destination, maps are truly updated, my unit is more unstable since. Slower startup and satellite acquisition, unit will announce a left turn-where map routing (correctly) indicate a right turn–this is a sporadic issue. I don’t use xover features

      Stan - December 31st, 2008
  65. I just got a magellan Maestro 5310 I read it uses Nateq oes anyone know if I can put a Navteq marine sd card in it withankshout messing it up?? Then i could use it on my boat. T

    Captain Len - November 10th, 2009
    • Magellan does use road maps from Navteq, however Navteq doesn’t make marine maps. (And if they did the marine maps wouldn’t likely work in the RoadMate anyway.)

      Tim - November 11th, 2009

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