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Magellan RoadMate 3050T


Magellan also has released information surrounding the new Magellan RoadMate 3050T GPS navigation system. The RoadMate 3050T features an integrated traffic receiver (TrafficKit) for routing around traffic jams. It does not appear to come with Bluetooth, for that you will need the Magellan RoadMate 6000T.

Availability is scheduled for June at a retail price of $649.

38 Responses

  1. Guys, This seems to be a hot site. Anyway, I own a Garmin 2620 and I got a Magellan 3050T today. The box says 3050T, but the unit is 3000T. I got on the site and could not find a difference. Costco tell me they are the same. I believe Costco – greatest store on earth! Anyway, some observations. The 3050 menu is much simpler than the 2620 (and I guess other Garmins). However, I like the capability of Garmin to display other info. such as vehicle speed, time to destination etc. on the same screen. Now to my question. I’m still torn between going for the 3050 or the Garmin Nuvi 350. The latter seems to be more expensive ($629 vs $499 for the 3050). Is the extra $s worth it (the Garmin is slimmer, right?).

    AJ - September 3rd, 2006
  2. Al – I’ve moved your comment over here to the 3050T page since it applied to this page more than others. Yes, there is a difference between the 3000 and the 3050T. The difference is very small though. The “T” designation means that it comes with the TrafficKit accessory. The 3000 does not come with a TrafficKit accessory, although it is available as an optional accessory. Other than that they devices are identical.

    GPS Review - September 4th, 2006
  3. Does the 3050T have all the capabilities found in the Magellan NeverLost used by Hertz?

    Carolyn Goddard - September 22nd, 2006
  4. Carolyn, I’ve never used the NeverLost system so I can’t say for sure, but I’ve been told it is most similar to the RoadMate 760.

    GPS Review - September 22nd, 2006
  5. I just bought a GPS system from Costco. On the box it says 3050T but the actual unit says it’s a 3000T. It appears to have the traffic kit. What’s the difference between 3050T and 3000T?

    sue vandegrift - October 10th, 2006
  6. How does the 3000T by Magellan compare to the Garmin 2820 GPS? The Garmin is quite a bit more expensive, so what do you get for the extra money?

    sue vandegrift - October 10th, 2006
  7. Other than TrafficKit there is no difference between the two. A 3000T with TrafficKit is exactly the same as the 3050T.

    The Garmin 2820 is significantly larger, it isn’t designed to really be very portable. It also can receive XM traffic, XM radio, has Bluetooth connectivity, etc. It is really in a different class of GPS.

    Tim - October 10th, 2006
  8. Back to the original question, Costco has both the Nuvi 350 and the Magellan 3050T. Which has more features? Do both have the voice instructions naming the roads? Is one faster than the other in acquiring fixes? Which one has more bang for buck?


    Harry - October 17th, 2006
  9. Harry, you can use this link to compare the Nuvi 350 and Magellan 3050T. Most of the features are listed there along with links where you can compare prices from a variety of stores. You will probably find the 3050T a little less expensive. The 3050T does not speak street names (text to speech). Both use the same chipset, so signal acquisition should be nearly identical.

    Tim - October 17th, 2006
  10. Tim, thanks for info and comparison. From looking around it appears Magellan is coming out with a Roadmate 2500T which combines the best of the above. I cannot tell if it will have POI installed and is hard to compare. Have you done a report or comparison on it yet?

    Thanks again,

    Harry - October 19th, 2006
  11. Here is a link where you can find what information we have so far about the Magellan 2500T. From what we have seen so far it will not be available until December. However we have listed the specifications we know about along the top left of that page. It is expected to have 2 million POI installed.

    If you want to see all three side-by-side, use this link to compare the Garmin 350, Magellan 3050T, and Magellan 2500T.

    Tim - October 19th, 2006
  12. I have a Magellan 800 now and am thinking of getting the 3050T. What is the difference between the two besides the Traffic.

    Barbara Gocek - October 23rd, 2006
  13. Barbara, here you can compare the roadmate 3050t and the roadmate 800.

    The biggest differences are in physical size, hard drive space, and battery duration.

    Tim - October 23rd, 2006
  14. I bought one 3050T from Costco for a trip and was disappointed:

    – The first time I turned it on, it just sat there with a happy logo showing, and nothing happened. Until 30 minutes later I turned it off and back on…

    – The display dims automatically in night mode but it’s still too bright and I couldn’t find any way to dim it further.

    – Response times very uneven: sometimes it’s quick sometimes it’s very slow. Very annoying when entering stuff. Countless times I’d click on a letter, after a second thinking it didn’t take, click on it again and “oops”, “Backspace”. It’s really “fun” when this happens to the menus…

    – On an open segment of I-5 sometimes it showed me in the opposite lanes. No cloud and no cover. Glad I still paid attention to the real road.

    – It froze one time on the 2nd day. Had to “reboot” it (the manual also uses the same word to describe the reset button, which makes me feel uneasy — bring back the CTL-ALT-DEL please, WinCE).

    – The interface design feels unprofessional. Who’d have guessed to plan a multi-stop trip one had to go to the “Address Book” and click on the corner button with no label? They should at least hire a few HCI interns and get it improved. A good interaction designer would be even better.

    – Since I’m not supposed to be driving while playing with it, and I should fully charge it before first use, how come it doesn’t come with a A/C adapter so that I can charge it at home and familiarize with it before taking it out for a spin?

    Well, I’m returning this unit.

    Alex Z. - October 30th, 2006
  15. How do Clear Channel, XM, Sirius and Infinity compare as providers of Los Angeles traffic information?

    If my top priority is to get the most accurate, up-to-date traffic information in Los Angeles, what would you recommend?

    Much thanks for your help.

    KM November 5, 2006

    Kla Metal - November 5th, 2006
  16. Ok I bought it… so far it works great. I bought it at Costco for $499.00 which means if I find i dont like it… I can return it… So, Im pretty pleased.

    john - November 6th, 2006
  17. Kla – I would say that Clear Channel and XM are the more popular providers. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don’t live in LA so I don’t really have any insight over which service provides better coverage in LA.

    Tim - November 6th, 2006
  18. Thanks for all the info guys, I was about to get my 3050t at costco, but my brother inlaw told me about a site that he bought the magellan 6000t at. I checked them out and they were magellan dealers and I got my 3050t at a better price than costco and no sales tax. For anyone who is looking for this item I recommend you look at autonavdirect

    Jeff G - November 14th, 2006
  19. does the 3050T show time of arrival as I find it useful, also is the traffic info accurate?

    Mark Lowney - November 21st, 2006
  20. I have used a Magellan Gold for trip the past 5 years. I just purchased a 3050T from Costco. I tested it this past week and found it easy to use. The only thing I miss is being able to display the Elevation and MPH on the Map Screen. Though it is available on the Non-Map Screen.

    Lastly, I beleive the Map Database is not upto date. Streets and Certain Stores that have existed for the past two years in Roseville and Folsom area are missing. I have an inquiry into Magellan, pending an answer on when an update will be available. Example Folsom Costco does not exist.

    TYC - November 21st, 2006
  21. TYC, you might want to read our article on update cycles for GPS maps which talks about why map items such as POIs and streets can sometime take several years to make it into GPS devices. Unfortunately stores that are two years old are very recent in terms of the GPS data cycles and it could be years before you see that data appear in GPS databases. It is unfortunate, but it is the current state of the GPS industry and it currently applies to all GPS manufacturers.

    Tim - November 21st, 2006
  22. Mark, the GPS will show you the estimated time to reach the destination. If I recall correctly it won’t show you the estimated time of arrival (current time plus estimated travel time) but it will show you about how long it will take you to reach the current destination.

    Tim - November 22nd, 2006
  23. I presently have a Garmin Street Pilot 2720 and am thinking of changing to the 3050T as I am not completely satisfied with the Garmin, It comes unplugged too easily and it is slow to pick up a satellite

    Mark Lowney - November 22nd, 2006
  24. anyone have a comparison between the Garmin 2720 and the 3050T pros and cons

    Mark Lowney - November 22nd, 2006
  25. Mark, you can use this to compare the Garmin StreetPilot 2720 and the Magellan RoadMate 3050t. One of the biggest differences is size, The 3050T is much smaller. It also has a much more sensitive GPS chipset which will acquire a signal faster and with greater accuracy, especially in “fringe” areas.

    Tim - November 22nd, 2006
  26. Hi,
    I have the Magellan 3050t. How do I change the language from German to English?

    David - November 24th, 2006
  27. Yes. Go to ‘Menu’ –> ‘System Settings’ –> ‘Language’ –> ‘English’. When you select a new language the RM 3050T will reboot.

    Tim - November 24th, 2006
  28. My wife and I are trying to decide between a Magellan 3050T and a Cobra Nav One 4500. The larger screen on the Cobra is attractive and the difference in price is only $60 more for the Cobra. Is it worth the extra?

    William J. Cooper - November 26th, 2006
  29. I just got a Magellan 3050T, and am disappointed. My biggest beef is that it only shows like every third or so side street (by name), regardless of how zoomed in or out I was. So, the unit is of little utility if you are in a strange area at night looking for a particular turn. I called the help line, and it was not helpful — after about 30 minutes (15 holding), I was told that’s how it works. I didn’t find the agent knowledgeable about the 3050T even though I pressed a ton of buttons to get to speak w/ an agent about that unit. Do the TomTom or other units show every side street? Also, is there a site where you can compare the features of differet units? Thanks!

    Kevin - December 3rd, 2006
  30. Kevin, you can use this link to compare features.

    If you are in an unfamiliar area the GPS should point you as to which side street to take… Do you have a route activated?

    Tim - December 3rd, 2006
  31. Tim, Thanks for the link. Regarding side streets not showing, I didn’t have a route activated. I was familiar w/ the area, just not that particular street. This unit labels only about 1 out of 3 cross streets as you are coming up to them, regardless of level of zoom. I know, because I have played w/ it a lot in my neighborhood. And Magellen “help” now confirms the fact. What about other units? Do any of the show the name of every cross street as you come upon them? Thanks.

    Kevin - December 3rd, 2006
  32. Good question… I haven’t honestly looked at that carefully so I’ll try to pay attention over the next few days with a few different devices. Going from memory I believe most behave like the Magellan. If you don’t have a route activated it will assume that you know where you are going and thus not display the details for all streets on the map. But I’ll see if I can find if any of the devices I have right now actually display labels on all streets.

    Tim - December 3rd, 2006
  33. I’ve had the 3050T for a year and a half, and just received the new map upgrade. I bought it at costco, and this unit is great very easy to use and to operate. I drive for a living and with the traffic kit it gets me around traffic problems very easly. Friends of mine have garmins and all though there nice units mine has the features you need to get to an exact location by city or zip code which is really helpful because you may have 5 townships within the same zipcode where the garmins do not which will cause a problem if your trying to find a particular street. I just think the magellan is much easier to use

    Mike - January 12th, 2008
  34. Iam considering th purchase of a Magellan 3050T from [deleted]. From this site I can tell that it is rather old. Would you consider this a good buy?

    Art - January 29th, 2009
    • I’d certainly go for something newer as that device’s ability to get updates is rapidly going downhill.

      Tim - January 30th, 2009
  35. I purchased this 3050T unit about 2 years ago. It’s been very accommodating. However I would suggest that looking for newer model is the best thing to do. I would no longer consider it a “best buy”. Even with the software updates Magellan is expecting people to pay $79.95 for their updated Maps DVD Rom, which incidentally is the only way to receive the update. I found the unit to be accurate in routing, I use it in NY and TX regularly. However I have not purchased (nor will I) the map updates unless I find it at a significant discount. If you’re someone who doesn’t heavily rely on the GPS and/or does not mind paying nearly $80 for the map update then this could be your unit. It is bulky although not particularly heavy. In today’s market there are much better choices such as the Garmin 750 for just a little more than what you’ll pay for this unit. I saw the 3050T listed for $275 in brand new condition. I didn’t pay that 2 years ago. Without the updates POIs are sketchy at best considering how infrequently they’re updated by the manufacturer. The software updates have made the unit faster to route and navigate however. It was quick to do so compared to other units. The freezing effect has also been helped by the new software release 3.10 and/or 3.11. Good luck everyone.

    Derek-Bryan - April 29th, 2009
  36. I received the Roadmate 3055-MU for XMas,I cannot find any info. on my unit.Is it the same as the 3050 unit?

    Joe - January 30th, 2011
    • No, it is not the same model.

      Tim - February 7th, 2011

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