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Magellan RoadMate 3000T Sun Herald Review


James Derk of the Sun Herald has written a short column about the Magellan RoadMate 3000T. His biggest praise is of the accuracy and acquisition time of the GPS chipset. Since the 3000t is powered by a SiRF Star III chipset this isn’t a surprise. He also praises the bright screen.

Once powered on, the unit locates the satellites and orients itself. One thing that impressed me was the unit’s ability to locate satellites even while being held by the passenger in a car; it didn’t seem to need line of sight to the dash or even a clear view out the windows. The unit’s 3.5-inch color screen was bright and easy to use.

He did find a few faults with the RoadMate 3000T however.

Sometimes the routes Magellan thinks are best are, shall we say, interesting, but I never found it to be totally off-base. Once in a while, it will be a house or two off but that’s more a fault of the map and not the device. … sometimes it told me too late to make a turn off an interstate. Also, the device’s female voice is sometimes too soft for a van full of people and the radio.

Those are all valid comments. I’ve never used a GPS that provided perfect routing or had 100% accurate maps. We’ve been hearing a few people complain that the lead time on some of the newer Garmin GPS receivers as well.

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